Clairaudience: The Psychic Channeller's Ability

Well, moving on with the list of “clairs”, the next on the list is not actually, for me at any rate, clairvoyance but rather: clairaudience!

For most people, clairvoyance is almost synonymous with psychic. People assume that all psychics are clairvoyant, and that when they do a reading they are using their clairvoyant skills.

In fact, psychic readers actually have to dig around from a variety of inner sources in order to receive the information that they do for their clients. Some, to be sure, are indeed clairvoyant. They receive their information mainly with their inner (or sometimes outer) eye.

Others are empathic, that is, they are blessed with the wonderful (in my opinion) gift of psychic empathy.

In another article I’ll talk about the subjects of clairvoyance and psychic empathy. But today, I preferred to tackle the topic of clairaudience.

What Sorts of People Are Clairaudient?

Someone is clairaudient if they mainly receive their psychic information with their inner or outer hearing. Yes, I am indeed talking about hearing voices! So you could say that Joan of Arc was mainly clairaudient.

Well jokes aside (what joke? did someone make a joke here?). Well, okay, so I admit Joan of Arc is probably not a good subject for a joke.

However, speaking about Joan of Arc (and other "misfortunates" "afflicted" with the gift of clairaudience throughout all time who have had the bad luck to be "molested" by voices all their lives), it’s my opinion that Joan of Arc was probably not hearing the voice of God or angels or other divine celestial beings.

I believe that Joan of Arc was actually deceived – like such a very large number of us even today, especially today – by the voices of lower astral beings pretending to be angels and benign spirit guides.

I just feel that God, angels and other celestial beings would simply never have ordered her to attack, hurt or kill other people at all. Nor would they have brought her to anything that would have done her harm.

In addition to which, our own real guides and angels would never ORDER us to do anything. Not at all! No, as far as the celestial realm is concerned, our OWN free will to make our own decisions is primordial.

But more on that subject in another, future, article, so check in often to my website!

How Do I Know If I’m Clairaudient?

I suppose at this point you might possibly have a good idea as to whether you tend to be clairaudient, or whether you find other senses easier to work with. Some keys as to whether clairaudience is a strong talent within you could be, for example:

  • if you tend to find it easy to identify people’s voices
  • if you enjoy listening to music very much and spend a great deal of time doing so
  • if you find it easier to remember things if someone else reads them or says them aloud to you, rather than looking at them on a piece of paper
  • if you tend to notice sounds and noises a lot, you might even feel that you are hypersensitive to noises
  • if you tend to receive ideas in your head as if someone were speaking to you in your head, or as if your mind were giving you good ideas by talking to you

If, on the other hand, you find that you have some difficulty listening “inside yourself”, but you would like to develop your clairaudience and your natural capacity to do so, here are some tips that you can try out:

  • one excellent way to develop your clairaudience is to just simply sit or lie down quietly some place where you won’t be disturbed
  • close your eyes, or if you tend to fall asleep with your eyes closed, then put on a band or blindfold and keep your eyes open underneath it
  • after that, try to pay attention to all the sounds that you can hear around you, identify these sounds to yourself in order to keep yourself focused on this task
  • for example, you can say to yourself, “okay, so now I am listening to the sounds of: a car passing down the street, a baby screaming, my husband putting cutlery away in the kitchen, a neighbour closing the window”
  • as you listen more deeply, you will start to notice sounds that you hadn’t been aware of at first, you may hear some soft footsteps of a small animal, a neighbour rustling some papers out in the hallway, maybe even a low, constant rumbling sound, perhaps from a distant machine, that you had never paid attention to before just simply because it was always there

To go from being “sensitive to physical sounds” to being “sensitive to psychic sounds” is then just a simple step further. You’re already used to using your ears, paying attention to the sounds that you hear.

So it won’t cost you a great deal of trouble to start paying attention, also, to ideas that may come to you in the form of whisperings inside you, as if someone were speaking very softly beside you.

A few people actually hear these voices physically, the same as they would listen to a person talking next to them. In spite of that, this is still an example of clairaudience and not physical hearing, since the beings that these people are perceiving are not physically present in our world.

And Who Are These Voices From?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, we do have to take care not to be deceived by the voices of those who do not bode us any good.

But if we take that caveat into account, for the majority of us, the voices that we hear tend to be those of our very own spirit guides, helping us through life with valuable advice and suggestions.

This is so even for those of us who may not consider clairaudience as one of our fortes. The reason for this is because everyone has the capacity of communicating with their spirit guides.

All of us have guides in the spirit world. Their mission is to help us and guide us along the right path, and they take their responsibility very, very seriously indeed!

In order for them to be effective, they have to find the way to communicate with us so that we can actually receive their messages. And stimulating our natural clairaudience is one of the easiest, most obvious methods for doing so, just as good friends are most likely to pick up the phone when they feel a desire to communicate with us.

The Importance of Spirit Guides in Our Lives

Now, it is true that a good many people spend their whole lives totally oblivious to the messages from their spirit guides. They ignore any "Eureka" moments or brilliant ideas that just happen to pop into their minds. Their guiding conscience is something that they have learned to dull and subjugate over the years, and they think that clairaudience is the name of a new stereo system.

These are the individuals who bumble and bump along in life, never sure of where they are going, always unsure of what they must do. For these people, life is indeed one long, capricious wheel of ups and downs.

You could say that their motto is:

Oh Fortuna, velut Luna
Statu variabilis!

Carmina Burana

Those people who are even just a little bit sensitive to their inner world, however, and who have a true desire to actually make something of their lives and themselves, and to not live in vain, usually have no trouble receiving information from their spirit guides either through clairaudience or through any other psychic channel or sixth sense available to them, since they are open to these messages.

(Oh dear, reading in Latin (ie. trying to read in Latin) is making me so archaic! Let’s see if I’m able to switch back to twenty-first century thinking and language now!)

Well, as I was saying once again, our spirit guides must use a variety of resources to try and get in contact with us. They have a good number of manners to do it, but one that they seem to enjoy using very much, I imagine because it probably works quite well seeing as it appeals to the natural clairaudience within all of us, is that of whispering into our ear.

Whisperings in Our Ears

We hear these whisperings as voices inside our heads. Some people don’t actually perceive any voices (because they are usually not clairaudient), they just receive a sensation, or an idea that just “pops” into their head.

So now, if your tried and trusted go-to psychic reader happens to count the blessing of clairaudience among his abilities, this is also the means his guides usually use to pass the information that his client is seeking on to him. He will therefore receive this information in the form of voices inside his head, sort of like someone having a conversation with him.

I myself personally enjoy very much communicating with my “imaginary friends” in this manner. It’s just like having a conversation with any other friends, except that these friends are not visible.

If people actually saw me having a chat with them, they would immediately assume that I had gone stark raving mad and throw me into the loony bin.

It would never occur to them to just smile and comment, “Ah now here is a lucky individual who happens to be making the most of the fact that she has clairaudience, and is therefore enjoying a little chit-chat with her constant spiritual companions. What a good idea. I think I’ll have a chat with them too!”

However, I know that I am not mad. People who are mad don’t know what they are doing, or what is going on in the world. They may have difficulties getting supper onto the table, or distinguishing between real people and hallucinations.

But I’m getting off the subject now, and it wasn’t my intention to talk about mental illness here. So, back to clairaudience and some more fascinating facts.

Astral Voices

A totally different matter is the topic of “astral voices”. A lot of people hear astral voices. They are especially noticeable when you are trying to go to sleep.

Astral voices are usually not beings who are actually trying to get in contact with us. Most of the time, it’s just “astral noise” that we are tuning in to.

Think that, since all people are intuitive and psychic to some extent, as we are falling asleep or find ourselves in any other of these “twilight” states of consciousness (for example meditation, hypnosis), our psychic abilities – including clairaudience – become activated of their own accord. This is the reason why so many people perceive spirits standing at the foot of their bed in the middle of the night, or have premonitory dreams.

It’s like hearing the traffic out on the street, the screaming kids, loud conversations, horns honking. The only difference is that, instead of coming from the street, astral noise is coming from the astral world.

The astral world is a dimension of being which is close to the earth (physical) dimension, but not the same. Things that are in the astral world are not visible to us, except at times to people with clairvoyant abilities.

So just as occasionally people are able to perceive – with their third eye, inner eye or extrasensory perception – beings who are on the astral level, so sometimes we can also “tune in”, with our own natural clairaudience, to the astral world and hear noises that are present there.

People usually experience this as, when they are on the verge of slumber, they start to hear voices, mumblings, whisperings. They might hear the voices of people that they know, or the sounds might be completely unfamiliar to them.

This usually doesn’t bother anyone. Most people just consider it a curiosity, but they don’t lose any sleep over this phenomenon. Oftentimes, when they wake up in the morning, they have even forgotten about this occurrence completely, unless someone reminds them of it.

Gunshots in the Astral World

However, occasionally, it might happen that we really do hear a big, loud noise, usually a sharp bang, like a gunshot. We might be just dozing off and a hard, dry, sudden bang jolts us out of sleep. We look around, peer out the window to see if something is going on, gaze at our neighbours’ homes to see if someone else also heard what we did.

And instead, we discover that our quiet neighbourhood is just as calm as ever. Nothing has happened, there is nothing going on. So what did we just hear? It seemed so real, it was so sharp.

Probably it was just some astral noise, and we needn’t worry about it. Just as the ambulance zooming down the street to some unknown destination has no effect on our lives, so these astral noises also have nothing to do with us. They’re just there, and we just happened to have our psychic antennae tuned in to that particular astral channel at the moment that something went bang.

(I’d hate to imagine what life must be like for the miserable inhabitants of those stark, desolate, dreary lower astral planes, however, if loud bangs like this are an everyday event over there. I wonder if they are constantly holding shoot-outs against each other.)

Celestial Choirs

Another totally different phenomenon are the “celestial choirs” and “celestial symphonies”. These are among absolutely the most stunning, divine, transcendental events you could ever experience. If you ever hear these angelic hosts chorusing in the middle of the night, you will never forget it.

It is like listening to a heavenly choir resonating within a perfect cathedral. Sometimes you even wonder who was that incredible musical genius who was capable of penning something so extraordinary.

And then you wake up completely and you realize that that was no earthly music you just perceived.

It’s very hard to hear celestial music, so if you are fortunate enough to be blessed with this experience, do pay attention to it with every fibre of your being. You don’t know whether you will ever hear it again.

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Recent Comments:

Angela said on September 20, 2014:

Hi :) I just want to say thank you for this website. I found it through searching about clairaudience. Then the writing about psychic boundaries and being still and in sacred place certainly helped me a lot.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on October 17, 2014:

Thank you sooo much, Angela!

Anton Brigat said on June 8, 2014:

I've heard whispers and received wisdom my whole life, along with being able to connect and understand the heart of friends and strangers alike. I've shown multiple friends and family to the path of love with the assistance of these voices, and my own personal understanding of the ones I love.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on June 8, 2014:

That is such a wonderful gift that you have, Anton, and most especially such a marvellous, spirit-filled way that you are choosing to use that gift!

Paul said on March 22, 2014:

I've heard the celestial music several times while half asleep... NOTHING can translate it to earthly tones. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Besides my wife's voice in the morning.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 22, 2014:

Oh that is sooo beautiful and wonderful how much you love and appreciate your wife, Paul! And yes, it is sooo divine and unearthly beautiful to hear the celestial choirs, I wish I could hear them more often!

Mari-Ellen said on March 21, 2014:

You said in the section on whispering that it's heard like it's inside our heads, but I often find that when I hear whispering it sounds as if it's coming from directly behind me, across the room, or right next to my ear. I don't know if I'm psyching myself out or not but sometimes I swear I can feel the breath against my ear when I hear the words close to me, and it's almost always my own name, like someone is trying to get my attention, but if often frightens me, so I tune out whatever comes after (if anything does follow it, I'm not sure). So I was wondering if you could help me understand that, or maybe expand on it a bit as to why that would be. 

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 22, 2014:

That happens to me too, and I've learnt not to pay any attention to it. Sometimes I do feel like I am hearing the whispering coming from other places in the room. If you are ever in a public place like a bus station or a train station and you are dozing off (which can happen if you have a looong wait for your bus / train lol) you might suddenly feel like the room is so crowded full of people you can hardly even move, even though it is actually empty. You might even feel as if people are pushing at you, trying to make you move aside, jostling you. But when you look there is nobody there. That isn't anything to freak out about, especially since I read that public places like bus stations and train stations are actually, apparently, very popular with unincarnated entities (go figure). You are just simply sensitive and aware of their presence, but it doesn't actually mean anything more than if you were in a crowded station surrounded by real, human people! 

Sometimes in the middle of the night I will hear someone really SCREAM my name in bloodcurdling tones so loudly that I think they must have woken up the entire neighbourhood. But I look outside and everything is quiet and I don't see that any neighbours have woken up or are poking their heads out the window to see what is going on. So then I realize that probably no one else has heard it. These things happen, I just forget about it and go to sleep.

Sometimes I will even be sleeping and that very loud screaming will actually wake me up screaming my name. Once again, it's nothing, I've gotten used to it and I go back to sleep again. 

Tess said on March 18, 2014:

Hi there yes I also have heard these choirs a few times in my life... They are very angelic voices harmonising together... The first time I heard them there was also a golden glow in my room, it was at night time... I've been told to get out of bed... First few times I ignored it and had a terrible dream like I was paralysed and I couldn't move even though I knew what time it was and what was going on, it was like I was locked into my body, it was awful. After that I started listening.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 22, 2014:

Yes those angelic harmonies...... Nothing on earth could ever imitate that or ever sound exactly the same...... Harmonies here on earth, no matter how perfectly carried out, just don't sound the same. They're lacking that total and complete PERFECTION. 

As for being told to do anything, you don't HAVE TO do ANYTHING that ANYONE - incarnate or not - tells you to do (although of course it wouldn't be a bad idea to stay within the law hehe). The feeling that you describe, of being paralysed and not being able to move even though you were aware of everything around you and what was going on, is a night terror and is the result of travelling to negative astral planes. Before going to sleep at night, you could ask your guardian angels to come and accompany you at night while you are sleeping, to escort you and protect you as you travel astrally (because that is what we do at night while we are sleeping, and when we remember our travels after we wake up, we remember them as dreams) so that you only travel to POSITIVE astral planes.

Having sad or terrible experiences before going to bed, such as getting scared, watching scary movies, having a fight with someone, remembering sad memories, can also make you travel to negative and unpleasant astrals while you are sleeping. You can have sweet dreams if you think positive thoughts, think of people that you like or love and think of happy memories before going to bed.

Anthony said on March 10, 2014:

So strange on the same exact day I heard the choir also for the first time I even remember a piece of it something about the key to ever lasting life it was a tune almost like 12 days of Xmas but very different it's on tune and rhythm and I never knew about this until this article also very weird.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 22, 2014:

I love to receive comments like yours. I scoured the web looking for information about this and I could never find anything, and I wondered whether anyone else had ever experienced this. I love to hear from so many people who have also heard these celestial choirs and celestial music. It's like we get the privilege of a "peek into heaven". 

Terri Gregory said on March 1, 2014:

I have heard what I called "the music of the spheres" which was as you describe. The most beautiful choir I've ever heard. I lay very still and listened. Have never heard it before or since.  But it comes on the heels of hearing, from time to time, what I can only describe as a radio playing in a far off room. Indistinct voices. I've never heard this talked about until reading your article. Thank you.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 8, 2014:

Thank you, Terri. I think it's a great and rare privilege to be able to hear this (and it only happens occasionally!).


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