Law of Attraction and Natural Vibrations

I was just sitting around the other day telling my spirit guides how very grateful I was for everything that they were doing to bring such bounty and such amazing things into my life, so that I should be living such a wonderful and incredibly great life now. And they replied that it was elementary: it was only the law of attraction and natural vibration in action.

We Are Energy and Vibrations

So that, although of course they, the Creator and all the celestial beings "up there" certainly appreciated our gratitude, that nonetheless the universe and the laws of the universe are actually "working hard", in every minute of our existence, to bring things into being for everyone in the world – and not just for me – in accordance with our natural vibrations and in a totally impartial manner.

Manifesting Our Natural Vibrations into the World

So of course, although it was true that my spirits guides were indeed helping me and contributing "their part" to bringing into manifestation the life that I was enjoying now, in fact, the universe was ALWAYS doing "its thing" to bring into manifestation the lives that ALL people were living, at every second of their existence, in a most impartial fashion and based exclusively on the natural vibrations existing within these people at each moment.

Time to Wake Up Again

Such that what is with-out is always reflecting that which is with-in at every instant, regardless of whether we are actually asking for something, praying fervently for something to come into being, or not. If that which we desire to see in our lives is within us, it will eventually show up with-out us as well.

This is automatic and true no matter who we are, regardless of whether or not we believe in celestial forces and beings, spirit guides and angels or the existence of natural vibrations in the world. This happens to everyone, "good" people and "bad" people, the rich, the poor, the weak and the powerful.

So sometimes we might see someone who appears to be a very bad person, unscrupulous, mean, deceptive or power-hungry, and yet we see that this person is absolutely swimming in abundance, in luxury and privilege, and we think, that is so unfair!

Yet we must take into account two things: firstly, that there must be something within this person, some natural vibration, that allows all this prosperity to manifest into this person's life. This person may feel no guilt about his privileged position in life. He may simply have a "prosperity mentality" (as opposed to the scarcity or poverty mentality so prevalent in our world and within the interior of the great majority of people in the world).

And secondly, we must think that everything in the universe is balance. So a lifetime of utter, wanton, excessive luxury will usually be followed by another lifetime (or 2 or 3) of scarcity, want and deprivation.

Note, however, that I DO say "EXCESSIVE" and wanton luxury. I'm not talking about riches well-earned and wisely employed.

Everything in the Universe Works According to Energy and Natural Vibrations

Everything in the universe works according to energy and natural vibrations. And energy, universal laws and vibration are impartial, non-judgemental, and work equally (or equally well, if you prefer) for everyone, regardless of their ethical standards, of whether they are "good" people or "bad" people.

And as we all know that like attracts like, well, so do the natural vibrations that we have also attract similar vibrations.

That is why New Agey people are always saying that we should have a positive, optimistic, joyful mentality and attitude.

New Agers, however, very often like to exploit this idea as an excuse to sermonize to people to explain to them why they should be always positive, optimistic and joyful, as a sort of "ethical obligation".

Natural Vibrations and Feelings

But in fact, we can't always control the way that we feel, nor SHOULD we control the way that we feel. Feelings are feelings and there are, in my opinion, no "good" feelings or "bad" feelings. There are just feelings. Period.

Law of Attraction and Vibrations

Some things just naturally make us feel bad. If someone that we care about screams at us. If we have a fight with a beloved person. If someone takes something away from us, tramples upon us, bosses us around or locks us up in a jail. Of course these things make us feel bad!

There is nothing "wrong" with you if you feel bad because of these sorts of things. Human beings just feel bad sometimes. Only robots programmed on an "always joyful" programming would be perpetually happy 24/7.

And it's perfectly okay to feel bad – if we are talking about temporary, fleeting moments. We can mope about for a day or two (preferably less, of course!), snap at people for a short while, and that's okay. We all have our moments.

It's a totally different thing, however, if we ALWAYS feel bad. If we are an always angry person 24 hours of the day. Or we suffer from major depression.

Firstly, if you do have this type of problem, I would advise you to get professional help. You do need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, a therapist or professional counsellor, if this is your case.

However, getting back to the subject of this article, which is not major mental or emotional disorders that require professional treatment but rather, just simple, everyday, ordinary, fleeting feelings of ill-being that assail all of us from time to time, and their temporary effect on our natural vibrations.

Negative Emotions Attract Negative Experiences

As I was saying, it's perfectly okay to feel bad sometimes. The reason why it doesn't do us any good, however, to walk around ALWAYS in a negative state of mind and emotion, isn't because of any ethical or moral sort of right or wrong, but rather, simply, because from a purely objective, energetic and vibrational point of view, these sorts of negative emotions and attitudes are quite simply attracting negative experiences into our lives.

Time to Wake Up from Spiritual Lethargy

But when you come right down to it, that's also okay, because we all have the right to choose the kinds of experiences we want for ourselves in our lives. There is no judgement, nothing actually wrong, if we actually CHOOSE to have negative experiences because for whatever reason, that is what we want in life.

The problem arises when we actually WANT positive experiences, but we seem to attract only negative ones.

When that happens, then we do need to question ourselves: What is in our natural vibration that is attracting these negative, unwanted things into our lives?

The answer could be one of three possibilities:

  • There is some sort of negativity within us, which we may or may not be aware of. These could be anything from negative beliefs to negative feelings and attitudes. Perhaps, deep down inside, we feel that we do not deserve good things.

Or maybe, we believe that we do not deserve good things, or that we are not capable of getting good things for ourselves.

  • It could be due, quite simply, to karma. I know that the idea that something is "just karma" seems simplistic and too easy an explanation to be plausible, as if we could actually explain away everything bad that happens to us as just "negative karma", when in fact, karma probably has very little to do with the great majority of things that actually happen to us.

But unlikely though it may be, there it is, it's still a possible, albeit quite an unlikely, explanation.

  • And thirdly, the negativity which we are experiencing could be due to some choice that we have made on a soul level, either before coming into our current lifetime, or at some point in this lifetime.

Our soul may have decided to bring so-and-so experience into our lives in order to teach us a lesson, shake us up, wake us up out of our spiritual lethargy or just somehow do something that we needed done in our lives to help us along in our evolution.

  • And finally, of course (did I say three possibilities? well I meant four, but there is nothing spiritual, unfathomable or mysterious about this fourth possibility), it's always possible that at some point in the past we knowingly made a “bad” or incorrect choice or carried out a “bad” or harmful action, and we are now simply suffering from the logical consequences of that action.

We robbed a bank and ended up in jail, or we had an affair and ended up losing custody of our kids and our home.

Of course, barring possibility number four, which seems fairly obvious, it's my belief that the absolute great majority of undesired things that happen to us, are due mainly to point number 1, that is, something that is INSIDE OF us and within our natural vibration.

Does Prayer Work?

So that, I suppose, brings in the question of, whether it actually does anything, whether there is any point, in praying for something or asking for something.

Well, to that query, I would most roundly advocate a great, big YES!

However, by prayer and asking for something, I don't mean, grovelling for it.

Prayer, Flagellation, Self-Mortification

A great many people, especially those raised in ascetic or austere religions, believe that they must mortify and flagellate themselves before God in order to win the favour of the heavens and bring whatever it is that they want into their lives.

Well, although it may be true that sometimes, when we sacrifice ourselves and suffer in order to get something, we do indeed get it, because the force of our desire is so strong that it moves enough energy for whatever it is that we want to fall into our hands, the fact of the matter is, we can achieve absolutely the very same things through joy instead of suffering, through enjoyment instead of pain.

It all depends on whatever you believe in.

Because your beliefs are what affects and determines your natural vibrations.

You Will See It When You Believe It

If you believe that you must suffer in order to get something that you want, and that if you don't suffer, then you won't deserve the coveted prize, then that is the reality that you will see every day of your life. You will not get anything that you want unless you suffer first.

Natural Vibrations

That is your belief and that is what you will manifest. Because you can only manifest that which is already inside of you and in your natural vibrations.

However, if you already believe that, just the way you are, just as it is, you already deserve good things, without having to do anything terrible or painful in order to gain them, then that is just exactly what will happen to you.

Good things will come your way without you having to suffer, torture yourself or sacrifice anything in order to get these things – if you don't have any energetic blocks or unconscious negative beliefs that sabotage you, that is.

In another article I hope to go into more detail about energetic blocks and unconscious negative beliefs. For the moment, suffice it to say that these things do indeed exist. But fortunately, they can be cured or overcome.

A regular practice of spiritual journaling, or keeping a thought diary, can help you to get in touch with your feelings and thoughts as they occur to you each day, and thus reveal attitudes and beliefs which you might have been unaware of up till now, or that had only been hidden away in your subconscious, until you decided to uncover them through this practice.

Just because you are not aware of something that is within you, does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Like termites tucked away in the woodwork, negative beliefs are still affecting your natural vibrations just as strongly as anything else.

Time to Wake Up

The second point that I said, was about balance. Now, when I said that a lifetime of wanton and excessive luxury can be followed by another of scarcity and deprivation, I didn't mean that this would happen as if it were some sort of "heavenly punishment". I simply meant, that everything in this universe is balance.

So a lifetime of excessive anything needs to be balanced by a lifetime of lack of whatever there was an excess of before.

So, in summary, things are constantly and continuously being manifested into our lives regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, whether we ask for it or no. And that which manifests itself into our lives depends exclusively on that which is within us, on our natural vibrations.

We may pray to God every day for something, but if the natural vibration of that which we want is not naturally inside of us, it will not happen.

The Effects of Visualization and Affirmation on our Natural Vibrations

That is the reason why techniques like visualization and affirmation work so well – but only when we actually believe in that which we are visualizing and affirming.

If we are affirming all the time, say: I have a new Mercedes Benz, but deep down we feel that we are a louse and we do not deserve a Mercedes Benz, or deep down we are sceptics and Doubting Thomases and we don't believe that we can ever get any good things, or we believe that we just simply are not "good enough" or "competent enough" to get a Mercedes Benz, then we can light up all the votive candles in the cathedral, crawl on our knees all the way to Timbuktu and back or whip ourselves on the back every day for a month, and that Mercedes Benz will always remain elusive and out of our reach, floating in the air, tempting, but never entering into our lives.

When we do not sabotage them with negative beliefs or other energetic blocks, then visualizations and affirmations work because they reinforce the natural vibrations within us of that which we are trying to attract into our lives.

The Importance of Taking Action

And as a final note, we also do have to take into account that we live in a physical world and therefore, things don't just take place in the ether or in our minds. If we want something to happen, we do have to take actual, real, physical action in the physical world to make it happen or bring it about.

There is an ad currently running on TV here right now, where if you take a certain supplement – I don't remember the name of it because I'm not interested in taking it, but anyways, as I was saying – according to this ad, if you take this supplement, then for every 2 kg. of fat that you lose through your own efforts, such as for example jogging or going to the gym, this supplement will burn another kilo of fat for you.

So, I believe, that is the way the forces of the universe work as well. If you do your part to bring something into being, cultivating your beliefs, refining and raising your natural vibrations and undertaking correct actions, then celestial forces will also contribute their little grain of sand as well.

If you do everything that is within your power, and truly believe that what you desire really can come to pass, then the universe will move those things which you cannot control, such as government or state approval of permits and licenses that you may have applied for, for example, or helping to push the mail along faster, if that is what is needed.

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