The Story of The Seas Of Mintaka

People ask me, why the Seas of Mintaka? What is Mintaka? Where does this name come from?

Mintaka is a star in the Constellation Orion, the Hunter.


Okay okay so I'm not Picasso. Well what with all the tiff-taffing going on on the Net right now with people accusing other people all the time of stealing their copyrighted photos, well I preferred not to steal anyone's photo.

At least no one can accuse me of stealing this one – not that anyone would even WANT to claim ownership, I think, of something so childish!

Well the motto of this website IS: Psychic Development for Spiritual Growth, not "Graphic Design Development for Artistic Growth" or something along those lines.

Seas Of Mintaka

Anyways, so, moving on, I suppose now you might be wondering why I would want a photo of Orion. Well Mintaka is a beautiful brilliant blue (well I don’t know if it’s blue but I suppose you could sort of say it looks kinda blue) (at least in my true-to-life rendition it looks blue) double-star solar system in the constellation of Orion. It’s warm and it’s fiery and it’s nurturing. Or at least that’s how I imagine it would be seeing as it’s a system with 2 suns.

If you look at the photo, err masterpiece painting, you’ll see the 3 large blue stars in a row. Those form Orion’s famous belt. Looking towards the photo, Mintaka is the outermost star on the right.

Now, going on to our next query, you might ask: so what does Mintaka have to do with this website?

Well, Mintaka is a double-star solar system that once hosted a beautiful blue planet called Artuvia.

Sea Of Maro

Life on Artuvia was like a paradise. Everyone loved each other there, there was no meanness, cruelty or pettiness. The weather was fantastic, it was always warm and pleasant, which only makes sense considering the planet enjoyed the bounty of two suns to bathe it with heat and splendour. It was a world full of light.

Artuvia was a water planet. That means it was covered with water and all its inhabitants lived in this submarine paradise. We don't know what these beings were like, but I can imagine them looking somewhat similar to dolphins.

(By the way, did you know that I read somewhere that dolphins are actually even more intelligent than humans? Well, you can draw your own conclusions from that: dolphins don’t try to destroy each other, take revenge on each other or blow up the sea. End of aside and comment.)

However one day something happened, an environmental natural catastrofe, we don't know exactly what type, and Artuvia became barren and uninhabitable. So its forlorn and sorrowful inhabitants needed to find somewhere else to live.


That somewhere else became Earth. Contemplating planet Earth across the vastness of space, the Mintakans became mesmerized by its sheer blue beauty. Perhaps it reminded them of Artuvia, their lost Garden of Eden.

So they made the decision to march en masse into exile on the planet Earth. And here they continue to live on till today, mixed in with all the other myriad inhabitants of this planet (all of whom, obviously, also hail from a great number of star systems and planets in the universe).

Perhaps one day I'll write some more articles here on this website about the many different planets that human souls once called home, before settling down into their new "home away from home" here on the planet Terra.

In the meantime, the name of this website, Seas Of Mintaka, is a tribute and a memorial to that idyllic Garden of Eden covered with crystalline seas that once existed in the system of Mintaka.

If you would like to read more about Mintaka and other planets, seas, spiritual stuff or anything slightly weird, wooky, wacky or just a little bit "out there", do feel free to subscribe to this site using the "Subscribe" box on the right-hand column.

Mountains of Mintaka

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Joseph said on January 17, 2014:

Thank you for all your effort with this website. I saw an article on the Starseed network about Artuvia and found this site as a link. Everything of interest to me is very well organized and condensed to the essentials. I am excited to be on the mailing list and to read one section everyday. I appreciate your great effort.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on February 17, 2014:

Thank you so much, Joseph!


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Forest of Mintaka

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