Clairvoyance is what most people think of when they think of psychics. In fact, for most people clairvoyant is synonymous with psychic.

However, in fact, this is actually only one of many different means by which people can receive information psychically.

"Clair" means clear while "voyance" is seeing. Therefore, the idea that it conjures up is that people who have these abilities are literally "seeing clearly". In other words they are receiving their information through visions, for example with their mind’s eye.

Clairvoyant Eye

But in fact, in addition to “seeing” information, there are actually many additional ways and channels through which people can receive information.

They can hear information inside their head, as if a good friend were whispering this information to them. They might even feel like they are carrying out a conversation (mentally of course) with this good friend. This ability is known as clairaudience or the capacity of receiving information through the inner ear.

A psychic might also just simply “know” something. The desired answers to their questions just simply “pop” into their head out of nowhere. This ability, which I’ll talk about in a future article, is referred to as “clairsentience”.

In addition to seeing, hearing or feeling the answers to one’s queries, there are also other forms of psychic ability, such as for example psychic empathy, for divining the answers that we could otherwise have no way of discovering through the normal, physical means.

But in this article, I’ll just talk a bit about clairvoyance.

Not everyone is clairvoyant, and if you discover that your friendly neighbourhood professional isn’t, that doesn’t make his services or advice any less valid. He is probably just more adept at receiving his long-distance replies through other senses. For example, he may be primarily clairaudient.

So How Can I Find Out if I’m Clairvoyant?

Well, here is a handy check-list that you can start out with, to begin to get an idea as to whether it’s possible that you are clairvoyant, or could have a facility for developing this psychic ability with ease.

You may be clairvoyant if:

  • if you find it easy to imagine and visualize things
  • you memorize things more easily if you see them written out on paper
  • you understand things better if you see them written, explained, charted out or detailed on paper, rather than described to you orally
  • you pay more attention to the things that you see rather than what you hear or feel
  • you tend to use expressions like “I see”, “I can clearly imagine” or “it looks good to me”

If these characteristics tend to describe you, then you are probably most comfortable using your vision as your primary sense for obtaining information about the world around you.

In that case, it should be quite easy for you to take that next step and start using your inner vision in order to obtain information about the unseen world.

Clairvoyance in a Psychic Reading

You will probably find that when you start to develop your psychic skills, with your natural tendency towards clairvoyance, you will probably have a facility for receiving your answers by, for example, seeing them on your “inner mind screen”.

So when you have a client, or just a friend, in front of you, seeking psychic advice from you, you may find that it is easiest for you to simply “see” things with your mind’s eye. You may receive images, impressions, colours, nebulous forms, which you can then describe to your client or friend.

These impressions or objects that you visualize may not mean a whole lot to you, but they may have a special significance or importance to your client. So don’t hold back on relating what you are seeing to them. Just describe what is crossing your mind’s eye without trying to interpret it, and leave the interpreting up to your client.

What if I’m Not Clairvoyant?

Now, it may be that, in your case, you don’t find it in the least bit easy to visualize anything at all, but you would like it to be easy. Or at least easier than it is at this moment.

When you look at your mind’s eye all you may see might be darkness. You might not even see anything, and instead you might exclaim irascibly at me, “What in the world are you talking about?? What mind’s eye? I don’t have a mind’s eye!”

If that is what is happening to you, I’d like to tranquilize you by saying, “Don’t worry about it!”

Chances are, you have other more highly developed skills and obtain information about the world primarily through one of your other senses, usually your hearing (ie. you are clairaudient or through feelings and sensations (ie. you are clairsentient). Those are great psychic gifts as well, and not any less valuable or valid than clairvoyance.

However, you might protest, “But that's not good enough, I WANT to be clairvoyant!”

You Too Can Develop Your Clairvoyance Skills

Well, hold on, that’s okay. You too can develop your clairvoyance skills. I am not naturally clairvoyant, but now I can see better than I did before. Maybe I’m not a visionary and I don’t receive elaborate visions of the future, but I am better now than I used to be.

Now I can visualize things if I want to. I can see auras. Sometimes I can even make out images in that handy little “mind’s eye”!

So if I can do it, you can do it too!

Here are some preliminary exercises to help you get started in promoting this particular skill, and getting your mind used to flexing its “vision muscles”:

  • as with many exercises that I propose on these pages, for this exercise I would suggest that you set aside a few minutes, perhaps 10 or 15, and settle down quietly some place where you won’t be disturbed
  • sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes
  • with your eyes closed, begin to visualize or imagine images
  • although you can use any image or scene that you feel like, I like to suggest visualizing the colours of the rainbow, just simply “see”, in your mind’s eye, the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple floating before you, on the “screen of your mind”
  • if you like, you can also continue onwards by imagining objects, for example you can try to see your coffee mug, or the hallway in your home
  • try also catching glimpses of the faces of people that you know
  • don’t worry if the images are vague or shift and change around a lot, or even, if there ARE no images! If you persist all of that will soon change, and you will start to create visions inside your head
  • even people who are real experts will find that images still shift around a lot
  • when you’re comfortable with imagining still objects, you can now try your hand (or rather your eye) at moving pictures
  • try to see yourself walking down your hallway or a familiar street in your city or town
  • try watching the wind and the rain through your window (all in your mind’s eye of course!)

Doing these exercises in and of themselves, of course, will not make you clairvoyant. But they WILL stimulate your natural clairvoyance and make it easier for you to receive information of a visual sort, when you develop your psychic skills and start to receive this information from the “invisible world”.

Your Psychic Development Chum

When you feel like moving on to receiving information clairvoyantly, it’s a good idea to hunt down a partner. Perhaps a friend, acquaintance or neighbour is also interested in developing their psychic powers. Then the two of you can pair up and help each other out doing exercises.

One such exercise that you can try out together is the following:

  • Have your friend hide an image, postcard, Zener card (a little index-sized card with a picture of a circle, star, squiggly lines or other simple geometric shape on it) or regular playing card in an envelope. Your friend should not look at the picture or card either, in order to avoid inadvertently passing the information on to you via telepathy.
  • After that, try and “divine” what image is on the card, by making the effort to “see” the card in your mind’s eye. Then either make a note of your “educated guess” on a sheet of paper and continue on with the next card, or ask your friend to go and fetch the envelope and check up immediately to see if you were right.
  • Of course if you are alone and you don’t enjoy the company of a “psychic development chum”, you can still do this exercise.
  • Just simply shuffle the cards and put them upside-down on the table in front of you. Then stare at the back of each card one by one until you start to receive an image or an impression of what is on the card (or even more impressive still, until you actually receive a clear vision of the content of the card). Once you have made your definitive guess (but not before then, do this as if you were playing on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, where you can’t peek ahead at the answers or you will lose! then turn the card around and check to see if you were right.
  • Make a note of how often you are right. You should see your score improving over time.

If, however, no matter what you do you find that your scores don’t improve and you are making practically no progress at all, don’t sweat it. That just means that clairvoyance is not your main skill, and your vision (physical and psychic) is probably not your primary sense for receiving information about the world.

In that case, you are probably either clairaudient or clairsentient. Or you could have psychic empathy. Or count on any number of less-known gifts as your particular, natural talent.

My Personal Case

That is the case with me. I’m not naturally clairvoyant – I’m mostly clairaudient and an empath. So this exercise that I just described here is one that I am most horrible with.

I just got really bored trying to guess little stars and squiggles. I couldn’t figure out in the least bit whether the upside-down card was red or black on the other side. I even got scores significantly lower than what I should have summed up statistically speaking.

(According to the statistics, if you are trying to guess the colour of, say, playing cards, if you were just to make haphazard guesses you should still be right about 50% of the time.)

Well, I was receiving scores as low as 30% or 20%.

So what did that mean?

Telescopic Archways

It just meant that I was bored stiff, and I couldn’t stand the sight of those little geometric circles printed out finely on the backs of those cards anymore, and I couldn’t care a whiff about what scores I got because I was so bored to death!

So, seeing things clearly is never going to be my forte. But that’s all right with me, because I move about with greater ease in a different medium.

I can’t read cards, but I can read people. I can’t see visions, but sometimes (very rarely!) I am blessed with celestial choirs lulling me to sleep at night. Although I must confess that if I hear those divine choruses, the last thing I want to do is sleep!

So, that’s my two cents’ worth on clairvoyance.

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Shane said on February 7, 2014:

Very good experience best post thanks for share it.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on February 17, 2014:

Thank you!

Eryn K. said on January 15, 2014:

I think that I might be Clairvoyant, and clairaudient.

I have been seeing things like shadows all my life, as well as seeing things I have never seen before in my life in my dreams. Then going to a historical place months later, and seeing the same things, and a face pops Into my head. Another thing is ever since my grandmother died I have been seeing this shadow that follows me around, sometimes though I just feel it. It looks like her too. But a few days ago my friend and I were having lunch and she said she saw a shadow that has been following her since her grandfather died. I saw it too! Next to the shadow that follows me!

Again ever since I was little, I would hear voices calling me to a certain place, telling me to do stuff, and other things, it's strange, and very creepy for me, because this happens all the time.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on February 17, 2014:

These sorts of things happen regularly to me too. Sometimes I find it strange that people around me don't notice anything. But I've gotten used to that, and I suppose it's just a matter of "paying attention". Perhaps I just "pay attention" to and notice things other people don't. On the contrary, I very rarely notice what a person is wearing, and yet other people can describe to me what someone else was wearing on a certain day in great detail. I guess different people just "pay attention" to different things.

And yes, often our loved ones on the other side do stay close to us. It's great that you and your friend are aware of it!

As for hearing voices telling you to do things, I would be wary of those! Those are usually beings, usually nasty and not very nice ones, who are aware that you can hear them, and take advantage of that fact to try to mislead you. You could do the same with them as you would with anything that a real live, living person were to tell you: use your common sense, and don't do anything that you wouldn't do if someone living were to tell you to do it.


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