So, what is a poltergeist?

Poltergeists are the spirits of people who have been "dead", that is, discarnate and not living a life on earth, for a very long, long time.


They have become quite perverted, because discarnate spirits on earth don't exactly come with their very own power pack or life force battery, so to speak, so they must seek out an alternative source of energy in order to survive. And they get this from the environment and living beings that surround them.

Generating Negativity and Horror in Order to Survive

They must generate a great deal of negative emotion in order to do this and survive. They accomplish this by wreaking havoc and causing a great deal of disturbances in the homes and lives of the people whom they are "haunting". They usually like to suck their energy primarily from one "victim" in particular, which is why we often notice poltergeist activity surrounding one specific person.

These beings have been hanging around the earth plane for so long that they have learned how to affect and move material, produce sounds and materialize substances. Apparently, these telekinetic abilities are not something that dead people just simply become automatically endowed with by virtue of being dead. They actually need a period of time in which to learn and perfect these skills.

And these deceased former human beings have been around long enough in order to learn them most effectively and efficiently.

Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Poltergeists

Poltergeists, unlike ghosts and earthbound spirits, usually stay around us because they enjoy it. They could leave, but why bother, when they are having so much fun?

Your sweet and lovely Uncle Arthur, that grinning and harmless earthbound spirit that shares your home, and the mournful, wistful phantom that wails disconsolately up and down the staircase of your favourite bell tower are not here to make your life miserable, haunt you or terrify you. They just like being around you or that bell tower, it somehow provides them with a bit of consolation because after all, as I'm sure you can well imagine, being dead must feel quite lonely.

Poltergeists, on the other hand, DO very much enjoy terrorizing people! They get their kicks from this, so to speak.

The more terrified, upset, desperate, anguished and petrified their human hosts, the higher the high that they get out of it.

The Victim

These haunted and perverted beings like to attach themselves to one specific victim. Deep down, the victim is usually aware that he has some sort of "connection" with this uninvited house guest. However, this nasty predator tends to disguise its true motives and its true character so well, that the victim might actually feel like he "enjoys" being the centre of the poltergeist manifestations.

Extremely unhappy, troubled, tormented people attract these “noisy ghosts” like beacons, because of the force of their strong negative emotions, which water these negative beings like weeds. These dead dudes have a field day in the energy field of these negatively minded individuals, which is why we often find them lurking around troubled teens or frustrated unemployed people.

These people are going through a low period in their lives. They feel down in the dumps and out of it, the perfect combination to cause them to lower their psychic defences and invite a negative houseguest in with ease.

Ghosts like to drift about, lost and abstracted in their own memories, thinking only of themselves and the happy life they left behind forever or, on the contrary, festering in resentment towards all the troubles and suffering that they had to endure in their lifetime. They very rarely take any notice of their surroundings or the passage of time. Most of the time, in fact, they probably don't even see you!

Now, precisely the opposite can be said about these "noisy spirits". They are very much, keenly aware of us and our presence, and also of how to exploit that for their own gain.

As stated earlier, they are usually attracted by a certain individual member of the household in particular. However, as I write about in this story of my own personal encounter with poltergeists, vulnerable individuals are not the only people capable of attracting the malicious pranks of a poltergeistic being.

Certain "spiritual practices", such as the prayers I describe in the aforementioned article, rituals or invocations can also call poltergeists into our lives.

Poltergeist Manifestations

These perverted beings get their kicks by creating great fear, terror and chaos, with the subsequent generation of strong negative emotions, using their apparently great ease for carrying out telekinetic activities, producing sounds and materializing substances. That is why you may not only see a great deal of movement in homes where one of these horrific beings is at large, such as objects flying around by themselves, doors closing and electronic devices turning themselves on all by themselves.

You might also observe poltergeist markings on walls and strange substances just simply materializing, for example on these walls, water dripping down from nowhere or even objects materializing in mid-air, before zooming across the room.

You can also hear disturbing noises such as knocks on the doors, walls and tables, ominous footsteps and things dragging around.


Even though you might theoretically KNOW all about these paranormal creatures and why and how they manage to carry out all the things that they do, that doesn't make it any less scary to have one about you! Having one of these things around is like having any other uninvited intruder about.

You wouldn't enjoy the company of a thief or a malicious houseguest with designs to do you harm, living in your home, would you? Well, that is exactly what a poltergeist is. With the enormous advantage (to him) of the fact that you cannot SEE him, he can be in several places at the same time, and he enjoys the use of talents which you probably do not, namely his telekinetic skills.

Unlike your staid, nightgown-clad white lady drifting silently through the centuries-old corridors of your typical haunted palace, noisy ghosts are highly unpleasant and disagreeable beings with the capacity of effecting great harm to people, due to their advanced telekinetic abilities, so I would strongly urge you not to become involved in any of the activities I've mentioned before which attract them into people's lives.

How to Get Rid of a Poltergeist

Now, as I commented in this article about the strong need I have to be able to provide SOLUTIONS, and not just describe problems, I am glad to report that these “noisy spirit” activities and unwanted ghostly hauntings CAN be solved. It IS possible to get rid of your undesirable self-designated houseguest.

As you can read here in my own personal story about a haunted hotel, I learned a technique of psychic reading and clearing called Property Clearing which taught me how to actually kick these unwanted beings out, not only of your home or business, but the entire earth plane, thrusting them back into the astral plane where they belong. Regardless of whether they want to go or not.

So if it's your sweet, dear grandma who is hanging about, she will be gently and lovingly guided back to her true home in the spirit world, where she will happily anticipate your arrival and the long-awaited re-union with you, which we all hope will not take place yet for a good number of years and decades, since you will, I assume, still be enjoying fairly good health today!

Ghosts and poltergeists, on the contrary, will probably be dragged kicking, screaming and protesting to the astral plane which they have justly earned. Since ghosts for the most part are just ordinary human beings like you and me – except that they're dead – they usually finally get to "see the light" and can enjoy that centuries-delayed re-union with their loved ones up in our true spirit home.

Poltergeists are a different story altogether. I don't believe that in their case we would be dealing precisely with harmless, sweet and innocent benevolent beings, so they are not very likely to get dragged off into the blissful spiritual world.

Chances are, a more disagreeable and horrific astral plane awaits them, more in keeping with their own line of thinking and way of being, populated with perverted beings similar to them in nature...... But that is fodder for a future article.

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Michelle Bestgen said on February 15, 2014:

Do poltergeists ever protect a person? And instead go after the people who cause them all the worry and negativity?

The Seas Of Mintaka said on February 17, 2014:

I've never heard of a poltergeist protecting a person. It would make for a great story line for a movie, though, lol! No, usually ghosts, poltergeists and all of these beings that have left their incarnations some while ago tend to be quite unreasonable and illogical, and it seems that they don't seem quite capable of thinking clearly. I suppose that could be because they've been floating around in the ether for so long that they don't have that much energy, and the same thing happens to them as happens to people when we don't have much energy: we can't think straight.


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