FAQ's: I Hear Celestial Choirs and Astral Noises All the Time

Q: Hi. You said that celestial choirs are not common, and to listen because I may never hear them again. But, I hear them all the time. In fact sometimes I cannot even sleep at night because of them.

While their singing is nice, I find it unsettling. One night I practically begged it to stop and it kept on alllllll night long! No sleep! I did not even know it was called "celestial music" until today. I have been hearing them a few months now.

Sometimes it is one person humming what sounds like a church hymn, and other times it is a whole choir. I have also just heard beautiful instruments. I am not even a religious person, or someone who does the right things in life all the time. So, I am not sure why I would be hearing this. I do consider myself spiritual and believe in God, but that is about it.

Also I am 36 years old and this clairaudience has gotten to be kind of a pain lately. I am wondering now if I have some lower energy entities hanging around bothering me. I think they purposely keep me up at night so I can't sleep. I am just reading today that I should protect myself at night before going to bed so only the positive ones are communicating with me. I really need some help.

It seems something or someone makes loud noises almost every 30 minutes all night long. It is not healthy to not sleep. I do not find this to be a gift nor amusing at all. Also I think since I am less afraid of this ability (still a little scary to me) that I am getting more communications with them.

This is all while laying down in bed. I do not hear this stuff while I am asleep. I will lay in bed with my eyes wide open and can hear maybe whispers, music, a loud train sound...... when I hear the radio wave sound, I know they are coming to bug me. But yeah, I hear the celestial music quite frequently. I hear it while wide awake at night, just as clear as day.

I am 36 and just learning I have clairaudience. I always thought maybe I had some mild form of psychic ability. But by age 36 I started to develop more and more. Not on my own either. It just happens.

When I was younger I heard a person call out my name when I was being lazy and didn't want to go to work. It scared the crap out of me. Another time when I was a kid sitting on my mom’s couch at night, the back of the couch lifted and I ran in my room. I have seen ghosts a few times but not many. One time someone was pulling my toes as I slept, and woke me up, with my toes still in its grip. So I have always been scared of this stuff. I prayed for it to go away and for a long time it did.

Now it is all back and then some! I used to hear radio waves when I was younger, followed by voices, but not often. Now not only does that happen, but I hear the celestial music all the time. Sometimes I may also hear someone hum a song and not shut up even after I yell "be quiet!" Lol I know this sounds crazy, but it's happening to me.

Now it seems as if I am just being messed with because whatever this is knows it is annoying me. The music won’t stop, the loud ringing in my ear and pressure on the left ear. Always I hear this sound from my left side. The ringing sound, voices, and music only occur at night. So I know it is not an ear infection......

At times I hear noise all night long until our alarm clock goes off at 5:45 am. Then it will stop, finally!

Once I tried to not be scared when I heard these radio waves in my ear. I decided I would be curious to see what I can hear when the radio waves stop, and people start talking. So I listened.

Then suddenly a woman said in a surprised voice, "Tina, you can hear me?" I said, "Yes! I can hear you. What is your name?" She responded, "Azira." Immediately I was scared because I realized this is not a dream. I woke up and looked up that name, which I never heard. It is a common Arab ladies’ name......

Now the Celestial music has started, and more noise and activity at night. I have not really slept in 2 days now.

I just need some advice, please. Thanks for reading. Tina

A: Hi Tina! Thank you for writing to me.

Oh, I do feel for you. Well first of all I am going to describe some of the experiences that I have had, so that you can see that, at least up to a certain point, many of the events that you describe are not so unusual and do not have to mean that anything bad, weird, strange or woo-woo is happening to you.

Then in the second part of this letter I can offer you some advice and suggestions.

Especially when I was younger, I used to often be woken up in the night by loud noises that were not physical. I have always lived in quiet neighbourhoods, and sometimes in the country, where not a single thing disturbs the air the whole night long, so I know that the noises I heard weren't physical or on the earthly plane. In addition to which, other people who were around me hadn't heard anything at all.

These could be all different kinds of noises. Sometimes I heard just general, indescribable noise. Other times I heard bangs, or pots banging, or shots as if from a gun, as I describe in the article on Clairaudience. Sometimes these noises were really, really loud, and if they had been physical, it would have been impossible for them not to have woken up the whole neighbourhood (or at least a few of the lighter sleepers in the neighbourhood).

The most unsettling was when people called my name very, very loud, and when that woke me up I would feel something soft and solid next to me, as if there were actually someone there beside me. When I woke up completely the sensation would disappear.

However, over time, I have learnt not to be scared of them. These "things" (usually low-vibration entities) cannot hurt you or harm you if you are not scared of them or pay no attention to them. They get their kicks from scaring the daylights out of you, making you feel distressed, unhappy, or thinking that you are going crazy. They aren't trying to evoke any sort of actions from you, they are lower level entities and they feed off of negative emotions. They just LOVE people to feel scared, frustrated, angry or helpless. They don't need you to do anything, just the fact that you feel bad gives them a real high.

I'm sure you must know some humans who are like that too. People who get their kicks from making someone else feel bad. Who enjoy bullying people around, or insulting people. They don't want their victims to do anything for them, they just love the feeling that they get when their victim feels bad. It makes them feel powerful, like they can control their victim and do what they want to him. It makes them somehow feel superior to their victim.

Well, lower level entities function pretty much the same way.

So don't give them the satisfaction of feeling "bad" feelings. The more frightened, annoyed, angry, hurt or desperate you feel, the happier these entities become, and you feeling this way only encourages them to continue to bother you. Because when they bother you, they elicit the desired response from you (that is, you feeling scared, annoyed, angry, desperate, etc.). So they are happy to come back for more.

You can probably throw off a good many of these annoying creatures by simply refusing to get upset at them. That is hard, I know I used to get scared when someone called my name right next to me on the bed in the dark! But I realized what was going on, and they could tell that I was getting smart and no longer letting them get to me. I stopped feeling the feelings that turned them on, so they got bored with me and went away.

On the other hand, from some of the other phenomena that you describe, well without actually doing a reading for you, I can only speculate on what could possibly be happening.

On the one hand, it is possible that you had or maybe still have a negative spirit guide or some other negative entity following you around. I used to have one, he liked to give me a foot massage and pull my toes too, but he was a very nasty and disagreeable being. He had an ugly, twisted face that looked like the Elephant Man (no offense meant to people who actually suffer from "neurofibromatosis", the "Elephant Man's" disease that caused horrible deformities), since spirits look the way they want themselves to look, obviously this toxic being looked so deformed because he wanted to. He was always screaming at me and criticising me and telling me how bad I was at doing everything.

But fortunately I was able to get this terrible being out of my life forever. In my case, I got rid of him by getting a Soul Realignment session, which is a healing technique which I have since learnt how to do myself and in the near future I will be offering this type of reading through the website.

However, if you don't want to get a reading for the moment, there are also other ways to get rid of nasty spirit guides and negative entities that may be following you around. These usually involve receiving a reading from someone, as Soul Realignment is not the only technique that can uproot attached negative entities. I also know of people who have been able to get rid of entities that were pestering them after receiving a Reiki initiation.

It also sounds to me as if you have your "third eye", that is, your connection to the astral and the psychic world, TOO wide open, and you are unprotected. Sometimes your third eye can open suddenly as a result of trauma, or doing certain unhealthy practices, such as for example drinking too much or taking drugs, or going through an emotionally upsetting experience, such as for example a divorce, a break-up, losing a job, etc.

Sometimes it will just open up all by itself, because maybe it was just "time" for you.

One simple technique that you can learn to begin to protect yourself is the circle of white light exercise that I describe in the articles on Spiritual Protection and Psychic Vampires.

Other ways to keep nasty energies and entities at bay is by trying to feel positive, uplifting, high-vibration emotions as much as possible. Emotions like joy, happiness, gratitude and optimism drive negative entities away like the plague, so finding reasons to be happy and grateful will send the great majority of them spinning away.

Finally, from what you describe as happening in your home (or at least in your childhood home, not necessarily in the place where you are living now) with the sofa rising up and all that, it's possible that you might have had a poltergeist or other invading negative entities in your home, as I describe in the articles about Poltergeists and the one about the Freaky Experience With a Sect.

Negative entities in the home, unlike what some people might think, are actually very normal, most people have them. You can get rid of them temporarily by smudging sage, burning frankincense or cleaning your home with vinegar. The Circle of Raphael also sells amulets that can protect your home, I have not yet tried them but they have been recommended to me by people that I trust and have a lot of confidence in.

For a more permanent solution, you can ask for a Property Clearing from me, from another practitioner or you can search the internet for people who offer other types of readings and clearing work. As with the Soul Realignment readings, I'm not offering Property Clearings through the website yet, although I plan to soon.

Basically, a property clearing is a psychic technique for cleaning your home of unwanted and undesirable nasty entities of all sorts, including ghosts and poltergeists. Its results are permanent and I can carry it out from a distance (no need for me to come into your home).

Yes, it is true that if you are initiating (or able to initiate) contact with discarnate beings, you do need to be careful who you talk with. If someone calls you up on the phone, you would not talk to just anyone, right? You wouldn't like to entertain conversations with pushy salesmen (who might even eventually urge all your credit card and bank information out of you with their smooth operator persuasive techniques), with stalkers or voyeurs on the telephone, would you?

So it is the same thing with psychic communication. You would not want to have a psychic conversation with just anyone. You don't know who they are, what kind of beings they are or what they really want from you.

So I would say, try to avoid having conversations with invisible beings unless you are thoroughly and deliberately prepared for it, for example by raising your vibrations (that is, approaching the communication with only feelings and expectations of joy, love and trust, no fear in there, please!), doing some meditation before you begin and asking for protection from the celestial beings that you most trust.

Have you ever noticed how dogs and other animals can sniff out the people who are most afraid of them, and feel attracted towards them like moths towards a candle? I have seen that, I was with a girl who had a phobia of dogs, and the neighbourhood dogs were just swarming around her! It was incredible. I tried to attract the attention of the dogs to play with them, because I happen to love dogs, but they ignored me and all made a beeline towards the girl who had a phobia towards them and was having a panic attack.

Well, negative nasties work pretty much the same way.

Finally, a couple more considerations I would like to mention. It's also possible that what you are hearing, at least some of the time, is the HUM. You can read about the HUM in the article Sea News.

It's a phenomenon that is bugging people the whole world over, keeping them up at night, and no one has been able to discover its origin or any explanation for it, as yet. In the article Sea News I do, however, offer a few recommendations for people who are bothered by the HUM as to how they might at least be able to attenuate its effects a bit.

And at last, as for the celestial choirs, well I always considered myself blessed when I was able to hear them. They are some of the most sublime and indescribably beautiful experiences that I have ever had. (But then again I'm a musicphile and if you are not, you might be less than amused by this.)

The reason that they bother you all the time is probably because, as I said before, you have your third eye too open and you have not learnt how to open and close it at will.

(You might think, by the way, that since it is called the third EYE, then it would only be in charge of clairvoyance or psychic seeing abilities, but in fact all psychic impressions and knowledge, no matter what "sense" you actually perceive them with, actually enter into you through your third eye.)

You do have a spirit guide who protects you while you are sleeping, and you can try asking him, before you go to sleep at night, to protect you and to only allow you to wander to positive astrals while you are sleeping (that is, in your dreams).

I hope that these suggestions and information will help you, Tina.

I am sending you lots of blessings and wishes that everything will work out just fine in the end. Don't worry, have faith (but not blind faith but rather have faith because everything that you describe (except perhaps the HUM) has a solution) and it will all work out well. Blessings, Tina!

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