Stop Fearing Psychic Abilities!

I often receive letters from readers who have experiences with their psychic abilities or unusual spiritual experiences, and find them scary. Sometimes, they are simply frightened of the idea of having psychic abilities, or they are afraid that “bad spirits” are trying to communicate with them.

Psychic Abilities Forbidden Sign

Other times, they are afraid that they are going to go to hell. Or that they are turning into “witches” (which, on the other hand, wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, as you can read about in my article on Good Witches).

By the way, personally, I believe that where it says, in the Bible, that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”, that the main problem with most people’s interpretations of this passage throughout the centuries, is that people have not actually DEFINED “WHAT IS A WITCH”.

What Is A Witch, Really?

For me, the “witch” that they refer to is NOT a person with psychic abilities. Which, on the other hand, is something all human beings are naturally endowed with. Just as all human beings are endowed with sight and hearing, unless they suffer from a disability.

For me, the “witch” that they refer to is a person who devotes himself to developing dark arts. Who works with darkness rather than light. Who calls upon low-vibrational, negative nasties deliberately with the intention of working with them. A person who practises black magic.

But even in the case that a person should practise black magic, I also feel that you don’t need to kill him. Quite simply, his karma will catch up with him one day. And he will suffer the same harm that he himself caused to others using black magic.

But that is getting off the subject haha.

Take Away The Drama and Hysteria Around Psychic Abilities

As I was saying, in reference to the many people who are afraid of their psychic abilities, their exceptional sensitivity or supernatural experiences that they have had, I personally think that the worst thing we can do is to give too much drama to these occurrences.

I believe that in reality, these types of psychic experiences naturally happen to most people. But most people get scared off and either try to avoid having these things happen to them again. Or if these things continue happening to them anyways, they then try to ignore it or hide it and keep it a secret.

Flowers of Psychic Development

We live in a culture that is very, very, very much obsessed with the PHYSICAL, MATERIAL world. And with only things that can be perceived with the physical senses. Such as things that we can see, hear, touch or measure. Therefore, in our world, people tend to pooh-pooh things that they can’t see with their eyes or measure with instruments. To believe that if you can’t see something with your eyes or measure it with instruments, then surely, it doesn’t exist.

This is our legacy from the Age of Reason and the Scientific Age, when such attitudes and beliefs were first introduced to the world, encouraged and cultivated.

But in fact, there are so many things in the world that CANNOT be seen with the eyes or measured with instruments.

Things like emotions. Or love. Sadness. Or even, for that matter, THOUGHTS. You can’t measure a thought. You can’t even prove that thoughts exist, for that matter!

You can prove that brainwaves exist. But brainwaves are not thoughts!

You can’t see or measure the soul. Or the spark, the energy, the “chi” that gives life to forms that would otherwise be inanimate.

Psychic Abilities Are An Ordinary Part of Life

Once upon a time I used to think it was most extraordinary for me to have psychic experiences and to enjoy the use of psychic abilities. I thought it made me “special” or “gifted” haha. One of the reasons, perhaps, why I started up this website haha.

But now I've come to the conclusion that it probably happens more often and is more common than we think, and that also, it's a normal event.

My teacher, Andrea Hess, whom I write about in this article on Cool Psychic Readers, taught me that having psychic experiences and using your naturally-given psychic abilities is actually quite normal. She herself has these experiences and uses her psychic gifts every day and that is one of the reasons why she does psychic readings for a living. She thinks of them as an ordinary, everyday event.

As a child I used to think it was something very exciting and act a bit snobby for having premonitory dreams. But as I grew older, I realized that they are actually fairly common. Most people don't realize that they have them, not because they don't have them, but rather because they don't remember them.

Psychic Abilities And The Devil

One reader told me she was afraid of having psychic experiences or using or developing her psychic abilities because she had been taught that the "the devil will take your soul if you mess too much with spiritual things you don't understand".

The devil will not take your soul if you mess with spiritual things. (For that matter, even the “devil” is an invention of the Western world and Christian ideology. There are other religions in the world that don’t even believe in the devil.)

I believe that's just a lie created in the early days of the Christian church by corrupt religious authorities so that they could control the people, by cutting off people's own natural ability to use their intuition and sixth sense to discover the truth about the world for themselves.

Your intuition will always tell you that it's not right to give all your money to the archbishop, for example, instead of giving food to the poor family next door. However, the archbishop wants you to give all your money to HIM!


Spirits live side by side with us, but usually our worlds and experiences don't cross. Occasionally, a negative nasty might realize that someone can see them or hear them, and then they will try to scare that person for thrills.

The world is full of spirits. There are more spirits in any space than living people, even if the space appears empty. After pondering for a long time how to reconcile these 2 worlds, I've decided it's sort of analogous to us and insects. We are living next to insects, and yet our world and experience is completely different from theirs. And yet we occupy the same space and live side by side. I have no idea what an ant must think or feel when he sees, for example, someone stomping a shoe down on him! He certainly wouldn't know that it's a shoe.

More Flowers of Psychic Development

The key is to not dramatize or make a big deal out of it. At first I was freaked out when I would go to, say, a bus station or train station and see monstrous beings. They even used to push me! Now I'm used to it. A psychic told me that for some reason spirits seem to be especially attracted to places where lots of transient people go, like bus stations, train stations, hotels etc. Now I see them and just think, hey this is normal, and these beings are like ants and that's all there is to it.

No drama, no fear, no big deal haha.

After a while you just learn that not everyone sees the same things that you see. We're all different and we all have different perceptions, and that's what makes this world so fascinating.

I might not even perceive something the same way another psychic might. For example, if I look at a drug addict I see worms and ants crawling all over their brain and chewing up their brain. Another person once told me she saw the person's energy in colours, but she didn't see worms and ants. Most people, who have not developed their psychic abilities, don't see anything.

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