Learning How to Manifest Anything, Part II:
The Secret to Manifesting What You Want in Life

Well, as a continuation of the previous article on manifesting, Learning How to Manifest Good Things, where I share with you how I went from unemployed single welfare mom to employed well-off single mom while living in the poorest region in Spain, in a city with an unemployment rate of 40% in one of those famous (or rather infamous) crisis-stricken southern European countries that you probably read so much about these days, here I’d like to offer some little tids and tads of things that I’ve observed that seem to differentiate those who make it out of poverty and into success, from those who appear to be doomed to welfare and marginal neighbourhoods for the rest of their lives.

Learning How to Manifest Anything

In addition to working on your insides, the first step in learning how to manifest good things, there are also a series of steps that you can take in your outer, or external, life, to try and increase the possibilities that what you want will show up in your life.

A long time ago, I used to study and read the Bible. (Yes, me, the aberrant but good witch, heehee, believe it or not!)

For me, the Bible is not a more holy testament than any of the other holy scriptures that exist in the world, such as for example the Torah or the Koran, venerated by followers of other religions on this beautiful, diverse and multi-coloured planet.

I believe in the holiness and sanctity of all of these religious tomes and, for that matter, even in that of new, modern, New Age publications such as for example, A Course in Miracles.

But that is getting off the subject.

What the Bible Taught Me About How to Manifest a Desired Outcome

The point is, that when I was studying the Bible, someone pointed out to me the story of Jacob as one of the tales that best exemplified how to manifest and make things happen and bring about the outcomes that we want.

Yep, Law of Attraction in ancient times.

Since I realize (and hope) that people of all religious (or no religious) backgrounds enjoy reading this website, I won't simply assume that everyone is familiar with the story of Jacob. So I will give a little summary here.

How Jacob Manifested What He Wanted

Now, Jacob had a most terrible and difficult life. We don't know why, maybe it was just the stars. His life was full of struggle and hard work. Among his vicissitudes, one of the things that he had to deal with was a twin brother who was sworn to be his mortal enemy, and was willing to go to any lengths to do away with Jacob.

This brother's name was Esau, and unlike Esau, Jacob was a more pacific type. He didn't want war with his brother. He just wanted them to be friends. To make up. To enjoy peace between his family and that of Esau.

Well, Jacob lived in exile for many years, fleeing from his brother. That sucks, right? You can't even go home because of that bloody feud that your brother has going for you.

And like a lot of people who live in exile, Jacob felt homesick, and he wanted to return. Hopefully, his brother would have forgotten about him by now, and gone on to chase more lucrative sheep.

But it turned out that that wasn't the case. As Jacob neared the borders of his homeland, his brother marched out to meet him with a full-fledged army, ready to massacre Jacob and his whole family.

Now, here we have Jacob, with no one but his wives, his little children and their household servants around to defend him. No trained soldiers in their midst. Just peaceful, friendly pastoral people.

So what was a guy like that supposed to do against an entire army?

Well, Jacob prepared himself.

He put into practice every little tid-bit of wisdom that he possessed in knowledge of how to manifest the outcome that he desired, and he set to work with unfailing, vigorous, well-planned ACTION.

On the one hand, he handed out all the paltry few weapons that they did possess to his strongest servants. He put the most defenceless members of his household, the untrained women and children, in the back of his party.

(Because I'm sure we all agree, knowing what we do know in this day and age, that a trained woman is just as lethal as a trained man!)

At the same time, he also did all that he could to try and avoid an armed conflict. He sent ahead lots of peace offerings and gifts to his brother. He made it clear that he posed no threat to Esau, that he didn't want to take anything away from Esau and had no interest in Esau's possessions. He just wanted to see his home again.

And when Jacob had taken absolutely all the ACTIONS that it was possible for him to take, after he had actually done everything that it could occur to him to do, only then, he sat down and prayed.

So what did that mean?

The Formula for How to Manifest Whatever You Desire

Well, as it was explained to me, the formula for how to manifest what you desire is:

Define the desired goal --> action + prayer = manifestation of the desired outcome.

This might seem simplistic, but then, someone once said, that the most effective things in life are also the simplest.

At any rate, apparently it worked for Jacob, and it has also always worked for me, too.

Once Jacob had done everything that he could do, he sought for help from the heavens. He prayed for celestial forces to move for him, the things that were out of his reach and control.

The Importance of Celestial Forces

As I mentioned in this article on manifesting, just like the ad says, for every two kilos that you lose through your own efforts, X Amazing Product will burn a kilo off for you.

So in real life, that means that, if you have concentrated all your focus, all your dedication and intention to achieving a certain outcome, and you have done everything that is in your hands to do, then if you ask for help from celestial forces, they WILL come and move the things that you cannot.

They will cause just the right person to see just the right thing at just the right moment. Or inspire you to be at just the right place at the right time. They will move the slow snail mail along, or shift your important report up to the top of the director's pile.

So, in Jacob's case, as I'm sure that you can imagine, the outcome was a positive, win-win situation. Esau's heart was moved and he welcomed his brother back with open arms. Jacob's generous gifts made a rich and prosperous man of Esau, and he was able to live comfortably for the rest of his life.

For his part, Jacob was able to see his beloved family again, and tread upon the soil of his homeland.

The Law of Attraction

What was valid 5000 years ago, is still valid today.

The laws of the universe and how to manifest what you want, the law of attraction, of like attracting like, are still the same now as they were in biblical times.

5000 years ago, Jacob was aware of the secrets of manifesting what he wanted. And his knowledge is just as fresh and alive today as it was in ancient times.

What worked for Jacob, still continues to work for us today. And this, I feel, is what there is to the secret to how to manifest whatever you want in life.

An essential part of how to manifest what you desire is indeed ACTION.

The Essential Role of Well-Planned ACTIONS

I read over and over again, in New Age-type publications, idealisms and treatises on how to manifest good things, about how important it is to practise meditation, complicated yoga postures, about writing journals, chanting positive affirmations, etc.

However, personally, my opinion is that, while other people are spending their two hours every day chanting and meditating and spewing out their hearts on the psychoanalyst’s couch, you can actually be doing something.

You can be busy setting up your new office, or writing up the blueprint of your new freelance career.

You can be going out on dates to try and meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Or you can be browsing real estate catalogues in search of your dream home.

That is not to say that meditating and affirming do not have their place in the formula for how to manifest good things. But, I feel that everything should be in balance and moderation.

A half hour, even an hour, a day of meditation and affirmation is very nice. Two or three hours every day, on the other hand, is, I think, quite frankly overdoing it.

Basically, from personal experience, I find that all you need to do to learn how to manifest anything that you wish is:

1. Decide what it is that you want. You would be amazed at the number of people who don't actually know what they want. Or who only have vague ideas. Well, if you don't know what you want, how will you know what you have to do to get it?

2. Do everything that is in your power to try to achieve it. This, clearly, without resorting to shady or unethical means, of course.

3. Ask for the help of celestial forces.

4. Arm yourself with patience and persistence. I believe that the richest and most worthy dreams are not accomplished overnight. This means, going at whatever it is that you are trying to do, over and over and over again, every single day, and not giving up until you have achieved your heart’s desire.

This works for me, as I have described in this article about how I personally started manifesting all the good things that I wanted into my life. It worked for Jacob, and it works for every self-help and spiritual growth guru that I know of.

And it will work for you too.

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