The Intuitive Way of Living

So, how do I note intuitive perceptions? How do these subtle, inner messages feel to me?

Well, a lot of times it's actually almost like a physical sensation. For example (and I'm sure this has probably happened to you too, sometime), you touch a person, and you receive an actual, almost electric (but not a physical electric) shock that tells you everything that you need to know about that person.

Shock of Intuitive Knowing

You can tell if it is a person that somehow doesn't "go" with you, or there is something wrong with that person or if in any other way that person is not good for you to be around. You will feel an actual sort of like "thrusting away" sensation, sort of like an instinctive desire to push the person away from you.

This can happen in an instant, without you even thinking about it, and it can be very strong, something similar to what you might feel, maybe, when you suddenly behold a cockroach (especially a big gigantic one!) or a large, hairy spider.

It's irrational and instinctive, intuitive.

The Intuitive Meaning of Sensations

You can just simply get this sudden, intuitive impression of what this person feels like, what it is like to BE this person, to be IN this person. For example, you might notice that it is a shifty person, one you cannot trust, one who is thinking thoughts different from what they actually speak.

Or you might get the most, sort of like nasty, sticky, slimy sensation. If you are dealing with a sleazy individual, his thoughts will feel low and heavy, like they want to oppress you, push you down, smother and dominate you.

On the other hand, like the nice lady I describe in this article on listening to your inner impressions, if it's a person who would "jive" with you, if you touch them, for example by accident, you will like what you feel, the person will feel warm and friendly and inviting.

These intuitive reactions and sensations can happen even if you don't even happen to be looking at the person. It's just instinct, a sensation. And it has nothing to do with a person's appearance.

For example, once on the street I passed a person, whom I didn't pay any more attention to than the bare amount necessary to notice that it was a fairly large man, and that was it.

But as I passed him I brushed his hand by accident, and you just can't imagine the most repulsive sensations that I suddenly received from this person, so much so that I wanted to jump away from him. Since I had already passed him I hadn't even seen his face, I have no idea what he looked like. Even though I turned to look at him, purely from the surprise of receiving these sensations, all I saw was his back by that time.

Auric Trails in the Air

Another interesting phenomenon, which you might also have experienced, especially if you have been making deliberate efforts to become more sensitive and open to information from the world around you, is that people leave behind them a trail of sensations that betray that they have just passed this way.

Golden Aura

These subtle sensations can effectively trigger your intuition so that, if you cross the space that just moments before had been occupied by another person, just as people can leave a halo of perfume in their wake as they pass, so they also leave a trail of their sensation in the air where they just were.

This sensation, however, is very brief and fleeting and dissipates almost immediately. It is most noticeable when you just pass an area where someone else had just been seconds ago out on the street, or for example when you sit down at the place that only moments before had been occupied by someone else, for example on the bus, or a park bench.

However, these little normal, natural intuitive hints aren’t very noticeable, and they aren’t likely to perturb your day. Unless the person whose space you are occupying just happens to be someone exceedingly foul or with very strong, turbulent emotions, of course.

Intuitive Perceptions in Other Areas of Life

Now, this brilliant mechanism isn't limited to people reading, however. You can also use intuitive impressions for things and other areas of life. For example I am and always have been very sensitive to sensations, touch. Hence I can't wear synthetic fabrics, not even mixes with barely 1% synthetic fibres.

It is quite neat and useful when I go shopping, though, because I don't need to check the label to see the composition of the garment. I can tell just by touching it if it contains some synthetics. Synthetic fibres make me feel horrid.

They give me the sensation, well, the same feeling as when something sets your teeth on edge, like dragging chalk across a blackboard. Of course, I realize that you don't HEAR a fabric, the way you hear chalk. But when I touch a synthetic fabric I get the same FEELING as when you drag chalk across a blackboard.

Obviously, that is such an unpleasant feeling that no one could possibly spend the whole day – nay, not even five minutes – living with that sensation, which is what would have happened if I had decided to wear those clothes made with a synthetic mix.

The only exceptions to this phenomenon, nonetheless, seem to be polyester and rayon (viscose) – in fact, with regards to viscose or rayon, I actually LOVE that fabric! However, there does seem to be an explanation, because if you look it up in the encyclopedia you will discover that rayon actually IS made from natural materials, since it is derived from plant cellulose.

The Usefulness of Intuition in Little Everyday Things

So, you might be wondering now, where in the world is the usefulness of being able to distinguish, anyways, in this most natural and intuitive form, natural fabrics from synthetics?

Auric Traces in Pink

Well, although I have no stats of any sort from any sort of studies that might exist, somewhere out there in the hypothetical scientific world, published off in some obscure scientific journal that laymen can't read anyways, I'm pretty sure that synthetic fabrics just can't be as good for you as natural ones.

I suspect that maybe they might interfere with your natural electrical system. Just my speculation of course, I have NO idea at all about human electrical systems, except that it has something to do with the nervous system and that it is important because it controls your heartbeat and nervous functioning.

And, well, I guess we've all got to agree, anything that affects your heartbeat, must be pretty important.

All-Natural, Wholesome, Healthy Things

As I was saying, there is no way that I can wear pantyhose. This neat little natural, intuitive trick that I have, however, does most certainly display a major down side. And that is, that it is pretty drastic, for someone, like me, who is a woman, in a society where women are expected to wear pantyhose if they want to look decent and well-dressed.

If I wear pantyhose I feel like I can't move, as if I were bound and tied up or something (and listening all the while to someone dragging chalk across a blackboard too, of course!).

So clearly, I don't wear pantyhose. With all the subsequent inconveniences that this habit can bring upon someone in our society.

Going shopping can be pretty misery-inducing too, as I can hardly buy anything at all, since every day more and more boutiques are just laden with synthetics. In fact, wearing synthetics has almost become synonymous, I believe, with being fashionable.

We live in a world where completely all-natural, wholesome, healthy, earthy fabrics like cotton and linen have all but become relegated to the manual labourer's class, to low-income wear such as for example T-shirts, coveralls for construction workers, house dresses.

Intuitive Impressions From Objects

Now, things have reached the point where I can even tell if I leave something somewhere, and when I come back I can just TELL that someone has touched and been using the object in question. That is because I intuitively FEEL the other person's sensations, like I will feel something dense where the other person was touching the object, something strange and foreign.

So, for example, this doesn't happen if my kids touch something of mine, because my kids don't feel strange and foreign to me at all, of course! But if someone else who is not one of my kids touches or uses the object in question, I can sometimes feel it.

Blue Aura

Well, you can imagine that this most certainly can come in handy: no need to set up a fine little hair across the object James Bond style to see if someone has been poking around something that they shouldn't have!

Now, however, if the person who has been using the object should happen to be someone whom I find rather disagreeable, well, then I have to put up with the "sensation" of that person hanging about me for a long time as I use the object, and that can certainly be off-turning.

Pawn Shops and Antiques

Other times, if I come across an object and I don't know whose it is, I can tell just by the way the object makes me feel if it is good to have it around. For example, one result of this occurrence is that I just can't stand going into pawn shops and antique stores.

I know many people who are quite keen on visiting second-hand shops and buying antiques. I myself, however, get very dizzy whenever I go into an antique store, as also happens if I go to a second-hand bookshop.

As a neat little side note, I can always tell when I've bumped into some possession that my ex has left hanging around in the house tucked away in the back of something. As soon as I touch his personal effect, even if for example it is in the back of a closet or drawer and I can't see it yet and I don't know what it is, but as soon as I just come in contact with it, I feel quite sick, as if I had an allergic reaction.

Of course, on the other hand, what with all this mystical seeking for some sort of far-out explanation in order to somehow endow this strange experience with intuitive meaning, maybe it could actually turn out to be something much more mundane. Perhaps it could simply mean that, much as I do still care about him, I've just grown allergic to my ex!

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