Blocked Energy

It's been a while since I've posted here, but the theme of how to clear blocked energy flow and get rid of it was on my mind, and it seemed most fitting for this time of the year as well.

Blocked Energy

When we've been doing the same old thing for a while, thinking the same old thoughts, following the same old routine day after day after day, we tend to fall into a rut. That's when the energy starts stagnating and just sitting like a lodestone in your life. That's when it becomes a good time to shake things up, clear the energy and get that old ball rolling again.

So you've probably already figured that a little bit of shaking and breaking was long overdue. I mean, most of us get tired and bored with doing the same old things and with our predictable lifestyles, and we get into the mood for a change. But maybe we're not too sure what sorts of things we can do to get that energy rolling again and to kick off all that blocked energy.

So here are a few ideas.

Shovelling Out Blocked Energy

I suppose you have probably heard it before, but I'll say it again. It's always nice to clean out all our junk and clutter. We can throw away, donate or sell those useless trinkets that we all have lying around in our homes and that we've probably forgotten about. Now, I personally hate this type of activity. There is nothing more disagreeable to me than to organize things, especially things that I don't like anymore.

But then again, just the very fact that I don't like these things anymore, thoroughly makes it easier for me to get rid of them, as well as all the stagnant energy that is usually clinging to them like slime.

I usually just tackle a small space every day. Maybe I will choose to do one drawer, or one shelf or corner piled up with bric-à-brac. It makes it a lot easier to do this task with a very large garbage bag on hand (that way, if you get fed up, you can just grab a hold of that debris and start shovelling it all into the bag without even looking through it!).

We change, and our surroundings should change too, to reflect the change within us. We can get rid of all those little (and not so little) objects that we never use and haven't touched in the past century or so. Costume jewellery that we don't like anymore, makeup that we never wear, empty boxes, broken items we always said we'd fix ourselves "one day" when we ever got around to it, clothes that don't fit anymore or that, even if they fit, we just don't care about anymore, because our tastes have changed.

All of these things contribute to the blocked energy around our homes, and kicking them out to clear that energy is like opening our windows wide and letting in loaves and loaves of fresh, sweet-smelling air.

Cleansing Our Auras of Blocked Energy

There are other ways to lift up our spirits and clear out negative energy blocked in energy channels in our souls and auras as well. We can get a massage or other "luxury" treatment if the wallet permits. And if it doesn't, well, arm yourself with a good (and preferably sexy) member of the opposite sex, or your best friend, mother or kids, if you don't know any suitable specimen of the opposite sex, and a neat bottle of oil.

Some oils that are especially ideal for massage are sweet almond oil, coconut oil and virgin olive (but you might not dig the smell of this last one too much).

Oils have their own properties in and of themselves, and in a future article I might get into these in more detail. For the moment, suffice it to say that just about any pure, cold-pressed oil of plant origin should be fine and help to clear the blocked energy away from your skin and aura in massive amounts.

We can, of course, always take a soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating bath, by filling the tub with Epsom salts or coarse sea salt and lots and lots and lots of fragrant bubbles. A sprinkle of the abovementioned oils can also make a big difference to contribute to the softness of our skin.

A Soothing Bath

Since antiquity, baths have been famous for their ability to cleanse away static negative energy and leave you fresh and soft as a baby. In the past, people would flock to Roman thermae to receive royal treatment on a regular basis. These bathing houses were equipped with saunas, where the bather would sit and have warm water poured over him, bubbling jacuzzis where they could relax and chat with their friends, massage rooms and cooling areas, where they could receive a fresh and energizing cool-water rinse.

Women's baths would often come, in addition, with a hennaing service for the hair. They would have the henna applied to their hair and leave it on for the duration of their stay in the bathing facilities, to have it washed out and their hair softened and styled before leaving.

You can read more about the incredible benefits of beauty oils and henna for hair on my personal blog here.

Incense as the Nemesis of Blocked Energy Flow

In the Orient, whenever you walked into a temple, you would be greeted with an enthusiastic "incense cleansing", where temple workers would swipe bundles of incense all around you in order to release blocked energy and "bad vibes" from your aura.

Here in the West, we probably can't run to an Asian temple every time we want to clean out our auras, but fortunately, you can do that right here in your own home.

Just take a stick or two of your favourite incense, light it and swirl it about yourself for a few minutes. The magic air will subtly breathe away all the blocked energy and negativity in your personal aura, in your thoughts and in your life, and leave you feeling bright and renewed.

Good Mojo and Bad Stuff

Getting that old skeleton up and moving is a great way to oust out blocked energy. We can jump into a disco, go hiking, take a dance class or run a marathon.

Other ways to increase "good mojo" in our lives and butt away the "bad stuff" include thumping around with friends – but take care that they be only of the uplifting variety, the kinds that make you feel good, not people who drag you down and suck away all your optimism like energy vampires – surrounding yourself with flowers and nature, taking a walk on the beach (and letting those gentle, salt-filled sea breezes waft away your cares and blocked energy) and buying flowers and crystals for your home.

And at night, after a full, hearty day out bathing, hennaing your hair, dancing up a storm in the disco and tracing footsteps in the beach, with all the blocked energy nothing more than a bad memory in your life, you might want to lean back in your newly cleaned, much more spacious home, where the energy should now be flowing like a dream, and light a few aromatic candles in your favourite colours.

Blocked Energy Flow in Your Home

It might occur, however, that you feel that your home is still not quite where you would like it to be. You might have gone to the effort of dumping out all your junk, brought in flowers, lit candles and incense and maybe even dragged all the furniture around to different locations, and even so, after these measures you still find that there are pockets of blocked energy and negativity in your house.

There might be dampness on the walls, frigid corners that everyone avoids obsessively, where even your usually placid cat gets the creeps, arches its back and utters bloodcurdling shrieks.

In these cases, in addition to your "home remedies" for releasing blocked energy, you might want to look into the possibility of "deep cleaning" your home on an energetic level.

Vintage Home

Most houses have some "negativity" in them just due to day-to-day living. Most people do entertain a few "unwanted" spiritual house guests (ie. negative entities) without being aware of it in the least bit. These are present in the majority of homes, and usually, they are not particularly hurtful (unless you just happen to be harbouring a ghost or a poltergeist).

Most of us are plagued with just a few undesired, wayward spirits that have no relationship to us. They drift about our living spaces and act somewhat like bacteria or stains, sullying our homes, scattering traces of blocked, static energy and leaving our personal areas a little less than pristine.

Usually we just "grin and bear it" and learn to live with this.

But, well, we don't have to do that.

Today, we have bleach, ammonia and all sorts of commercial cleansers out on the market to get rid of physical dirt and debris.

So why shouldn't we also get rid of that energetic dirt and debris as well?

Energetic Clearing of Homes and Properties

Every once in a while I offer an "energetic clearing" service for homes, which is also available for your work spaces, offices and business areas, to help scour out the blocked energy not only from your house or apartment, but also in the places where you work. Which can in turn contribute to much greater harmony and cooperation between your workmates, greater productivity and a more pleasant environment in general to spend the eight, nine or ten long hours of your workday in.

And in the meantime, if you would like to keep up to date and be the first to find out when I start to offer these services, or if you would just like to stay abreast as new articles come out, don't hesitate to bookmark this site or subscribe to its RSS feed.

Stay safe and enjoy some wonderful holidays!

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