True Colors

Have you ever heard the expression "true colors", as in "I can see your true colors"?

I imagine we all know perfectly well what it means. When a person is showing off his true light, he is showing what he is really like inside. His true self.

True Colours

But did you ever wonder where this expression, this idea, this concept, came from?

Showing Our True Selves

Most of us rarely show our real colors in our lives. We put on masks before our bosses, our co-workers, even our friends and relatives. We like to show off our best face to most of these people, and we try to avoid behaviours that could offend, or expressing opinions that could direct anger and opposition towards us.

We spend most of our lives hiding behind masks, too scared to show the world who we really are and what we really are like.

Perhaps, occasionally, we will let our guard down only in the most intimate spaces. When we're alone in our bedroom with our partner, maybe. Or in front of our kids, especially very young ones, who have not yet learnt how to judge and criticise, the way the world is so wont to do.

But even so, be that as it may, where DID this expression, this term, come from originally? Why "true colors"? Why not, for example, well, maybe, "true shapes" or "true forms"? Why colors?

So Where Does The Expression “True Colors” Come From?

Well, as you probably know, we are all souls. And souls have colors.

Not just the aura, which is of course a part of it. But we, as souls, actually have colors. Our own true colors.

Yes indeedy do, souls have their own true colors.

When we are in the spirit world, our true colors are visible to all. In the spirit world there is no deception, and no possibility of deceiving others, because in a dimension where all communication is carried out by telepathy, we cannot keep our thoughts hidden. We are as transparent as, well, ghosts, or plastic bags.

Although, on the other hand, up there in our spiritual home, there is also no need to deceive. Since there is no negativity, people do not feel inclined to judging or criticising others, nor do they have egos that can get hurt, feel offended, etc.

In the spirit world no one is the boss, so we don't need to keep our true nature, our “true colors”, hidden from any bosses. You will not get kicked out of your company because you don't please your boss. People in the spirit world are pretty tolerant.

You won't need to worry about having an affair either. Spirits in the non-physical dimension understand that love is free and boundless, and there is no problem with us loving as many people as we wish to. Since souls are genderless, you actually cannot have an affair with "the opposite sex". The only thing you can do when you are in spirit is love.

You can love and love, as many beings as you wish to love. There is no jealousy up there, and therefore no need to keep your "affairs" a secret.

Loving Just For the Sake of Loving

Here on earth, we have earthly love. We have sex. When a man and a woman love each other (or two men or two women), there is all that baggage of physical love and sexual attraction, all that ego getting in the way, so of course, when we discover that our partner is physically attracted to a different person, we feel jealousy. We feel inadequate. We think that there is something wrong with us, because our partner prefers someone else instead of us.

But in the spirit world, people understand that there are no boundaries and no borders to love. People just know that if you love John, you also love Jane just as much, and Jean and Joseph too.

They know that there is no end and no limit to the number of people that you can love, or to the amount of love that you can give, since love is, in truth, infinite and endless. So there is no reason at all to harbour feelings of jealousy of any sort.

Beings of Light

As souls, we are all really just luminous beings of tinted light.

And the shade of that tint depends on who we really are, and what we have accomplished.

Apparently, according to what I have read from Michael Newton, James Van Praagh and other experts in the field of the afterlife, the majority of us ordinary, normal, foot soldier type souls are white. We are, most of us, quite plainly and simply white lights.

As we start to evolve and become more highly conscious beings, our light becomes golden-yellow and deepens slowly from incarnation to incarnation, until finally, we reach the goal which all of us (well most of us anyways) share, and the reason why we are here on this earth to begin with.

We become fully enlightened beings.

Fully enlightened beings, it seems, are usually beams of purple and violet light.

Masters of Deception

Of course, here on earth we are not beams of light, nor do we look like light. But even so, it is usually possible for us to intuit the true colors of the light of the people that we behold in front of us.

Human beings are masters of deception, so this light is almost always hidden away, safely shrouded from the cruel, judgemental scrutiny of the masses. But if we develop our intuition, over time, we can usually find ways to reveal this light, at least before our own eyes.

We can learn to discern others' "true colors", so that they can no longer deceive us. If their aim is to fool us for their own gain and our detriment, we will be able to uncover that lie.

And if, in fact, they are hiding their own light from the world out of fear, and keeping their own beauty, gifts and talents in shadows, we can help them to reveal this beauty and develop enough trust in the world, enough self-esteem and confidence in themselves, to let all that beauty and all those divine gifts out, so that they may find satisfaction and self-fulfilment on a personal level, while at the same time helping the entire world with their gifts.

Beings of Light

So, that's pretty much my take on "true colors", a neat little expression if I do say so myself.

So now you know, the next time you hear someone say to you, "I can see your true colors", or "You are hiding your true colors from me", you can have an even deeper understanding of what they mean, and what they are trying to say to you.

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