Ghosts, Phantoms, Ghouls and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Do we have proof of ghosts? Do ghosts really exist?

Well, you can believe what you like, although I’m sure that actually spotting a phantom or phantasmal apparition with your very own eyes is most likely to cause such a powerful impact on you, that you will probably, at the very least, never forget it.

Ghosts Phantoms Ghouls

True, authentic, genuine apparitions are dead people that have been hanging around quite a bit longer than earthbound spirits. Unlike the latter, they are really the ones that you do find "haunting" abandoned mansions, castles, palaces and medieval keeps. You might also find them on ancient battlefields or other areas where disasters have occurred in the past, sometimes even in the very far distant past.

Unlike earthbound spirits, ghosts stay around the earth way after the people that they knew and loved in life have passed on and begun to live fulfilling lives in the spirit world. They have a variety of motives for this behaviour.

Why Do They Hang Around?

Sometimes, they hang around because they don't realize that they are dead. When you are just a spirit, time has no meaning or relevance to you. You may find yourself "taking a nap" for twenty years, and to you it just feels like a short nap in the afternoon. You would not even be aware that twenty years have passed already – a true Rip Van Winkle!

Ghosts feel great attachment to certain places rather than people. They aren't here because they can't stand to leave the side of their darling spouse, or they want to continue watching over their cuddly little granddaughter.

If anything, they just can't bring themselves to tear themselves away from that dear, sweet old mansion where they spent their happiest years. Or on the contrary, that ghastly dungeon where they rotted away holds a tremendous and macabre fascination for them, and they just can't bring themselves to leave it behind.

Sometimes they will relive a certain moment of their lives over and over again. This could be the moment of their death, or it might just be a routine from their everyday life. For example, if they were quite fond of embroidering during their lifetime, you could catch a glimpse of them as they wander ethereally up and down the corridors of your favourite haunted castle, needle and thread in hand. If they were in the habit of humming as they worked you might even be lucky enough to notice a faint snippet of the melodies they were inclined to murmur.

Why Do They Become Ghosts?

Ghosts can hang around for centuries. For them, time has stopped, so it doesn't feel like centuries to them at all.

They usually have no desire to harm people, and they are just simply reliving their lives over and over and over again.

I always wondered if they wouldn't be sad people, if they didn't miss the people that they knew in life and feel a longing to re-unite with them again in the spirit world.

In fact, however, apparently, much of the time they are just quite content to continue on as they are. Inertia in action, I guess.

Michael Newton, whom I wrote about in this article about authorities on the afterlife, also asked the same question, and in his hypnotherapeutic regression work he was able to pose this question to a small number of his patients who had actually played at being phantasmagorical apparitions in past lives. He asked them why they eventually decided to leave the earth plane, and return to the spirit world, their loved ones and the cycle of life and death.

Most told him that they simply got bored. It was fun for a while, but it got boring. Some just felt as if they were walking around hypnotized in some sort of endless dream, and one day they just "woke up" and decided to go home.

When that happens, that is when our notorious haunted castle stops being haunted (unless, of course, it is actually populated by a good number of spirit visitors, in which case the others will still remain, to animate our otherwise rather insipid touristic visits).

The Phantom Nurse

A very different type of ghost is the spirit who deliberately decides to remain to help out other souls. A common example of this is the phantom nurse, whom we often find in very old hospitals, hanging around to help recently departed souls, who find themselves confused and disoriented, cross over to the other side.

They feel guided by a sense of mission and purpose, and as long as they continue to feel this way, they will continue to grace the hallways of our historic landmark buildings, carrying out their sacred tasks and providing tremendous service to their fellow human beings.

Why Do Ghosts Scare Us?

Ghosts derive their lifeblood from the places that they haunt, as well as the people who wander through these buildings. Scaring these people stimulates a great surge of adrenalin, as well as strong emotions, in these people, and some (but not all) ghosts thrive on that.

Gray Ghost

Once again, just like earthbound spirits, ghosts are usually not malevolent and have no intention of harming the people that they come in contact with. They derive no great pleasure from scaring the daylights out of visitors to their beloved castle. They just need it for that energy surge that keeps them alive and can keep them going for the next hundred years or so.

As we all know, ghosts just haunt. They haunt stairways, and they haunt kitchens. They breeze down windy corridors and flit through attics and towers. Sometimes they may sing or hum. Sometimes they will chatter. They very rarely pay any attention to us, and most of the time they are so absorbed in their own activities and dimension, that they do not even see us at all.

Now, there are also two phenomena which do most resemble ghostly hauntings, but they actually are not the work of ghosts or phantoms. However, most people are not aware of that, and when they encounter these phenomena they believe that they are having a most ghastly, ghostly experience.

Negative Astral Entities

One of these occurrences is the energetic charge that remains behind in a space or area where events occurred that inspired strong, extreme emotions. This may happen, for example, in historic buildings which once served as the strongholds of the Inquisition, where innocent (or not so innocent) people were tortured for no reason at all, except that of satisfying the sadistic lust of some evil inquisitors.

You can also find these sorts of areas in places like battlefields, cemeteries, towers and dungeons employed as prisons, or the playing fields of Chichen Itzá.

Blue Ghost

In cemeteries, actually, contrary to popular belief, what is actually haunting most of them is actually NOT the spirits of the dear departed that rest within those walls but rather, what people notice when they step foot in these enclaves, is the electric charge of the EMOTIONS that tend to be generated and felt in these types of surroundings.

People who go to cemeteries are usually not happy people. In fact, you usually go there when you are going through the worst, most tortuous and inconsolable periods of your lives. So understandably, the emotions left behind in these areas are most definitely not of the most positive and uplifting type.

This makes cemeteries places with a strong and intense concentration of unhappy, grievous, sorrowful emotions, which linger behind long after the people who created and felt these emotions have abandoned the area and even, perhaps, hopefully, gotten over this lowest period in their lives and gone on with whatever it is that they came into the world to do.

And the same is true of battlefields, torture chambers, prisons and dungeons.

Places with a strong and intense concentration of extreme negative emotion tend to attract the attention of negative lower astral beasties and other similar, related beings. These are not human beings (unless, of course, we are talking about some discarnate human who has become so depraved, heartless and cruel that he has actually degenerated into one of these malevolent low-vibration nasties). These entities find immersing themselves in environments of such extremes of negativity so rejuvenating and thrilling that they swarm to these environments in great droves.

And the sensation, the feeling, of being surrounded by such malevolence, is what you and I tend to notice when we enter into these regions. And then later attribute to the presence of ghosts and phantoms, rather than to lower astral suckers.

An Etheric Movie

The other phenomenon which people often tend to confuse with ghostly hauntings, is when a scene from the past replays itself over and over again, in a specific location.

For example, we might see a transparent figure pace up and down the master bedroom of that gloomy, supposedly haunted mansion, wringing its hands disconsolately like Ophelia. Or we may observe ethereal children playing a game of catch in what was once the playroom of the royal family, delighting in the same movements over and over again.

Pink Ghost

In reality, these are scenes that have simply become imprinted in the ether, in the etheric memory of the location, and occasionally become available for the viewing of anyone who happens to wander into the area at a certain moment.

In fact, however, the anguished figure wringing its hands, the happy, carefree children, have probably long since moved on, lived their lives and passed away, and are now enjoying eternity up in the spirit world, or living a brand new re-incarnation here on earth.

They are like a movie that has become imbedded in the walls of the mansion or the haunted castle, and every once in a while, the movie springs into action, and we can watch it all over again.

These differ from ghostly hauntings in that, there is no actual soul involved there. The protagonists of the scene have already gone on to something else, and we are only observing the "movie" that they left behind.

You can tell that these are different from ghostly phenomena because in the latter case, the ghost may change its behaviour, not always do the same things over and over again. It may veer to one side as it passes down the corridor, and in its next passing it veers to the opposite side. It may look as if it is trying to speak with you.

If it is a being who likes to carry out quotidian, everyday actions from its previous life, it may do so with different expressions, or varying its movements.

Occasionally, if a psychic medium or a sensitive is present, it might even choose to make its presence known to the world, and communicate a message to us.

At any rate, however that may be, in the majority of cases ghosts and earthbound spirits do not mean us any sort of harm. Like real people here on earth, some are (or were) "good" people and some weren't quite such saints, but either way, unlike poltergeists, they usually neither mean us any harm, nor are they capable of hurting us in any way.

The only thing that can hurt us, in these cases, is our own fear.

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