Acknowledgements to Authors and Authorities on the Afterlife

Obviously, as I am not a psychic medium, nor do I work as a regression therapist, all the information which I am about the offer on these pages comes from other sources, that is, not from my own experiences. So on this page I would like to acknowledge the different authors and authorities who have sated my curiosity on this subject and filled my coffer of knowledge.

Michael Newton

Michael Newton Books

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Michael Newton, Ph.D. is perhaps THE ONE PERSON who provided me with the most helpful information, and at the most crucial time for me. He is not a psychic medium but rather, a scientist, a trained and certified regression therapist. This makes his work somehow more valid to me, because unlike psychic mediums, especially commercial ones, he has nothing that he HAS TO prove. He will always have patients regardless of whether he writes books or not, regresses them to past lives, to their lives between lives in the spirit world or merely to their childhoods.

People will always have traumas stemming from abusive childhoods, shocking and terrible one-time events such as an accident or rape, and unendurably agonizing periods in their lives such as serving in the military during a war, and Michael Newton could very well have continued earning a more than decent salary helping them in the conventional way. So he had absolutely no reason at all to go beyond what was expected of him, as a professional therapist and counsellor.

If he did so anyways, and became a pioneer penning (or rather "computering") books that were sorely needed by our anguished and sceptical society, works which provide great solace and comfort to the bereaved, and ease the fears of those who are facing their final journey in the near future, due perhaps to incurable diseases or old age, it was purely for personal motives, and most likely as well, the need to find fulfilment and realization.

The natural desire to make his life count for something. To make a difference in the world. To contribute something of worth and meaning to society.

Michael Newton wrote three books in which he describes life in the spirit world between lifetimes on earth, based on his sessions with thousands of patients over the course of almost 4 decades of his professional trajectory.

As a hypnotherapist, he developed a technique which permitted him to bring his patients to an exceptionally profound state of consciousness, much deeper than that achieved in regular regression therapy sessions.

He brought his patients to the state where they were able to be in contact with their SUPERCONSCIOUS, as opposed to the subconscious, the place where our memories of past lives are stored, and which is the domain of both famous past-life professionals such as Brian Weiss, as well as thousands of anonymous past-life therapists whom you can encounter every day at work in practically every city in the Western world.

In the superconscious, also known as the state where "everything is one", people come into contact with their higher selves and with their most delicate and ethereal memories, including the memory of our time spent in the spirit world between lives.

Now, you could say that Michael Newton is making it all up. Or that his work is based on the deliriums of a few mentally-unstable patients. Except that, this consummate professional bases his writings on his work with literally thousands of patients carried out over the span of nearly 4 decades.

That is far too many people to just shrug off as being the product of some sort of mass hysteria or collective hallucination. Mass hysteria and collective hallucinations may afflict a select group of people over a short period of time.

But not over 4 decades.

Unless, of course, you would like to include this one mass hallucination which we ALL suffer from called "life on earth". Since as so many people do claim, life on earth in the physical dimension is nothing but "maya", or an illusion (or delusion!) afflicting us all en masse over the course of the entire history of mankind.

Really, I would even go so far as to say, that in my opinion, the works of Michael Newton, like the Bible, ought to be taught to schoolchildren everywhere. If people knew what a beautiful, luminous and glorious world really awaits us when we leave the earth world behind us, there would be far less misery and crime in the world. People would no longer fear dying. Terminally ill patients would not suffer nearly as much.

And criminals would realize that, if their aim is to sow panic, terror and suffering with their wanton and mindless killings, they would not get very far by threatening innocent people with murder. Because everyone would be aware that, if they were killed, these lovely and innocent people would go straight to the spirit world, where they would be surrounded by all their departed loved ones and re-united with them in joy.

So, much of what I write and will write in these pages is based upon the three books by Michael Newton, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression.

Brian Weiss and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Of course, no discussion about the topic of life after death would be complete without mentioning Brian Weiss and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004).

Brian Weiss & Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Brian Weiss is the famous author of books on past-life regression such as Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time Into Healing. He is also the sort-of father of modern past-life regression therapy as it is carried out today by hypnotherapists the world over.

Such is his fame that I don't believe it necessary to comment a great deal more about him. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a session of regressive therapy or past-life therapy, would know all about Brian Weiss and what I am talking about.

And if you have never had the opportunity to experience a past-life regression for yourself, it's something I would thoroughly recommend that you do, at least once in your life. Even if you only "sort-of" believe in it, it is still a relaxing experience and very eye-opening.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D. made the study of near-death experiences one of the major goals of her life. This was due to the fact that, throughout her years of extensive work with terminally ill patients, one point that she noticed over and over again was the striking similarities between the stories recounted by most of these patients when they suffered a near death experience, or NDE, but succeeded in being resuscitated.

Her renowned book, On Death and Dying, revolutionized the world when it was published, since at the time, not a single person (other than theologists, of course) had ever undertaken such a study or set out in all seriousness to prove to the world that life after death could be real and a possibility to be taken into account.

James Van Praagh and Other Psychic Mediums

And finally, I must thank all the many different psychic mediums who have had the courage to publish what they know, and the stories of their experiences and the souls that they have channelled, for the rest of the world to share. These include (although I am by no way endorsing, nor refuting, their work by publishing it here on this page) such well-known characters as James Van Praagh, Allison Dubois (of "Medium" fame) and Sylvia Browne.

I personally take the writings of psychic mediums with a grain of salt. While I do believe that there must be some inkling of truth behind the messages that they write, I also feel that they have a great deal to gain, both economically as well as in other areas of life, such as fame and influence, by convincing people of their mediumnistic powers. I think that you could say that what they detail in their books are sort of like "half truths", although of course, I have no intention of debunking anyone, proving anything or calling anyone's bluff, if there is indeed a bluff anywhere to call.

I feel that, like so many of us, they may have started out with the best intentions, honest, honourable, with only the desire to truly help people and ease their bereavement and grief.

However, in the course of their work and their lives, they may have felt pressured: the heat is on, they must prove themselves over and over again, the cameras just don't stop rolling. And of course, they are only human, and to err is human.

So what do they do? Well, sometimes, they just can't produce. That happens to all of us, even to the best among us. How many of you have ever studied so hard for an exam, only to flunk it anyways when the pressure was up? That implacable ticking clock, reminding you that you only have half an hour left to fill in all those exam papers. That stern-faced monitor with the piercing gaze, boring through your head as he tries to decipher whether or not you are really cheating.

All that unendurable pressure can really get to you. And so you stop producing. Your accuracy fails. Your interpretive skills falter. But still you must produce.

So what do you do? In the end you end up resorting to the hoax. You start to cheat. Maybe just a little bit at first. But boy, is this just ever so different from what you used to do in the comfort and safety of your living-room, where the only audience present was your anxious client. In those days, you could really connect. Your psychic channels were just flowing.

But now you've turned into a vaudeville act. A circus. And your psychic channels get blocked. Your mind gets blocked and frozen too. After all, you're only human.

So, psychic mediums. Are they for real? Are they a hoax?

Well, personally, I believe that these famous television personages might have started out honest and genuine, and that you can pretty much believe in the greater part of what they write of in their earlier books. After all, at that time, they were nobody. No one had ever heard of them before, they had nothing that they had to prove. They could tell the truth, at least the truth as they saw it.

Always taking into account, of course, that to a large extent, psychically received messages often tend to be cryptic and difficult to interpret, so that it's normal for there to be a certain amount of mix-up and inaccuracy due mainly to the medium's inability to correctly decipher and interpret the images, sensations and single, unattached words uttered totally out of context, that the deceased person is trying to pass on to the medium.

At any rate, in the course of the next few pages, you can judge for yourself how believable and plausible these descriptions of the afterlife and the spiritual world really seem to be. So please, do feel free to bookmark this site or subscribe using the Subscribe Box in the upper right-hand corner and come back often for new articles and more information.

James Van Praagh

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