Psychic Vampires –
Your Everyday Energy Suckers

Beware of psychic vampires! Avoid psychic attacks! Dracula is coming for you tonight!

Huh? Dracula?

All right, the first two I can live with. After all, don't they form a normal part of everyday life anyways? But Dracula?

Circle of White Light

Well, if you don't quite believe in Dracula, then you are in good company. Me, for example! I don't believe in Dracula or those mythological fanged creatures either.

I do, however, believe in psychic vampires.

And they don't have fangs or wear capes. They could be your next-door neighbour, your roommate or work companion. You might bump into one as you're doing your shopping.

Psychic vampires are, quite simply, people who suck the energy right out of you.

Why Does Someone Become a Psychic Vampire?

What causes a person to become a psychic vampire anyways? After all, we're all basically nice people, right? So I mean, why on earth would anyone......

Well, they do this for a variety of reasons. In almost all cases, it's because they've lost touch with the Divine within them. They no longer have a connection to God (the Divine, the Universe, Jesus Christ, Buddha or however you wish to refer to the One who created us all and sustains life).

Feeling all alone in the world and in the universe, feeling like no one cares about you or is with you by your side, supporting you, can leave you very, very drained. You need someone to lean on. Someone to lift you up when you're down.

I Don’t Want to be a Psychic Vampire!

Now, when we're in a balanced relationship with someone, this other person can provide us with the support that we need. And we in turn return this favour to them, holding them up when they're down, giving them of our own energy when they are low and needy.

The same thing occurs naturally when we are in a relationship with God, or the Divine. God provides us with all the spiritual energy that we need. When we are filled with God, we don't have to look anywhere else for help or support. We know that we are loved when we feel down. We get our batteries charged up when we most need it. We have no desire to suck it out of somebody else.

A person who has lost touch with God, however, feels lacking in this essential support. So they go stalking for it somewhere else. They may find it in a person who is feeling quite up and filled with energy, dynamism and verve.

Zapped by a Bloody Energy Sucker

Oh wow! Someone who is overflowing with vitality. That's just what they need.

So they attach, and start to prey. They probably aren't doing it on purpose. They didn't walk out their door this morning and exclaim, "Well I'm going to suck some life energy out of Mary today!"

Well, most aren't doing it on purpose, anyways. Of course there are probably always a few stealthy, conniving souls out there, perfectly conscious of what they are up to......

Be that as it may, the end result is that they get attached to you, you give them energy and they run off feeling recharged and refuelled, ready for life's battles.

You, on the other hand, now find yourself dragging your feet and suddenly down and out. You just got out of bed and now you could do with another nap! What happened here?

Well, you just got zapped by a psychic vampire!

We Can Protect Ourselves

So, does that mean we are all destined to be helpless victims, the defenceless prey of any energy vampires who happen to chance along our way? Or will we have to spend the rest of our lives lying low and pretending to be sickly and fatigued all the time, in order to avoid attracting the attention of these bloody energy suckers?

Not at all! We never need to be the helpless victims of anyone or anything. Not even of psychic vampires. There is always something that we can do to protect ourselves and keep our energy and aura intact.

In another article I describe in greater detail different actions that you can take, and techniques for protecting yourself spiritually and strengthening your boundaries. One trick I can mention here, however, is the neat "white light" trick.

You have probably heard of the neat "white light" trick already. You know, where you imagine a great, bright white light surrounding you on all sides and warding off negativity constantly.

This visualization is a good first line of defence against any sort of negativity or danger, including psychic vampires, and I would recommend that you carry it out once a day. Before going to bed or first thing upon awakening are two good moments. If you do this regularly, it will become routine and you will no longer forget to do it.

However, this is still only a temporary measure. The effects of this glowing white light shield (which actually is visible to clairvoyants, which means that even though you might not be able to discern it and therefore you might think it is all in your imagination, actually, it isn't, it is indeed visible to the right sorts of people) only last for about 24 hours. Which is the reason why you must repeat it every day.

There are other, more permanent solutions available out there.

Permanent Protection

In another article I describe many different forms of strengthening your spiritual protection. In addition to the methods mentioned there, I feel that maintaining your psychic defences firm and active is basically a matter of common sense, keeping yourself strong, flexible and resistent psychologically and not incurring in behaviours which can debilitate these defences.

You don't need to accomplish herculean feats in order to keep your defences up and protect yourself from psychic vampires and other negative nasties. Whatever can debilitate you physically, can weaken your psychological, psychic and energetic defences too.

Things like having a bit too much to drink (alcohol of course, I don't think you could overdo it with plain water), taking an excessive amount of drugs, including legal ones, getting tired, exhausted, stressed, worn out......

I would also like to mention the spiritual technique which I learned when carrying out Soul Realignment healing sessions, the form of psychic reading and healing which I practise now. In this reading I ask for energetic protection to be placed around the person who is receiving the Soul Realignment session, which I will write about in a future article.

In this intuitive healing session, the person is surrounded by several energetic sheaths or shields, which are quite thick and silvery in colour. These shields are upheld by the person's guardian angels and spirit guides, so they won't go away and you won't need to "renew" them every day with your visualizations.

Although not quite in the same category as shields and protectors, there are also measures that you can take on a daily basis to prevent psychic vampires from draining the energy out of you when you must deal with one.

Vampire Cemetery

You can speak with them without facing them square on. They are adept at drawing energy out of your solar plexus, in other words your stomach or gut (some people claim that after an encounter with one of these nasty energy vampire things, they literally feel as if the person had punched them in the stomach). So you might want to turn away from the person or cover your tummy with your hands as you talk. This effectively blocks the way.

It is also a good practice to avoid looking straight into the eyes of a psychic vampire. First, you would probably not like what you see there anyways. And secondly, when you look into their eyes, they are also gazing deep into your soul. These are probably not people that you would want to bare your soul to!

Bumping into psychic vampires in the course of an ordinary day is quite inevitable unless you work in an ivory tower, or locked up in your home on the computer (pounding away on your website for example haha!). But hopefully, with the help of these suggestions, you will find that your encounters aren't quite so stressful anymore.

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