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Nov 10, 2021

Energy Vampires: The Drama Queen

Although I’ve written about energy vampires before, here I wanted to focus on a specific type: the drama queen.

Have you ever had a friend, acquaintance or family member that whenever you spend time with them, you leave feeling drained and tired?......

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Oct 29, 2021

Self-healing Tips for a Broken Heart

Guest post by Shawna Allard.

Going through a break-up and healing a broken heart is not easy, and depending on how sensitive you are, it can significantly affect your happiness and self-esteem levels.

Broken heart

But, as negative and unfair a situation like a break-up may seem at first, I advise you to try to see beyond the negative emotions you might experience. Think about why this is happening and how can you grow from this experience......

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Oct 26, 2021

Worrying About What Would People Think Of You?

All of us let the fear of what would people think of us rule our lives more often than we’d like to. This keeps us from being who we’re really and truly meant to be, and from doing what we’re really supposed to be doing in the world.

Guy Relaxing in a Boat Between Palm Trees

I've been going through a lot of crap lately. So then I realized it was high time I finally learnt to let my hair loose and just be myself......

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Jul 05, 2020

Unconditional Love vs Conditional Love

I was sitting around in a funky mood wondering why love is so fickle. Love that is forever changing can’t be the unconditional type of love, I thought. And for that matter, what is unconditional love?

Imprisoned Heart

So I had a long talk with my guides all about human love on earth vs the all-encompassing, unconditional love displayed by enlightened gurus. I’ll try to explain what my guides said......

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Jun 14, 2020

What Happens When You Die

You Can’t Lose a Loved One


Until all of us realize what really happens when you die, and that you CAN’T ever LOSE a beloved soul, people will always continue to suffer and grieve when we “lose” a loved one.

The Afterlife

However, what really happens when you die is that your loved one has simply ended this particular incarnation.

But you will meet up with your loved one again up in the Spirit World, when your current incarnation ends......

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Jul 04, 2018

New Look

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new on this website. I’ve been working on endowing the site with a new look, so do take the time to check it out.


I’d prepared some lovely new articles which I was planning on putting up over the next few weeks, touching on subjects which are more in keeping with my latest ponderings, such as what it’s like to go through life hearing voices and seeing spirits, shamanism, psychic abilities and mental illness and my experiences using Emotional Freedom Technique.

However, the last few weeks have been a time of great upheaval......

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Dec 12, 2015

My Experiences With a Psychic Medium

During these holiday times, it seems that most people are trying to do their utmost to have a great time. It feels like almost a sacrilege to feel sad or bad during this time of the year. But the fact is, some people DO feel sad during the holiday season.

Christmas Holidays

Sometimes we feel sad during the holidays because we miss someone whom we love very much and who isn’t present anymore. So today I thought I’d share my own experiences with a psychic medium.

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Aug 27, 2015

Stop Fearing Psychic Abilities!

I often receive letters from readers who have experiences with their psychic abilities or unusual spiritual experiences, and find them scary. Sometimes, they are simply frightened of the idea of having psychic abilities, or they are afraid that “bad spirits” are trying to communicate with them.

Psychic Abilities Forbidden Sign

I personally think that the worst thing we can do is to give too much drama to these occurrences......

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Mar 29, 2015

FAQ's: Psychic Families & Other Questions

Q: I have felt and at times seen ghosts throughout my life. I also feel people, their emotions mostly. I can tell if I need to go do something but then don't and then, “I knew I should have done that!” My granddaughter has been telling me for a few years she hears a lady call her name, and sometimes say “come here”. She is very sensitive to people and their emotions also. She is 11 years old today. I am wondering is this stuff normal for us both. Thank you.

A: I think it’s wonderful when several people in a family share psychic gifts and can help each other to understand and develop them!

Children are especially sensitive to the presence of “invisible” beings around us......

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Feb 02, 2015

How to Properly Protect Your Home

I often receive queries from readers who would like to know how you can properly protect your home. They have “unwanted visitors of an unseen nature” in their homes. Sometimes these undesired house guests are merely playful, or an annoyance. Sometimes it’s just a sensation of a presence, a feeling that somebody is watching – even though there is nobody there.

Protect Your Home

Other times there are actual, real poltergeist phenomena going on......

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Nov 15, 2014

Fragmented Souls

You have probably heard that souls are immortal. That souls can't die. So how, you might wonder, can a soul become fragmented?

Fragmented Souls

Fragmented souls are not souls that have ceased to exist. The soul continues to be who it has always been – an eternal being that, in effect, CANNOT die.

However, a soul CAN become fragmented. Or lose parts of itself......

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Nov 09, 2014

The Gates of Heaven

I was reading about some of the atrocities that people commit in wars, and I was pondering the incredible unconditional love and compassion that surrounds all people when they are in the Spirit World. And I was wondering, how could the two ever be reconciled?

The Gates of Heaven

I thought, if only all these war criminals were able to feel in their hearts, for even one instant, all the love and joy and endless compassion that is there for all people who live in the Spirit World, that surrounds them and fills them in every instant of their existence. Then they would all drop their guns, their bombs and their knives, and there would be peace and an end to all war on Earth......

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Sep 19, 2014

A Litter of Kitties

Have you ever observed a litter of newborn kitties?

If you have, well, of course you'd notice that they're all so cute! They're all soft, warm, adorable little balls of fur! They're all so cuddly.

You might have also noticed, maybe there is a tiny wee little babe who never seems to get anything. Maybe he was born just a little later than the rest, and he doesn't have the strength to fight against his brothers and sisters. Maybe he doesn't even have his eyes open yet.

Elephant Family

He's teentsy tiny while all the rest are starting to get hale and put on weight. And the bigger the others get, the harder it is for this little tyke to survive.

Well, that's the way it is in the wild. Survival of the fittest and all that, you know......

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Aug 28, 2014

Evil People

Oh, those bad, bad, bad evil people!

I believe in Evil People.

That is, I believe that there are people who have truly CHOSEN to be evil. People who really are not good people at all and have no goodness in them, because they deliberately CHOOSE to do all that they know is bad, and wrong, and hurtful to other people.

Optical Illusion vase face

No one is BORN evil (unlike what some popular religions might want us to believe).

But ANYONE can CHOOSE to be "evil"......

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Aug 20, 2014

Thank You From the Depths of My Heart for Reading My Words

You might be wondering (or you might not), what's with the new logo?

Why do I say we should live our dreams now, because tomorrow will be too late?

Live Your Dreams

You don't have to wait until you're dying from cancer (or some other deadly disease) to start to fulfil your dreams.

You've only got NOW!

You're alive NOW!

You're well enough NOW to start working towards your dreams.

You don't know what will happen tomorrow......

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Aug 03, 2014

Property Clearing Sessions

For a limited time I will be offering Home and Property Energetic Clearing Sessions.

I'm really excited to announce that I'm going to be starting up two new services on my website.

Now, for a limited time only (ie. while I'm on holiday from my job), I will be offering Akashic Records Readings and Home and Property Energetic Clearing Sessions.

Crowded Room Needs Property Clearing

You might feel that you might need, or could benefit from, a Property Clearing in your home or office if you have ever:

  • felt scared for no reason, or down or depressed, or like you have no energy when you are at home, or in certain areas of your home
  • if anyone has ever died in your home, or unhappy events have taken place there in the past
  • if you see dark shadows in the corners of your house or hear strange noises or have creepy things happen there that you just can't explain
  • if you sometimes wonder if you might even have a poltergeist hanging around
  • or if you've just moved into a new home, and you'd like to clean it out energetically, so that it can be filled instead with only YOUR energy

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Aug 03, 2014

Akashic Records Readings

For a limited time I will be offering Akashic Records Readings.

I'm really excited to announce that I'm going to be starting up two new services on my website.

Now, for a limited time only (ie. while I'm on holiday from my job), I will be offering Akashic Records Readings and Home and Property Energetic Clearing Sessions.

Pink Flowers for Akashic Records Readings

The things you can learn about yourself in an Akashic Records Reading include:

  • the origin of your soul, that is, what soul group you belong to and what characteristics this soul group confers upon you
  • what you "study" when you are in the spirit world
  • how what you study when you are in the spirit world greatly influences what you are naturally going to be good at, and where your skills and talents lie, when you are here on earth
  • what sorts of careers, or even hobbies, these skills and abilities that you acquire in the spirit world can be used for here
  • your destiny and life purpose
  • how many spirit guides you have
  • if your guides have any special messages for you right now

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Jun 08, 2014

Live Your Life Purpose: We Are All Amazing

Did you ever wonder what it might feel like to be amazing? Or fantastic? Or super, like Superman? But the truth is, WE ARE ALL AMAZING!!! The proof of this lies in the simple fact that...... you are here at all!

Life Purpose Amazing

Every one of us came into this world to do something and to live your life purpose. If you didn't have anything to do here, you wouldn't be here at all to begin with......

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Mar 01, 2014

FAQ's: I'm Hearing Voices All The Time

Q: I am hearing voices alllllllll day long. I could go on for days about the things they talk about. I am so annoyed that I contemplate all kinds of things that I don't have the courage to do but what if that courage pops out of somewhere?

A: I'm sorry that you're living with such an awful situation.

Here are some common reasons for hearing voices all the time......

Q: I have been going through something since I was little. I sit and daydream, and then the daydreams come true. I don't know what this is or how to control any of it. I hate to dream or daydream cuz I can't tell if it's a vision or just a dream. What's going on with me?

A: I think it's wonderful to be able to sometimes anticipate things before they happen. It's also (probably) more common than you think. Occasionally I will "daydream" about something and it will later happen......

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Feb 23, 2014

Our Visit to a Sect

Well, this is a slight departure from the usual themes that I like to touch upon in this website. But I thought it would be interesting to describe a first-hand experience that we had, a few years ago.

Tunnel Into a Sect

As spiritual seekers, we often try out new spiritual fads, new currents of thinking, non-conventional religious models and, why not, alternative ways of living. So it might occasionally happen, that we get the opportunity to set foot inside a real, live sect, and catch a glimpse of what everyday life is like in these hermetically sealed environments......

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Feb 23, 2014

Readers' Questions

Q: I believe I have several psychic abilities but I'm not sure how to proceed with this new found ability......

Q: I've done quite a bit of research and I figured out that I am a clairsentient. But after reading your advice about clairvoyants I'm not sure because most of the examples describe me......

Q: I just recently found out that I am an empathy psychic. Only thing is I don't like being able to sense spirits it scares me. How can I overcome this fear?

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Aug 24, 2013

Time Management and Dream Fulfilment

The other day I was chatting with a friend. We were discussing why time management is so important when it comes to achieving goals and manifesting what we want in life.


Now, getting along well with time isn't exactly my forte. But my friend had a lot of helpful advice on how you can use it to accomplish your dreams and goals.

I think that refining your time management skills is important because managing, distributing and properly planning out your time allows you to have more time to do more things. And if you have more time available to you I believe you will be able to fulfil more dreams......

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Aug 18, 2013

FAQ's: Will Our Deceased Loved Ones Wait For Us in the Spirit World?

Q: My main concern is that my deceased loved one passed two years ago and I'm afraid he will reincarnate before I get there. He would not do so willingly, but my impression is that many are coerced into reincarnation, just as they are forced to come back if it is "not their time" as stated in so many near death experiences.

A: It's true, however, what you have read and heard about the soul. From many sources I've heard also that we, as souls, are so much huuuger and more enorrrmous than we could fathom. Each complete soul is so gigantic, and made up of many parts.

You might have experienced periods of lucidity sometime, and during this short period of lucidity, you might suddenly realize that the part of you that is living a life on earth is only just a small fraction of you, which you identify as your "consciousness" and which only includes the part of you that is aware of the things that you think you are aware of. But that, in addition to this small part of you, you might suddenly realize that there is a HUGE, large part of you that you are NOT normally aware of as you go about your everyday life, and that this very large part that you don't usually notice or think about every day, is still nonetheless a part of you too......

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Jun 23, 2013

Honour Thy Parents

Lately I have been reading on a lot of websites, even well-known ones, and friends' Facebook pages, where the author will say something like: "I have decided to renounce my parents. / My parents were abusive, so I've decided to cut off all contact with them."

I SO understand where they're coming from, but even so, I want to tell them: Don't do something you'll regret one day.

Mother's Day Bouquet

We're all here to be together on this earth for such a very short and limited amount of time. The time that you are allotted to be with your parents is limited, and when it's gone, it's gone......

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May 19, 2013

Changes to this Website

I am currently working on a new direction for this website. For a long time now I've been feeling like this site no longer reflects what I am most interested in and most believe in.

People change, we evolve (or at least we hope we do!), and we'd like our websites to reflect that change.

I am also currently in the process of changing templates for this website, and that is also taking up some time, during which I can't make changes to the pages that are already on here. (Don't worry, the site will still look the same when I am finished.)

This means that for the moment I can't upload your comments, but if you have made comments recently, you should see them here within the next few weeks, after I have finished changing the templates.

See you soon!

Jan 27, 2013

Codependency In Relationships

What really bugs me about codependency in relationships, is that these are relationships where people are giving up their own power, and refusing to assume the responsibility for their own acts and decisions. Or they are encouraging another person to do this, denying that person the opportunity to face the consequences of their own acts and decisions and therefore to learn from their mistakes and grow as people, as human beings.

Loneliness of Codependency

So, what is codependency in relationships, and how do people end up in these situations? I can understand why people get trapped in codependency and codependent relationships. I can understand where they are coming from. However, I don't consider that a strong enough excuse to justify renouncing your power, and refusing to take care of yourself......

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Jan 07, 2013

Scary Ghost Stories – Are You Scared?

After what I have learned to call The Lennox Haunting, a haunted house that I lived in terror in for thirty-eight days total, we vacated the property and moved to a different home on the outskirts of Lennox. I thought the hell was over, but I was dead wrong......

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Jan 07, 2013

Scary Ghost Stories – 9.1.1.

My name is Elody and I'm 24, this story takes place in 2001. I had lost quite a few family members......

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Dec 23, 2012

Blocked Energy

It's been a while since I've posted here, but the theme of how to clear blocked energy flow and get rid of it was on my mind, and it seemed most fitting for this time of the year as well.

Blocked Energy

When we've been doing the same old thing for a while, thinking the same old thoughts, following the same old routine day after day after day, we tend to fall into a rut. That's when the energy starts stagnating and just sitting like a lodestone in your life. That's when it becomes a good time to shake things up, clear the energy and get that old ball rolling again......

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Oct 28, 2012


Lately, I've received a few comments by people who have mentioned that they felt like they were able to hear the thoughts of their loved ones. They wondered if they were freaking out, imagining things, or if something was wrong with them.


In fact, however, I would love to respond to them, and tell them: that is just the loveliest, most beautiful thing in the world! Telepathy is actually the normal, natural form of communication between people. We are all telepathic beings......

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Sep 27, 2012


Today I was just sitting around and pondering about life. About my life, about life in general, about things in life.

Guilt Monster

I was wondering how come I hadn't "made it" yet, about why I wasn't successful" yet. After pondering for a while, I reached the conclusion that I had always taken pains to avoid success because of (ta-da!): GUILT......

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Sep 20, 2012


Today my son said something that really made me think, and reminded me that now would be a good time to write about the subject of curses.

Casting a Curse

Today, my son told me: Mom, I'm going to have bad luck from now on.

I asked him why.

He said, because my little brother just said something mean to me and cursed me......

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May 26, 2012

True Colors

Have you ever heard the expression "true colors", as in "I can see your true colors"? I imagine we all know perfectly well what it means. But did you ever wonder where this expression, this idea, this concept, really came from?

True Colours

Most of us rarely show our real colours in our lives. We put on masks before our bosses, our co-workers, even our friends and relatives. We like to show off our best face to most of these people, and we try to avoid behaviours that could offend, or expressing opinions that could direct anger and opposition towards us......

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Mar 23, 2012

FAQ's: I Hear Celestial Choirs and Astral Noises All the Time

Q: Hi. You said that celestial choirs are not common, and to listen because I may never hear them again. But, I hear them all the time. In fact sometimes I cannot even sleep at night because of them......

I have not really slept in 2 days now. I just need some advice, please. Thanks for reading. Tina

Oh, I do feel for you. Well first of all I am going to describe some of the experiences that I have had, so that you can see that, at least up to a certain point, many of the events that you describe are not so unusual and do not have to mean that anything bad, weird, strange or woo-woo is happening to you......

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Mar 13, 2012

Guided Tour of the Afterlife, Part II: Daily Life in our Guided Tour of the Afterlife

Voca me cum benedictis

Now, after reading the first part of your own personal guided tour of the afterlife, I suppose you might be wondering: how do people actually live, in their daily routines, once they have gotten over the novelty of being “dead”? What do they wear? Is there food in the spirit world?

Guided Tour of the Afterlife

Well, apparently, in your guided tour of the afterlife you can find all types of dwelling places. We are spirits, and spirits don't "need" houses. However, people living in the spirit world that surrounds earth are used to living in houses, because that is what we do on earth......

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Mar 01, 2012

What I Defend

Okay, so if you are smart (haha!) you would have already read the more formal, "official" About Me page, and you would have discovered on it why I became interested in psychic abilities, what I did to go about acquiring that psychic and intuition development and why I decided to start up this website.

What I Believe

Here, on a more personal level, I'd like to talk a bit about what I believe in, what I would like to stand for and defend in this world.

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Feb 23, 2012

Guided Tour of the Afterlife

From what I understand, for most of us, in this guided tour of the afterlife we will find that the afterlife will be a wonderful place, truly a heaven filled with so much love, forgiveness and peace that it's indescribable. In other words, basically what is most sorely lacking in this world.

The Afterlife

I guess that is why we're here, though, so we can learn to create "heaven on earth" right here on earth, and do our best to try and make our earth home as close to heaven, with its boundless unconditional love and forgiveness, as we possibly can......

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Feb 18, 2012

Learning How to Manifest Anything, Part II: The Secret to Manifesting What You Want In Life

Here I’d like to offer some little tids and tads of things that I’ve observed that seem to differentiate those who make it out of poverty and into success, from those who appear to be doomed to welfare and marginal neighbourhoods for the rest of their lives.

The Key to Manifesting Anything

In addition to working on your insides, the first step in learning how to manifest good things, there are also a series of steps that you can take in your outer, or external, life, to try and increase the possibilities that what you want will show up in your life......

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Jan 24, 2012

Learning How to Manifest Good Things (or How I Manifested Good Things)

I was a single welfare mom, but necessity is the mother of invention, and when times are rough, you learn how to manifest everything that you need to survive, and in a real hurry, because your survival depends on it!

Manifest Your Wishes and Dreams Into Reality

And you know what? It worked out just great! I was able to manifest and attract all the clients I needed to live well, even in these times of dire crisis. I was even able to take the kids on vacation and travel around during the 2 summers I was working on my own.

Not something every single mom can boast about, is it? But that wasn't all......

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Jan 14, 2012

Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Poltergeists

Well, it has been a while since I promised an article detailing the differences between earthbound spirits, ghosts and poltergeists.

So I guess this moment has arrived. Today I'm going to be talking a little bit about these three different types of beings.

Poltergeists They're Here

First of all, all three are HUMAN SOULS. In this case, we are not dealing with "demons", lower astral beings, negative entities, etc. Earthbound spirits, ghosts and poltergeists are all human souls, however they are distinct from one another on the basis of......

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Jan 01, 2012


So, what is a poltergeist?

Poltergeists are the spirits of people who have been "dead", that is, discarnate and not living a life on earth, for a very long, long time.


They have become quite perverted, because discarnate spirits on earth don't exactly come with their very own power pack or life force battery, so to speak, so they must seek out an alternative source of energy in order to survive. And they get this from the environment and living beings that surround them......

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Dec 28, 2011

Ghosts, Phantoms, Ghouls and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Do we have proof of ghosts? Do ghosts really exist?

Well, you can believe what you like, although I’m sure that actually spotting a phantom or phantasmal apparition with your very own eyes is most likely to cause such a powerful impact on you, that you will probably, at the very least, never forget it.

Ghosts Phantoms Ghouls

True, authentic, genuine apparitions are dead people that have been hanging around quite a bit longer than earthbound spirits. Unlike the latter, they are really the ones that you do find "haunting" abandoned mansions, castles, palaces and medieval keeps......

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Dec 18, 2011

Acknowledgements to Authors and Authorities on the Afterlife

Obviously, as I am not a psychic medium, nor do I work as a regression therapist, all the information which I am about the offer on these pages comes from other sources, that is, not from my own experiences. So on this page I would like to acknowledge the different authors and authorities who have sated my curiosity on this subject and filled my coffer of knowledge.

Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross are a few of the authorities on the afterlife that you can read about here......

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Dec 06, 2011

Anti Vegetarianism? On a Spiritual Development Website?

Can you imagine, an anti vegetarianism article on a spiritual development website? I have tried to be/wanted to be a vegetarian/vegan on and off for several years now.

Anti Vegetarianism

However, living here in the deep south, where anything foreign, American or Asian is hard to come by, has taught me a few things about vegetarianism, the anti-meat-eating movement, and the spiritual development and New Age movement in general......

Continue reading "Anti Vegetarianism? On a Spiritual Development Website?"

Nov 29, 2011

Sea News: The HUM

On this page I will publish short articles on strange, inexplicable, woo-woo or paranormal phenomena that attract my attention, that people mention to me or that I discover in news and other programs.

Sea News: The HUM

Today's news article: "The HUM".

Have you ever heard...... the HUM? Well if you haven't, you can consider yourself lucky......

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Nov 24, 2011

Law-of-Attraction and Natural Vibrations

The universe and the laws of the universe are actually "working hard", in every minute of our existence, to bring things into being for everyone in the world in accordance with our natural vibrations and in a totally impartial manner.

Law of Attraction and Natural Vibration

Such that what is with-out is always reflecting that which is with-in at every instant, regardless of whether we are actually asking for something, praying fervently for something to come into being, or not. If that which we desire to see in our lives is within us, it will eventually show up with-out us as well.

This is automatic and true no matter who we are, regardless of whether or not we believe in celestial forces and beings and spirit guides and angels. This happens to everyone, "good" people and "bad" people, the rich, the poor, the weak and the powerful......

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Nov 18, 2011

Good Modern Day Witches

What do people think of when they think of modern day witches? For me, witches are people who are very much into spiritual development, crystal and gem healing, herbal medicine, meditation and holistic health treatments.


What they usually have in common, however, is a deep desire to develop their intuitive gifts, realize their full potential and become all that they can be......

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Nov 15, 2011

When Love Is Not Enough

From what I have observed and experienced, in a relationship, love definitely and truly is not enough. In fact, I would venture so far as to say, even, that love is not even the first thing in a relationship, for that relationship to work.

Broken Heart

I feel, rather, that the most important characteristic in a relationship is respect. Mutual respect. Self-respect......

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Nov 03, 2011

Death and the Afterlife

Well today, Nov. 1, seemed like an auspicious day to begin a new series of articles about death and afterlife.

Since death, obviously, is as old as time and life itself, theories about what happens when people die have also existed since mankind first came into being.

The Afterlife

Death is the great equalizer. When faced with death, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak, the elegant and the vulgar, famous celebrities and anonymous citizens all find themselves equal......

Continue reading "Death and the Afterlife"

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The Power of Loving Yourself

The Power of Loving Yourself: 10 Effective Tips to Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Forest of Mintaka

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