Scary Ghost Stories –
Freaky Experience With a Sect

Well seems that I am always raising the subject of this particular freaky event, which I am about to relate, around Halloween time.

It’s probably just chance. But since I don’t believe too much in chance, I am thinking that perhaps the simple explanation is that well, maybe, this time of the year just inspires me to get to thinking about and reflecting upon freaky, unusual or inexplicable experiences I might have had throughout life.

Occult Shop

Over the years I have had a few friends join sects. One of these friends ran an occult New Agey type shop, you know where you can buy books on spirituality type subjects, crystals, incense, etc. And also taught courses and workshops.

So I told my friend I was trying to learn how to contact with my spirit guides and also I wanted to learn how to pray properly, since in those days I really didn't know how to pray or what prayer was like.

So my friend offered to teach me what SHE did. I didn't know then that she belonged to a sect and that what she was going to teach me was all the specific teachings of that sect. My friend herself still has no idea that she is a member of a sect and if anyone were to suggest to her that her religion is a sect she would definitely feel quite offended indeed!

Anyways my friend taught me the basic principles of her, let's just call it her chosen group of worship, so we won't use offending terms like sect or whatever.

The most important part of this worship group was a very very very long list of prayers, written by the leaders of this particular worship group, which the followers were advised to recite throughout the whole day.

My friend recited prayers as she walked down the street, as she washed the dishes, as she drove her car, etc. The leaders claimed to have channelled all the principles as well as the prayers from their spirit guides.

So I started trying out a few of the prayers. Nothing really happened, so I tried out a few more and went slowly building it up.

So then some really really and I mean REALLY freaky things started happening.

Basically we started turning into a regular POLTERGEIST home!

Creepy Red Teddy Bear

Things started moving around by themselves. Everything electronic that we had would turn on by themselves. Electronic toys would turn on by themselves and walk around the room.

I'm not joking. I'd turn them off and they'd turn themselves back on again.

Doors would get blocked and jammed like there was a supernatural force holding them closed and there was no way to open them. Really it was just like in those horror movies.

Little ole slow me slowly started to wonder if there might just happen to be some sort of vague connection between these new sets of prayers I was reciting every day and these strange phenomena.

I told my friend what was happening and she said spirits were attacking us because I was increasing my light so they wanted to get rid of me, but not to worry because God and all the spirit guides of this worship group were on my side and would help me. She said just recite more prayers, the more prayers I recited the more the spirit guides of this worship group would come to my aid.

In the meantime there were so many sleazy spirits roaming around the house, especially in the hallway and bedroom.

I told my friend about them and she said what she said before, and taught me what she claimed were some really powerful prayers supposed to call upon some really heavy duty spirit guides to come and chase all these intruders away.

Thing is when I said these prayers the woo-woo beings really did vacate the house – for a little while. Then they returned in even greater numbers, really large hordes.

My friend said that was normal because they were seeing my light.

One night as I lay in bed with my baby a large dark hooded being that was really creepy and threatening with red eyes (no I am not making this up, I know it sounds made up but it's not, really freaked me out!) came and stood at the foot of the bed looking at us.

Now, I didn’t happen to be dreaming. I was wide awake putting the baby to sleep.

Creepy Blue Teddy Bear

I got sick of so many ickies zooming around the house and I wondered, why didn't my experiences match what my friend said? My friend said if I prayed more the entities would go away.

But in fact, the more I prayed the more arrived! I started wondering if maybe it was the prayers themselves that called these entities. So I tried saying less and seeing what happened. The less prayers I said the less showed up in my house. Very clear correlation!

My friend warned me that if I stopped saying the prayers I would: a) become more vulnerable to attacks from the weezy-woozies because I would no longer have the protection of the spirit guides who lead the worship group, and b) it was like I was giving up and returning to the darkness.

But I said less prayers anyways. I found that the less prayers I said the less creepy-crawlies spun around our house.

So I stopped saying them altogether and, even though it took a few days, eventually all those nasties cleared out and I was very happy.

I told my friend and she said, oh I don't remember what she said, all kinds of dire things that would happen to me if I left "them".

In the end I gave up anything and everything that had anything to do with my friend's worship group and my home sweet home returned to normal, and we went back to our cosy, happy life.

But I needed to know what that had been all about, all those people in my friend's worship group seemed to be living in bliss all the time.

So I asked around, and other people started to come forward and tell me similar tales. A woman who used to belong to that worship group almost died because in addition to having even stronger poltergeist type activities in her home, it seems an entity went after her. I can't remember now what it tried to do to her but after she realized the connection between this entity and the prayers of this worship group, she stopped and the entity went away.

She said a friend of hers had also had the same types of experiences and really warned her to stay away from this worship group, but she didn't listen to her friend until the entity started attacking her.


Well, as many people in the spiritual and psychic development field say, negative ickies won't come into your life if your vibration is high, strong and joyous. They are only attracted to people who are permanently down in the dumps, filled with anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred.

Whatever shows up in your outside is only reflecting something that is in your inside. Get rid of whatever is in your inside attracting yuckies into your life and the yuckies will leave. Nothing can show up in your outside if it isn't already present first in your inside.

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