What I Defend

Okay, so if you are smart (haha!) you would have already read the more formal, "official" About Me page, and you would have discovered on it why I became interested in psychic abilities, what I did to go about acquiring that psychic and intuition development and why I decided to start up this website.

What I Believe

However, you probably wouldn't have come away with a sense of really knowing me on a more personal level.

So now, this article, I hope, will help to remedy that a bit.

Here I'd like to talk a bit about what I believe in, what I would like to stand for and defend in this world.

Preparing For Life And Defending Against Bullies

Today I was observing my son and musing on the fact that he is on the verge of starting high school. He's quite nervous about it, he's afraid of being bullied around.

And we can all see that high schools are fertile breeding grounds for bullies.

So I was wondering what I could do to help him prepare for high school, and avoid becoming the target of bullies.

I noted that he is very popular at his elementary school. He has a lot of friends, and is the type who gets along well with everyone. It's not that everyone loves him (even though I personally consider him quite lovable and adorable, heehee, but then again the kids at school aren't his mum).

But he gets along well with other people. The other kids consider him normal. They like to play with him, they think he's lots of fun and they enjoy his company.

And I thought that, in my personal opinion, what best prepares people for success in life, isn't getting good grades, being on the honour roll or having a high IQ.

Is IQ All That Important?

What I notice is absolutely the best preparation for a young person to face all of life's vicissitudes and weather all the ups and downs of living, is, most importantly:

  • having a high self-esteem, feeling good about yourself, liking yourself, finding reasons to feel proud of yourself
  • possessing good social skills, with good social skills you will never be lacking in friends to support you, to help you along, to make you feel good about yourself when you're feeling down in the dumps and pick you up when you most need it

You can take it from me, who was the genius of the class, straight-A honour student throughout life, always getting perfect grades but with a self-esteem down on the floor, and it has taken me until now, that I am old enough to be the mother of a pre-teen, to reach the point where I am finally starting to get ahead in life and things are finally working out well for me.

What About Academic Excellence?

I received an excellent education, the best that my parents could procure for me. They believed that academic excellence was the key to success in life.

I am the living proof that they were wrong, but that is how all of us learn and grow. By making mistakes. By observing other people's mistakes in order to avoid them.

Instead, I decided to raise my kids with their self-esteem way up high in the air.

Not teaching them to put on airs, but I did make sure that they were aware all the time of what great and wonderful people they are, and that they can accomplish anything that they want to, if they really want it and are willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

So, my son went from failing all his subjects at school because he is not an intellectual genius, to getting straight A's as well. I don't demand straight A's from him, in fact, from what I read, the most successful people in life tend to be those who averaged B's most of the time when they were schoolchildren.

I let him know that for me, academic achievement is really secondary to other things that I consider more important in life. I encourage him to make friends, to have fun with his classmates. I make it clear to him that I don't value him in accordance with his grades at school or, for that matter, in accordance with anything.

Now that doesn't mean that he can just neglect his school work and go off to play all the time. He knows that if he wants to have a bright future and fulfil his dreams, he still needs good grades. But he is also aware that his grades aren't the most important part of him.

What I Defend

So that is what I would like to defend on this website.

That we are all unique. That we are all valuable, and no skill set or talent is more valuable or worthy than any other.

That feeling good about yourself is vital and fundamental to your well-being and your success. And that we can all find reasons for feeling good about ourselves.

And that if we have troubles feeling good about ourselves, we can get help. We don't need to shut ourselves up in our little ivory palace and throw in the towel. Self-esteem and fulfilment are within the reach of all, and we all have a right to seek these things.

Perhaps you are a stay-at-home housewife, or a single and unemployed mother like I once was. Or perhaps you are living an abusive relationship with someone, and you believe that you will never ever ever make it out of that relationship.

Or maybe you are doing well in general, and you would just like a little boost.

Whatever your personal situation, I believe that there is a way out of it. You CAN find that job (like I did), or set up on your own with that freelance career that you've always wanted.

You CAN develop the strength that you need inside to get away from the abuse and say NO! to abuse, insults, lack of respect and mistreatment.

You CAN walk away from him or, if you are a man, walk away from her. NO ONE has the right to walk all over a person, intimidate you, dominate you, tyrannize you or lord it over you. And you CAN get away from someone who tries to do so, and leave.

So, among other things, I hope with this website to be able to contribute a few tips and suggestions to help you along on your way to a healthy level of self-esteem and feeling good about yourself.

And hopefully, when you discover all the different ways you can like yourself and all the different reasons for doing so, you will also start to attract friends into your life and surround yourself with people who like you and believe in you as much as you yourself do.

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