What Happens When You Die

You Can’t Lose a Loved One


Until all of us realize what really happens when you die, and that you CAN’T ever LOSE a beloved soul, people will always continue to suffer and grieve when we “lose” a loved one.

Rays of Light From the Afterlife

However, what really happens when you die is that your loved one has simply ended this particular incarnation.

But you will meet up with your loved one again up in the Spirit World, when your current incarnation ends.

EVERYONE is up there in the Spirit World. So it’s not possible to “lose” a loved one. Because their soul is ALWAYS up there in the Spirit World.

And as we know that no one lives eternally (in spite of the efforts of some fearful individuals to discover the elixir of eternal life on earth) one day your incarnation will end as well. And what happens when you die is that you will go up to the Spirit World as well, where everyone is. And you will reunite with your loved ones.

You will always, always ALWAYS reunite with your loved ones up in the Spirit World.

You will always, always ALWAYS reunite with your loved ones up in the Spirit World

You and your loved ones will also come back down to earth again together. Because we always reincarnate with the same souls. So you and your loved ones will reincarnate together. And you will live more lifetimes and adventures together here on this beautiful earth.

So you can see that it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose a soul. You can only be temporarily separated from them here on earth.

But you will ALWAYS be reunited again. And go on to share more lifetimes together.

It’s Normal to Grieve

That doesn’t mean that you don’t suffer when you “lose” a loved one. You will be separated from each other for the rest of your life. You know that you will never see your loved one again as long as you continue to live in this particular incarnation.

And even knowing that 40, 50 or 60 years from now you will be reunited, you’re probably still thinking, but 60 years is a very, very very long time to live without ever seeing my loved one not even once in all this time!

So I understand that perhaps it’s only a faint consolation to be aware that you will be with them again, but that it won’t happen for another, say, 50 or 60 years.

But at least you now know that it WILL happen.

You WILL be with your loved one again. You’ll just have to wait a little bit.

I know that during these trying times a lot of people have “lost” loved ones. And there’s no consolation for that. No way to feel better.

But I just wanted to reassure you that it is NOT forever.

This separation is NOT forever. You WILL be together again.

This separation is NOT forever.
You WILL be together again

And (unless you “ascend”, or “graduate” from the cycle of reincarnation on earth) you will come back to earth together as well.

There will be more adventures for you to share together here on this awesome earth plane.

You’ll see them again in the also awesome Spirit World. And you’ll continue to spend time together in exciting lifetime after lifetime here on earth.

It’s not over between the two of you.

Your adventures together haven’t ended.

And they never will.

For all of eternity.

How Come I Know What Happens When You Die?

Now, you might be wondering, who am I to be telling you all of this? How do I just happen to know what happens when you die if no one else knows it? Do I even know what it feels like to “lose” someone?

Well, let's just say I'm of an age where it would be pretty rare to have not lost someone by now. But there are several methods to help you catch a glimpse, at least, of what could happen to you when you die.

My Own Experiences

I’ve lived tons of lifetimes with my dearest ones and even, with souls that are not quite so dear to me as well, I’m afraid! I’ve remembered many of these lifetimes and also taken regression therapy sessions where I saw incarnations where they were present as well.

All the people who are dear to me in this lifetime were with me in almost every other lifetime I’ve ever lived. Even my ex’s were there!

So you can be sure if you can’t even get away from the people you’re not so crazy about, you sure as h**l won’t get away from the people that you love the most either.

(No slur on my ex’s there, by the way, as they are among the people I love dearly.)

But for the moment, in this lifetime, it’s still ok to cry.

Stay Alive For The People That You Love

Just remember, it won’t last forever — it might feel like forever but really, it isn’t. One day you will also close your eyes for the very last time — and open them to finally see your loved one again right there in front of you, smiling, with their arms wide open, just waiting for you.

Although I must add that, because I really do love you, I personally hope that moment doesn’t arrive for many, many years yet. Because you must think of all the people who love you who will still continue living on this planet when you’re gone, and who still need you and will miss you.

You must stay in this world a little longer for them. After all, your loved ones who have passed are safe in the Spirit World, waiting patiently for your time to arrive. They’ll always be there. They’re not going anywhere. It’s the living who need you now.

How to Prove the Afterlife

I suppose now you might be wondering if I have any “proof” of the claims I just made.

Well, obviously, no one can “prove” that the Afterlife or the Spirit World exists. After all, no one has ever come back from there with their current appearance to prove to us about what really happens when you die.

However, you can read more information about these indescribably exciting and beauty-filled lands. I have a few articles up about them and I will link them at the end of this article.

It’s information channelled or gathered by different kinds of people using a variety of means: mediums, regression therapists, even “afterlife researchers” such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who have written extensively on the subject of what happens when you die, from many different perspectives.

You can also take my own ongoing chats with my spirit guides as “proof”, if you wish.

And if you read Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ book, you’ll even be privy to the story of one extraordinary man who did indeed succeed in “returning” from the dead to tell us what things are really like “up there”.

You Can’t Even Prove That G-d Exists

But in the end, it still all comes down to your own beliefs. And there’s really no way to order anyone’s beliefs around. You simply believe in something, or you don’t.

It’s like G-d. There’s no proof that G-d exists. Some people believe in G-d, some people don’t. You really can’t order an atheist to believe in G-d.

And if you do believe in G-d, well, you just do. There’s no proof that he exists and that he is real. But you KNOW (because you believe in G-d) that he does.

So as to “proof”? Well, it really depends on what you believe. And on what you are WILLING to believe.

Pink Flowers For Loved Ones

But check out these articles down below and make up your own minds on this matter.

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