How to Trust Your Intuition in Your Everyday Life

In this article I'm going to talk a bit about how I personally use intuition in life, and how I attempt to let inner guidance lead me in the right direction.

Once upon a time I was like most people. I used to not pay very much attention to sixth sense urgings or inner nudgings. In fact, I was a typical example of one of those people I talk about in this article about how your natural inner knowing gets suppressed.

Trusting in the Flow of Intuition

I Also Suffered From Suppressed Intuition

Like a good many children out there, I was taught that "adults know better". That when there is any doubt as to who is right and who is wrong, we should just assume that the adults are right and the children are in err.

Like most people in our society, I was taught that "keeping proper composure" was more important than honouring your feelings or being sincere with yourself.

Many adults in our world are in the habit of lying to themselves, deceiving themselves and living in denial on all manner of subjects, ranging from the way they feel about things, to the reason why they do the things that they do, and even to admitting that they did do certain things at all.

So of course, going through life with this euphemistic veneer is quite habitual in most circles. This is something many adults practise and teach to young people.

It's no wonder young people have difficulties noticing their intuitive messages or trusting them when they do notice them at all.

However, by putting into practice many of the tips I suggest in these articles on listening to your inner messages and developing that elusive sixth sense, I learned to allow intuition to lead me in life.

Learning to Trust in Yourself and in Your Intuition

It isn't easy when you first try to trust yourself and believe in yourself. All your life you may have been reprimanded and reminded that "you don't know anything", and pressured to let "those who know more than you do" order you around and tell you what to do. As a child, when you believed something, perhaps you were contradicted vehemently. Perhaps people in your life consistently refuted everything you said or believed in.

So you might find the idea that you could possibly ever be right about anything at all most foreign and strange. You might think that there's something wrong with you, or that you have no inner wisdom. In other words, you might have been brought up to believe that you were some sort of idiot or dumb-dumb.

But in fact, you are not. You are not because you are human. And all humans have inner wisdom and an inner voice to guide them. If they want to listen to it.

Take into account that everyone has intuition, and this marvellous sense serves everyone equally well. No one else has "more intuition" or "better intuition" than you do. Everyone has a natural inner sense of what is good for them and what is not, built right in naturally and automatically.

What can differentiate you, before you learn to develop your intuition, and another person who is already in the habit of letting intuition guide them in their life, is that the other person has simply learned how to notice and pay attention to the signs that their intuition is sending towards them, whereas you haven't as yet acquired the trust and belief in yourself necessary in order to be able to do this.

It’s Time to Wake Up

Now that I've "woken up" so to speak, and when I feel a gentle, ticklish but easy to overlook "nudging" or a little "niggling feeling", I pay attention to what it has to say to me.

This message could be anything at all such as, for example, "check the stove make sure it's turned off before leaving the house", "you'd better check and see if you threw in the mobile phone" (and usually it turns out that I have indeed forgotten the mobile phone, I am always forgetting the mobile phone), "did you close the windows, it might rain".

I don't know how many times I've felt that little sensation sort of like, "I'm for-GET-ting somethiiiiiing!" or "I think I forgot to throw in the pho-one!" but I shrugged it off and reasoned to myself, "oh but that's not possible, I never forget the phone anymore, I remember holding it just a little while ago, if I was holding it how could I possibly have forgotten it?" and besides which it was getting late. And then later discovered that I was right: the phone's just not there in the bag anymore (anymore? as in, did it fall out or run away or something? or I just forgot it right from the start?).

I don't know how many times I've felt that little tugging as if, "oh that guy's lying to me." But then he turned out to be such a smooth operator, such a sweet-talking, glib salesman, that I didn't pay attention to myself and I paid attention to him instead, and bought his product. Then when I got home, of course! His product was a dud! Well, what did I expect? I should've listened to myself!

Mother’s Intuition

Another, a little more noticeable, a little more transcendental, example is when, as many mothers using their intuition might very well understand, you just simply notice that there is something wrong with your child, that he's "off". This extra sense or foresight can often help you to identify problems that children are having while they are still small and manageable, before they become big mountains.

This mother's intuition can reveal to you if perhaps a child is having problems with a teacher or classmates, or feels a little bit sick and is "coming down with something", even though he doesn't have any symptoms yet.

Let Intuition Guide You to That Which is Best for You

Sixth sense has a knack of coming through in small and big decisions in your life, just pointing out to you the most beneficial choices for you. It shines when it is directing you to eat certain foods, which are more nourishing to you, and you do that, not because your dietician’s guide tells you to choose these foods or because you read an article in the newspaper but rather, because you just simply "felt like" eating certain foods today.

My kids often feel like eating oranges in the wintertime. It isn't because we happen to be endowed with a sumptuous orange orchard by our home (although we do have lots and lots of orange trees out on the street, but these are "bitter" oranges all covered with exhaust fumes and pollution, believe me, you would not want to eat them!) or because I'm a smart mom and often buy oranges (in fact I'm actually pretty naughty about that, if no one reminds me to eat better and shop more smartly, I usually forget to do so). They just "feel like" oranges in the winter.

Intuition in My Personal Life

Before, I was very shy and I wouldn't talk to anyone, but now when intuition directs me to initiate a conversation with someone, I usually do so – and am rewarded with a great many wonderful friendships and helpful new contacts.

Intuition led me to study Soul Realignment and learn to carry out this particular form of psychic reading and healing, which has enriched my life so much as well as helped a good number of people that I've had the pleasure of doing sessions for.

Intuition advised me to design my own website rather than pay a stranger to do it for me. I simply felt that I would have much more control over the site, its look and content, and I would be able to bring it up to date by myself and whenever I wanted to.

Intuition also led me to choose the webhost that I did, who are not only teaching me how to design a website for myself (and thus saving me over 200€ that I would have had to spend otherwise taking a web design course), they also provide me with everything I could possibly need, troubleshooting, guidance, tips and helpful hints.

I now rely on intuition to indicate to me the best choice or course of action in all matters both big and small, in transcendental, life-changing decisions as well as relatively unimportant matters such as what to eat for breakfast.

I just simply follow whatever feels right to me, what makes me feel "good".

Following Your Intuition Feels Good

When you are following your intuition and moving in the right direction there is a sensation of rightness to it, a feeling that you are simply on the right track, and everything is moving along hummingly and smoothly.

If, on the other hand, now should happen not to be the right moment for a certain action or plan, you will feel like you are out of sorts when you try to carry it out, as if you were walking down a very narrow hallway and you keep bumping into things all the time (a sensation I often endure in my "inner city, 2-bedroom aka 1-bedroom-with-a-walk-in-closet" apartment).

Crowded Room

You will also not have the slightest inkling of a desire to work on that particular plan at the moment.

So, now, then, it might occur to you to wonder: what is the difference between "not having the slightest inkling of a desire" to do something, when it is truly not right for you, as opposed to not feeling like doing something because it's something you hate, but you still have to do it, like for example washing the dishes or cleaning your house?

Good question, and one I asked myself as well, before I figured out the response.

Well, quite simply put, the former is something you don't have to do. No one is forcing you to do it and it isn't one of your responsibilities or obligations, so the idea to do it, and the choice whether to do it or not, is entirely yours. Whereas the latter (washing the dishes) is something you have to do anyways, regardless of whether you want to or not.

Little by little and over time, as you learn to pay attention to your intuition more and more, you will start to trust yourself more often, as you begin to take notice in your life of how those little nudging impulses (that you ignored) always seem to turn out to have been right. Whereas on the other hand, insisting on your original plans even when that little voice inside you contradicted that idea, usually turned out to not have been such a good idea after all.

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