Learning How to Manifest Good Things
(or How I Manifested Good Things)

The other day I was thinking about someone whose work I admire a great deal, Sonia Choquette, an expert in psychic and intuitive development, and about the bases of her famous works on how to manifest whatever you want such as Your Heart's Desire. Sonia began her career as a typical psychic reader, foretelling people's futures, fortunes and destinies.

How to Manifest Good Things

But as she went along, she began to notice that she had clients who, no matter what they wished for, they always achieved their heart's desire. They seemed to innately possess the secret to how to manifest whatever they wanted and needed, whenever they wanted and needed it. On the other hand, other clients seemed to be perpetually jinxed, and no matter what they asked for, even the simplest things, they never received it.

So Sonia began to investigate, to see if she could discover that all-elusive secret that those privileged few seemed to possess: the secret to how to manifest whatever you want into your life, whenever you want.

Well, I myself really am not too sure about the results of her investigations, although I'm certain that visualizations and having a firm intention must almost certainly form an important part of the process.

However, I have found that lately, that is to say, within the past year and a half or so, ever since I received a Soul Realignment psychic reading and started to see things clearly for myself, I've been able to manifest whatever I wanted, whenever I most needed it.

So What Did I Create For Myself?

I was living on welfare. Yes, I confess, I was your typical single welfare mom. Normal enough, I suppose, considering I live in a part of the world where unemployment hangs about at around 40% and jobs are practically non-existent for the unemployed over 30.

Yes, it's not fair, right? You would think that the over-30's would be a most coveted sector of society, as a collective of people with greater maturity, a higher sense of responsibility and more experience to help them through any sort of situation in life.

But you know the way it is in life. Apparently it's more important in our world to be slender, beautiful and wrinkle-free, than to possess personal qualities that aren't visible on the face.

Life sure ain't fair, is it??

Red Bow

So I decided to set out working freelance. After all, I didn't have anything to lose, did I? I definitely couldn't lose my job, considering that I didn't have one to lose!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when times are rough, you learn how to manifest everything that you need to survive, and in a real hurry, because your survival depends on it!

And you know what? It worked out just great! I was able to manifest and attract all the clients I needed to live well, even in these times of dire crisis. I was even able to take the kids on vacation and travel around during the 2 summers I was working on my own.

And Was That the End of It?

But no, it didn't stop here. Things got even better afterwards. One day, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a wonderful company that was doing well, even here and now in these times. They were looking for someone like me to work for them.

And I won't deny it, I did play "hard to get". After all, I was already enjoying a booming freelance career, and I wasn't about to trade it for anything less than satisfying to me. However the company did make me an offer that was quite hard to resist, and here I am now with a great, new part-time job earning a full-time salary.

Yellow Bow

Yep, like I said, getting better and better!

But, you might wonder, what did I actually do to clinch this enviable position in this great company? What secret steps of the mysterious process of how to manifest good things was I deliberately putting into play here?

Well, nothing, actually.

I wasn't actually searching for a job at that time. I hadn't been running around the desperating grind of throwing CV's out into the wind – because quite frankly and honestly, that is indeed what it feels like you are doing, doesn't it, when you send out CV's. You feel like you are just tossing them out into some perpetually insatiable big, black hole that never gets filled up, full of lost CV's sent out by desperate people like you.

No, in my case, this was actually something that just seemed to happen to me. By chance. For no reason at all.

Maybe I Was Just Lucky?

But I imagine that if you are on this website, reading its articles, you probably belong to the group of people with a keen interest and firm investment in their spiritual development, in raising their consciousness, and that therefore, you have probably already become aware of the fact that, in fact, luck does not exist.

Or rather, that WE CREATE OUR OWN LUCK.

We learn how to manifest what we need for ourselves. After all, no one else is going to do it for us.

Preparing Our Selves for Good Things

Truly, things appear in our lives when we are ready for them. When we find ourselves, psychologically, emotionally and psychically ready for them, they will just appear, as if by magic.

Now, that doesn't mean that we can't do anything to help things along a bit. The more prepared we are, psychologically, emotionally and psychically for good things to appear in our lives, the greater the possibilities that they WILL show up.

If you have trouble believing that you are worthy enough to receive good things, it's very difficult that any good things will show up in your life.

If you believe that you must struggle and sacrifice yourself before you become worthy of receiving good things, then good things will only show up in your life after you have struggled and sacrificed a great deal.

Green Bow

My parents belonged to that group of people, and that was the kind of philosophy in life that they instilled in me, too.

Strange thing is that, in my case, no matter how hard I struggled and sacrificed, good things still continued to elude me. I would work ten or twelve hour days, get up before dawn, always take on the hardest, most physically demanding tasks and still my workmates got offered higher salaries than me. And when it came time to downsize, for some reason I was always the first candidate in consideration.

I couldn't understand it. I worked harder and more hours than anyone else. I was veeery responsible, hyper-responsible. I did all the same things that my parents did, and they got rewarded with high pay and stable jobs.

So how come it didn't work for me?

But actually, it did work for me, too! The only thing was, I had picked up on how to manifest the wrong sorts of things for me, the things that I didn’t want.

And the reason that that had happened, was that I was faithfully manifesting what I actually BELIEVED in.

It wasn't until I learned about the importance of BELIEFS that I realized what was actually happening.

The Importance of Beliefs

My parents earned a more than respectable salary, because they carried a firm conviction in their hearts that they had more than earned that high salary. That they were worth it. That they deserved it and had it coming to them.

As a result of this most positive BELIEF, they had no trouble at all learning how to manifest good things in their life – but for a high price, in accordance with their beliefs.

On the other hand, no matter what I did, I used to think of myself as a worthless louse. And that's how people treated me.

Things only started moving up in life for me when I started working on that ole self-esteem.

The Importance of a Healthy Dose of Self-Esteem

Yes, nowadays it appears that the concept of self-esteem is lately taking a lot of bad rap. People will tell you that low self-esteem "does not exist". That it's a phony idea invented by therapists to try and sucker you out of your hard-earned money.

But the fact of the matter is, there are people who feel bad about themselves. Who think that they are "inadequate", "inferior", no good, not good enough, not as good as John/Jim/Jane or just somehow, for whatever reason, less deserving and less worthy than other human beings.

Well, working on upping that good old self-esteem was the key to the question for me. It was what made the difference for me, and started teaching me how to manifest good things for myself, instead of things only suited to a worthless louse.

Working on Our Issues

But everyone is different, so if you would like to start seeing how to manifest more of what you want in your life, and preparing yourself psychologically, emotionally and psychically for receiving that, I would recommend that you do some soul searching (although in my case, a lot of soul searching was really not necessary at all: even the dullest, most insensitive person could smell from a mile away that I had tremendous self-esteem issues) to discover where it is that you are weak, where you have issues, and then work on them.

Blue Bow

If you find that your problem is that, like my parents, you just feel deep inside like if you don't work very hard and struggle a lot, you will never be worthy of good things, then work on that belief. It's only a belief, one that you picked up somewhere, fostered and nurtured and made bigger and bigger, until you couldn't believe in anything else.

Remember that there are people out there who get good things without struggling and giving up things that they like. People who seem to have magically learned how to manifest everything that they want without even having to give it a second thought.

Well, think that there really is, fundamentally, no real difference between those people and you. The only thing that separates you from them, is that they DON'T believe that they need to struggle and sacrifice in order to become deserving of good things.

They already know that they are, basically, like most of us, good people. Human people, who generally try to live a good life, do good things, care about our families, enjoy fun times with our friends. People who sometimes make mistakes, or do something wrong. But that doesn't make them any less deserving, because after all, to err is human, and that is how we learn and evolve.

We All Know How to Manifest

Deep down, we all know how to manifest and we are constantly manifesting and creating our reality all the time, it’s what we, as people, do. Manifesting, whatever we happen to manifest, is a part of our nature.

So the trick of the matter is, quite simply, to learn how to manifest the things that we WANT to manifest and create in our lives. To improve our natural vibrations so that the things that we attract will be on a par with what we desire.

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