Earthbound Souls and Ghostly Spirits

I feel sad for ghosts and earthbound souls. Or at least for most of them.

Do Ghosts Exist?

Earthbound spirits, or ghosts, as most people refer to them, are human souls that remain on the earth plane after they, or rather their human personalities, have "passed away".

In other words, they're dead people.


However, they're not happy dead people. Which is why I feel sad for them.

Unlike happy, fulfilled dead people who have already "passed over", that is, who have moved on to the spirit world where we all ought to be headed towards merrily upon our passing – among other reasons, because there we can finally be re-united with our deceased friends and loved ones – earthbound souls are beings who linger around on the earth plane, unable to make the transition.

The Earth Plane

The earth plane, by the way, is the dimension which surrounds our physical reality here on earth. It isn't physical, but it's very close to the physical. Everyone and everything is energy, and energy vibrates. Having explained that (and that explains everything I'm sure!), physical objects, like tables, people, trees and animals have a certain, low frequency vibration. That is what makes them physical and solid here on earth.

On the earth plane, on the other hand, people and other beings that move around in it vibrate at a slightly higher frequency than physical beings do. The result is that they are imperceptible to everyone except to seasoned clairvoyants or psychic mediums.

The earth plane is not our true spiritual home. Our true spiritual home is reached after a transition process, the famous "tunnel with a light at the end" described by so many who have survived near death experiences.

Why Earthbound Souls Remain

Earthbound souls, however, are people who have decided, or feel forced to linger around on the earth plane, and either refuse to make the transition (ie. pass down the proverbial tunnel) to our true home in the spirit world, or else they feel trapped because they can’t find the passageway, so to speak, into the spirit world.

The former type, earthbound souls who refuse to cross over, like to espouse a good number of reasons, ahem, excuses for hanging around us even though their useful, physical life has already come to a permanent end.

They could be staying because they have some unfinished business to take care of. Perhaps they forgot to tell their secret girlfriend where they had hidden their latest will and testimony, the one leaving all of their goodies to the girlfriend instead of the wife. These people will usually find peace once they are able to communicate their urgent information through the services of a psychic medium or channeller.

Or perhaps they are simply concerned about the loved ones that they are leaving behind on earth, and wish to watch over them. When that is the case, we should console them and re-assure them that they will still be perfectly capable of looking after their loved ones from the spirit world, with the added advantage of being surrounded by their own deceased as they care over family and friends still residing on earth.

Some really evil earthbound souls have no intention of going anywhere at all. Oh no! They believe in hell and are convinced that their phantom train stops there in the pit of the inferno on account of all the sins that they committed throughout their lives. And there's no way anyone's going to send them off into the depths of hell. They'd rather just hang around on earth and continue to make people’s lives miserable just as they used to do when they were alive.

Help! An Earthbound Soul is After Me!

If you should encounter one of these unfortunate blokes, there's no need to run off screaming. You can ask, very firmly, that the spiritual beings who are in charge of leading souls into the spirit world please come by and bear this wretched individual away with them. Just pronounce something along the lines of:

"Dear God (or dear Universe, Divine Creator, Jesus Christ, Buddha or if you prefer, dear Rufus your dearly beloved dog who passed away 5 years ago, if that is the divine being whom you believe in), I ask you to please send along some divine beings who are in charge of leading earthbound souls and ghosts back to where they belong, to kindly take this individual, this earthbound spirit present here, and lead it back to the dimension which it has justly earned. Do not allow this being to escape or remain behind on earth and ensure that it is properly led into the world where it belongs. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Remember to always thank divine celestial beings for any service which they grant us. It's good manners, after all, and everyone likes to have their favours acknowledged, and divine spiritual beings are no exception.

This same formula may be used to help the second type of earthbound souls move along, those who find themselves trapped on the earth plane against their will. They are usually lost and would gladly run along into the spirit world if they could, but they just can't find the door. Perhaps they suffered a traumatic death which has left them in too much shock to think clearly. Or sometimes they might be very young.

Whatever the case, the same formula mentioned above will help them complete their transition without any more distress.

Why Uncle Arthur is a Problem

Earthbound souls cause a great deal of troubles to the loved ones that they are hovering around. Some people think that it's so sweet of their Uncle Arthur to continue to drift about the hallways and comfort them with his loving presence. But in the long run, this isn't good for anyone!

Your dear Uncle Arthur, being a displaced spirit, has no means of charging up his batteries for himself, so to speak. He's lost his connection to the Divine (the reason why he's still around to begin with). So he must get his energy and life force from someone else. And guess who he's eyeing? Yes, you, his favourite niece or nephew, of course!

He doesn't do this on purpose. He's not trying to make your life miserable. It's just a matter of survival. Like all beings, he needs energy to survive. And since he is around you most of the time, you are the most practical source of energy for him.

So, Uncle Arthur's extended presence in your home and in your life is not only bad for you because of the energetic drain this implies for you. It's also undesirable because while he is here, Uncle Arthur isn't growing or evolving as a spirit.

If this is the case, much as it may break your heart, I do recommend that you make the request to Uncle Arthur to please get on with his "life" and his evolution and move on up to the spirit world, where he belongs.

If you feel that you need some help, or you would like to ascertain whether it is really dear old Uncle Arthur making all the lights turn on and off like crazy and not some "evil demon" (more about "evil demons" in a future article), you might also want to enlist the help of a Soul Realignment practitioner, which I intend to write about later as well.

Why Earthbound Souls Make Me Sad

I'd like to end with an anecdote, which you may or may not believe in, and which explains why ghosts make me sad.

I was dozing around one day (in my bed in my bedroom of course, I don't habitually doze around on park benches, street corners or any other such areas that the term "dozing around" might suggest). As I lay there half asleep, half awake, in this twilight zone, I had a sort of dream. That is, the sort of dreams you have where you are still a little awake. I mean, if someone had walked into the room at that moment, I would have been aware of it.

I half dreamed that I was in a funny house, a wooden house, up on a hill, with a big window overlooking a village and a wide bay of tranquil waters. I looked out the window, and there was nothing there. Once upon a time there had been a village there, but now it was gone, there was nothing. However, a great enormous ruckus of the most distressing, desperate, anguished cries came rising up in the air all around.

It was the sound of all the tortured earthbound souls who had lived in the village until a short while ago. Death had caught these poor beings unawares, and they were too much in shock to find the road to our spiritual home.

I felt so sad for them. The only solution I could think of at the moment was to utter precisely the same prayer which I have reproduced here on this page. I hope that all of those innocent lives were able to be rescued and are now at peace, basking in the warmth and love of our spiritual home, as they await the arrival of their beloved ones left behind on earth.

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