Scary Ghost Stories – YOUR Creepy Phantom Tale!

Everyone has some scary ghost stories to tell. We've all heard of someone who has heard of someone who...... Perhaps YOU have seen something go bump in the night.

Wispy shadows, eerie hauntings, headless horsemen, poltergeist activities, we all love a good tale about the supernatural. About that friendly earthbound spirit you have often glimpsed roaming about that old, windy cottage in the country.

Or maybe you've had the opportunity to spend the night in a haunted mansion. Or a dark cemetery.

And even if that's not your case, probably you've had the chance to check out some enchanted digs at some point in your life. Maybe you've visited Windsor Castle, or passed through the Amityville neighbourhood on your New York holidays.

If you’re here in Spain, you might be tempted to drop by the famous – or shall I say, rather, notorious – Palacio de Linares right in the dead centre of Madrid.

Or you might fancy a visit to Malaga’s very own Hospital Noble, where I once wandered around at ease – in the dark of the night! Nothing spooked me there, I’m afraid I must confess.

Whatever the case, we ALL can have some pretty terrifying tales to tell. After all, isn't that just a part of life? I have a couple to share with you as well, you can be sure! And you can read about a haunted hotel where I used to work, or an even freakier, poltergeist experience I once had, right here in these pages.

Your Creepy, Scary Ghost Stories

Click on the following links to read other creepy, scary phantom tales. They were all contributed by visitors to this page.

Are You Scared?

After what I have learned to call The Lennox Haunting, a haunted house that I lived in terror in for thirty-eight days total, we vacated the property and......


My name is Elody and I'm 24, this story takes place in 2001. I had lost quite a few family members in my lifetime......

A phantom that made art out of hate

All I’m going to say is I’m dealing with something unheard-of physically. Attacking me, choking my mother, beating my pregnant wife, only reveals itself......

Strange voices?

I had a very unpleasant experience: voice(s) and dark in nature and not just a word or two but a full-on dialog stating that it was the “devil’s” advocate......

Drip, drip, drip

Have you ever heard the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP story?

My friend owns two farms but one of the farm houses was not used so we decided to stay down there......

The Psycho 

One day a girl was sitting in her house watching T.V. while her mother was out getting groceries. While the girl was watching T.V. on the News it said: Beware......


This story is second-hand. It wasn't my own story but it was told to me as if it were. My Dad (who doesn't believe in ghosts!) was in the attic of a neighbor's......

My true ghost story

Hi. I am here to tell you the scariest thing ever! One day me and my best friend went outside to eat our lunch. Me and her both felt a little funny......

The Road

Have you ever watched the movie "The Road"? If you haven't, I will tell you.

(2008) Brian was just teaching Ella's friend to drive. But, when they were......

Singing Woman

My dad and his friends went to a mountain to have an adventure. It was night and dark on the mountain......

Window Ghost

When I was 5 years old, I was playing with my teddy bear and I was alone in my room. Suddenly, there was a knock at the window. I was so scared......

I Told You I'd Be Back


The Big Orange House

Once, my friends and I were inside an old abandoned orange house. We split up and went to look around for cool stuff. I heard a crash and went......

For the moment I am no longer accepting contributions to this section. But it is possible that I may open up new sections where I will be happy to receive contributions, and when that happens I will, of course, publish all the details here on this website.

Many, MANY thanks to ALL the GREAT people who have sent me your contributions! If you have sent in a story recently, if it is chosen I will be putting it up here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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