Palmistry – Your Soul in the Palms of Your Hands

To see a world in a grain of sand 
And a heaven in a wild flower 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
And eternity in an hour

William Blake

Well, I thought I’d start out by writing about palmistry, because it’s something that I (like to think I) know a bit about. Well, a bit more than some of the other more obscure subjects that are out there, anyways (and which I might one day decide to bravely tackle and see what comes out, but not today!).

Hands Down

Although I've intentionally sought out training in other divination disciplines such as how to use a pendulum, I really can’t remember how I fell into doing palmistry readings. I’m sure it must have started at some point, but I simply don’t remember at all. I feel like I’ve been reading palms all my life.

I certainly remember practising palmistry at summer jobs as a teenager. I belong to one of those generations where parents and teachers felt that high school students ought to go to work in order to “build character”. So while some of my classmates had a ball during their summer holidays travelling around the world with their families, I was sent off packing to a farm.

Working on a farm is quite gruelling, but it builds great friendships. And what better way to while away the dead hours waiting for the endless rain to stop, or for that hurricane to die down (haha figuratively speaking, we didn’t get hurricanes where I lived), than to sit around a fire – because up there in Canada even summers are cold – and doodle around in fireside entertainment, such as mysterious psychic palm readings.

I have no idea how ever did I learn to read palms, but I do recall that we all had a blast and everyone ended up quite fascinated with the readings that I did for them.

Scary Hand

However there was one person whose palm really gave me the creeps. I’d never seen a hand like his, and fortunately I’ve never encountered any other similar ones again. There was something wrong with his hand, the lines seemed to be all wrong. It was a scary hand.

This person suffered from a fairly severe form of mental retardation. He was the kind of person who was very large, strong and muscular, with the physical force to do great harm if he didn’t control himself – and he didn’t, because he didn’t have the mental capacity to control himself. In spite of his large size, he had the mentality of a small child, with the frustrations and temper tantrums that go with that condition.

I didn’t see this worker at the farm very often, because in reality he didn’t actually work there. He was just the boss’s son and sometimes the boss brought him in because he couldn’t leave him alone at home, and he didn’t know what else to do with him.

So, it really impressed me just how revealing and informative palms could be.

Hands Up

Later on I decided to take palmistry more seriously and read up about the subject. I bought a few basic palmistry books and studied them assiduously.

However, I discovered that sometimes the books contradicted each other. Granted, even if it was true that they were all in agreement about the major lines, like the head, heart and life lines, when it came to the short little tick marks on the hands, or open areas on a palm, every book had something different to say.

It all got to be quite confusing in the end, and I wasn’t able to sort anything out or reach any reliable conclusion as to which book or which palmistry reading interpretations I should follow.

A Gypsy Palm Reader

One day I was in a park – in Madrid, actually, since I was already living in Spain then – and a Gypsy woman wanted to read my hands. She wasn’t a very good diviner, I might add, because hardly anything that she told me about myself was true.

However I did get the chance to ask her how she learned her art. Did she read books? Study? What authors did she like?

What books? She told me she’d never looked at a palmistry book in her life. In fact, she didn’t have the faintest idea what any of the lines meant. (Which explains, I guess, why she was so far out in the mini-reading that she gave me.)

Her method, which she had learned from her mother and her mother from her own mother before her, consisted simply of gazing at a palm and waiting to see what impressions she got from it.

So I tried that. I looked into little palms and big ones. Palms with deeply etched lines and light, fidgety little hands (like mine).

And they told me their stories.

I could see the stories that these hands had to tell me in the way that the energy ran along the lines. Sometimes this energy looked (or at least I liked to imagine that it looked) like smooth, cool, electric blue rivers of light coursing along the map of lines.

I could see it in the form in which the owners held their hands, whether they were tense or nervous, or tried to take on everything in the world by force with the mere span of their large palms.

And I could it in see the “air” around their hands (some people refer to this as the aura, as I hope I’ll talk about another day in a new article), but for me it just looked and felt like “air”. And the air around their hands could tell me things about the owners of these hands, too.

Sometimes the air emanating from the hands was heavy. Other times it was light and swirly, or nervous or undecided. All of these factors told me things about the person whose hand I was gazing at.

And as for the lines themselves? Well, although any self-respecting little or large guidebook on palmistry can tell you everything you need to know about the major lines, I still don’t know which of these refers to the so-called “travel” lines, or the “mental illness” ticks. But I’m sure that there must be many other people out there, much more expert than me, who can answer such questions.

After all, everyone does their readings the way that they know how, and in their own manner.

Your Soul Written On The Palms of Your Hands

One of the things that really drives me wild is the fact that no one can ever hide his true self when his hands are visible.

A person might be going along their merry way, doing whatever it is that they normally do, gesticulating, waving their hands about all over the place. They might try to put on a fake expression or hide their eyes.

But as long as I can see their hands, they can’t hide their real self from me. They might be sitting calmly with their palms in their laps, but if I can see those palms, I can also tell that, for example, maybe the real person isn’t in the least bit calm and tranquil.

Or that perhaps, in spite of their friendly demeanour, the person is really after something that they aren’t letting me on about. That they do have an ulterior motive.

Or sometimes, that they really don’t. That they really are telling me the truth.

A person may hide his face, but he lays his soul bare when he reveals his hands to me.

Some Tips and Suggestions

Anyways, although I originally implied that I wouldn’t actually teach anything about palmistry here on this website, because there are just sooo many places you can refer to for this sort of information (books, other websites, even mini-guides and pamphlets), I thought I’d put together a short summary of some tips and suggestions for any budding palm-reader out there.

Palm Up

Just about everyone knows what the major lines (head, heart, life and fate) mean. Some people even follow the myth that if your lines are joined together and form an “M” shape, then you will get married! (So then what shape should they form if you will later get divorced?)

In reality, no one doing a palmistry reading can (at least not in all honesty) claim to be able to predict whether you will get married or not. The lines don’t indicate marriage or any other such legal, man-made inventions. The lines only indicate matters of the heart.

Therefore, they will only point out to you the relationships that you might get involved in. But you can’t tell just by looking at these lines whether these relationships will end in a legal marriage or not!

The Supremacy of Your Own Free Will

Also, it’s very important (at least in my point of view) to take into account that everything in life depends first and foremost upon our own decisions and choices.

Therefore, you might be presented with the perfect opportunity to have a great relationship with someone. But you might just choose, of your own free will, not to have that relationship. To turn your back on it.

Why would you do that? Well, who knows what’s in the depths of the human heart?

Some people decide to leave a very beloved person because a new religion (or sect) attracts them more. Sometimes it’s because they themselves have issues, for example they have an inferiority complex which makes them believe that they aren’t worthy of love.

But getting back to our palmistry lesson now.

Some Little Tips and Hints

In general, little ticks on a line, especially a major line, tend to indicate little problems or incidents. For example, a little tick (that is, a short line crossing the major line) on the life line may point out a small health problem. If well-treated, there is no reason for this little health concern to cause any more problems in the future.

Breaks in a line may indicate something more serious. Think that a break in a line is a cutting off of energy to that particular line and area of life.

So for example, a break in the love line may mean a major argument. But not necessarily an unsolvable one. Can you and your love get over such an important disagreement? Well, I think it would depend a great deal on you!

On whether you would want to resolve your differences. On how important the relationship really is to you.

A little island on a line, where the line divides into 2 and surrounds a little island, and then re-unites, is usually a major problem which is solved.

So for example, let’s see you find a little island on a life line. That could mean surgery. Or some other health problem. But once again it will be nothing to worry about. You’ll get over it.

Palm Down

Lines also tend to be chronological. So the beginning, for example, of the life line is the beginning of life. And the end of the life line, where it trails off into the wrist, is the end of life.

The length of the line does NOT indicate how long the person will live, however! That is very important to know, because I know some people who were scared off in the past by some would-be chiromancer who scried their short little life line and forecast an untimely death for them!

In fact, I’m really not too sure what a tiny life line could mean. In a young person it could simply indicate that he hasn’t as yet decided his direction in life. And that what will happen to him in the future will depend intimately on the major choices that he will make.

Think that in palmistry, nothing is set in stone. Lines are constantly changing as we advance through life and make our decisions.

Left Hand, Right Hand

In palmistry the left hand is the map of what IS right now, what the person has done up till now, what they have made of their life. The decisions that they have taken until this moment, their childhood and past, all of these can be read on the left palm.

The right hand, nonetheless, is the future, the nebulous world of endless possibilities. The lines on the right palm are constantly shifting as we make our choices. All things are possible here, and if we don't like what we see, we still have time to change our minds and choose a new path.

Throughout numerous palmistry readings I have found that this pattern holds true for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Because nothing is graven in stone, our lines are constantly changing. On many occasions I've seen a person with, for example, a wispy, tentative destiny line on the left hand and no destiny line on the right. This is usually a person who has not yet chosen a path in life, or is in the stage of trying out different things but has not yet committed to any particular direction.

I may give this person a new palmistry reading after several months have passed, and then I discover that they now have a very clear, firm destiny line gracing their right palm. This usually indicates to me that the person has made their choice since the last time I saw them.

The direction, firmness and clarity of the destiny line are also revealing to me. To give an example, when I see a strong groove etching its decisive way along the palm towards the third, or middle, finger, that usually indicates that the path that the person is on will most likely lead to good monetary earnings.

A gentle line swaying towards the fourth, or ring finger, on the contrary, is telling me that the person has a nice load of possibilities of achieving fame and/or success in an artistic field.

Nevertheless, as I will explain here as well as in future articles, I personally am extremely averse to the practice of making predictions in any sort of reading, be it a psychic palmistry reading or any other form of intuitive reading or modality

As I mentioned earlier, nothing is engraved in stone and the future is constantly changing in accordance with the decisions taken by all the multitude of humankind in every single moment.

I will never tire of affirming and reiterating again and again, that it is my most profound conviction that we create our own future!

The Energy of the Lines

Now I would like to talk about something which, to me, is a bit more interesting, and less commonly known, than the meaning of the lines. Something which, chances are, you will never read about in any normal, general palmistry book. And that is, the energy of the lines and the hands.

As I explained earlier, I practise palmistry readings mainly by observing the energy in the hands.

In order to do that, you take note as to whether the lines are deeply etched or whether, on the contrary, they are shallow, quick and agile.

Imagine trying to change course when your path is deeply etched into the earth. Hard, isn’t it?

So that is what doing things is like for people whose lines are deeply engraved into their palms. They tend to find it hard to make changes. And they tend to hold strong convictions. You can count on these people to stand up for you if they are on your side. They are not very likely to betray you (unless you give them a good reason to, of course) or their causes.

But it can be hard for them to make changes and adaptations in their lives.

Other Considerations to Take Into Account

The shapes of the hands, the length and form of the fingers, how flexible the joints are and the proximity of the digits all reveal a great deal about the owner.

Once I was reading a palm and I noticed that the person had a scar. When I asked her about it, she said, “Oh, that’s just a cut, nothing important. It doesn’t bother me.”

However, the most curious thing was that the scar was cutting across her life line at just the chronological point where something major and transcendental really HAD occurred in her life.

So I believe that almost nothing in life is casual. Even a little cut (but obviously it couldn’t have been such an unimportant wound if it left a permanent scar) is not something that happens “just by chance”.

Other characteristics to take into account while carrying out a palmistry reading include traits like the weight and feel of the hands. Just hold the person’s hands and feel them. Take them lightly into your own palms, as if you were weighing them.

Grasp your client’s hands. Play around with them. Knead them about a bit, as if they were dough (no hurting them, of course!). Feel what they feel like against your skin.

And gather your impressions as you do all this.

Palmistry to Help You Develop Your Full Potential

Now I personally don’t like to use palmistry as a means to predict people’s futures. I have a firm conviction that we ourselves create our futures.

So when I do palmistry readings, I like to use this opportunity to tell people what they actually have, what they are made of, that they can use to forge their futures for themselves.

I like to point out the talents that they were blessed with. What qualities they have that they can use to make their lives better.

For example, some people might be natural-born leaders. Or have supreme organizational skills.

So I like to tell people about these traits of theirs, along with some ideas as to how they can use these qualities to improve their lives.

I can also see people’s love styles and the things they have a tendency to do when in a relationship. Sometimes, these habits are just interesting characteristics.

But sometimes they can cause problems. For example, a person who harbours a great deal of jealousy, or is extremely possessive, can be sure to expect major problems in their relationships. So then I do advise them to work on these issues.

Palmistry for Children

Sometimes my children ask me for a palm reading. I have actually looked at their palms (and up till now everything I saw has always fortunately been reassuring), but I don’t tend to like to read children’s hands.

I feel that children should be granted the right to decide the kinds of futures they want to create for themselves. I also don’t like to gaze into a child’s palm and discover potential bad news.

Children grow very quickly and their lines are shifting all the time. So what may have seemed a sure-fire prediction for a major tragedy, may within a few months disappear altogether. And voilà! No tragedy ever occurred and there had never been any need to worry anybody for anything.

Well in one little webpage I can’t really summarize at all what people have written reams of books about. But I hope with these short guidelines, that they can help you carry out better palmistry readings in your own psychic practice, and maybe even dazzle your clients a bit.

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