Evil People

Oh, those bad, bad, bad evil people!

I believe in Evil People.

That is, I believe that there are people who have truly CHOSEN to be evil. People who really are not good people at all and have no goodness in them, because they deliberately CHOOSE to do all that they know is bad, and wrong, and hurtful to other people.

Can People Be Born Evil?

No one is BORN evil (unlike what some popular religions might want us to believe).

But ANYONE can CHOOSE to be "evil".

Now, I also believe that the great majority of us, and of the people that we meet in our daily lives, are just normal, basically good people.

But occasionally, we might bump into (or read about in sensational news articles) people who are really, really evil.

Why are some people evil? You might ask. Are some people naturally evil?

No one is a "naturally evil person". As I said, people aren't "born evil".

Becoming good or becoming evil, doing good things that make the world a better place or doing bad thing that cause suffering, are all CHOICES.

All human souls are created by G-d, so all human beings have the "G-d spark" or divine spark within them.

However, G-d also created all of us with FREE WILL. And, obviously, we can use this free will to choose to work against G-d and deliberately cause pain and suffering in the world.

Of course, we can't ever, in all of eternity, ever actually EXTINGUISH the G-d spark within us (and why would anyone ever want to do this anyway?) since it is our core, it is what makes us, US. But we DO become what we CHOOSE to become.

And some people DO choose to become evil people.

What Do People Do to Become Evil People?

The more often we choose to deliberately do that which causes pain and suffering, the more often we deliberately choose to carry out the actions that we know are wrong, instead of the actions that we know are right, the less light we have inside of us.

People who are really, really evil souls have so little light that even, in some extreme cases, the only little light they have inside them at all is that tiny little G-d spark that they can't ever extinguish.

Fortunately for the world, upon their demise (ie. when they die), these beings will usually be forced to gravitate to some dark, black, inhuman lower astral plane. They'll be obligated to remain there until the day they decide that they want to become better, and leave that horrible, filthy, nasty world.

Then they return to earth, face their karma and earn the chance to "upgrade" themselves and perhaps, find a better life for themselves in the future. But that is substance for a possible future article.

Oh, Those Bad, Bad, Bad Evil People!

Maybe you think your boss is an Evil Person. Or the guy in the next cubicle who is always gnashing his teeth and arguing with himself.

Oh, isn't it a pain to be working with evil people?

But actually, chances are, unbearable and annoying though they might seem, probably most people that we think are evil souls are, in fact, just your normal, everyday average Joe or Jane.

Sometimes we might think that a person that we know or meet is a really bad person because they have a mean temper, or they are always angry or irate or impatient. Or because they have issues and hang-ups such as jealousy and possessiveness or they are chauvinistic. 

But in fact, none of these attitudes and behaviours make a person a "bad" person.

These are just the ordinary follies and mistakes (or sometimes, not mistakes, just character traits) that all of us normal, ordinary folk have.

Sometimes, as human beings, we do deliberately choose to cause suffering, or to do something that we know is wrong.

For example, have you ever stolen or shoplifted?

Or perhaps you cheated on your partner because you met someone you couldn't resist, or you were having troubles in your relationship.

Maybe you got so carried away by ire or rage at some point in your life that you vowed vengeance – and then you carried it out.

So, if people do these things, does that make them evil people?

No, of course not! Everyone makes mistakes, wrong choices. We all do hurtful things sometimes, by accident or on purpose.

Sometimes we get carried away by our emotions and we do something bad that we normally wouldn't do, or that we know are wrong, like hitting someone.

These things don't make you evil people! They're just the normal human foibles that we're all guilty of sometimes.

So don't feel bad, or believe that you are evil, if sometimes in your life you've done these things. That's not being evil. That's just being human!

And if you know other people who have behaved this way sometimes, you can't just assume that they are evil people either. In fact, chances are, they're probably just like you. They just made a mistake, or did something that you don't like or that hurt other people because they didn't know any better.

Do Evil People Look Different?

We can't tell if a person is really, really evil just by looking at them or speaking with them. We might even think that we know a person well and decide that that person is really evil just by the person's behaviour, attitudes or actions.

But we can be wrong.

The only way to know if a person is really, really evil, and has truly chosen to be a bad person on purpose, is through a psychic reading (carried out by a real, competent psychic, of course, and not by a charlatan) or an Akashic Records reading.

To judge a person as being truly evil, without actually doing a reading for him, is to risk making a wrong or false judgement.

In fact, we really shouldn't judge anyone at all. Because we could be wrong.

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