Spiritual Protection

So, you might wonder, do I really need spiritual protection? And why?

Well of course, I think it's quite obvious that there is, undeniably, a lot of negativity around us out there. So I suppose that yes, in that sense, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get a little bit of basic protection.

The negativity around us can come in all sorts of forms such as irate neighbours, bawling kids having temper tantrums on the street, inflexible co-workers. A demanding boss, maybe.

Spiritual Protection Fortress

You may find yourself surrounded by people who complain all the time and are never content or satisfied with anything. Or there might be unhappy people around you who would just love to dump all the blame for their misfortunes on you!

You might have psychic empathy, and absorbing all that negativity day in and day out just really gets to you and wreaks havoc in your emotional life. Or it could happen that your overactive clairaudient gifts have you tuning in to other people’s negative self-talk.

It might turn out that you bump into a few psychic vampires in the course of your everyday life.

Or you might simply be in the process of developing your intuition, and find yourself more sensitive to other people’s issues than you used to be, and now this gets on your nerves.

At any rate, it's clear that all of us come into contact daily with negativity, people who habitually feel sad, angry or just in general all-round bad! And all of this unhappiness can really get onto our nerves. It could even rub off on us, turn us into real plaintive Janes or screaming Jims ourselves.

No Helpless Victims

So, how to take some sort of effective action to protect ourselves from all this bevy of other people's undesirable emotional garbage?

Well, the first thing I would like to make clear is my personal opinion that there is no such thing as a victim. Or at least a helpless victim.

Someone may victimize you, yes. But that does not make you helpless. Nor do you have to continue being a victim.

You may find yourself in jail, and the other inmates like to take out all their frustration and rage on you.

Or it might happen that you are in a tumultuous and violent relationship where your partner habitually insults you, puts you down and maybe even hits you.

However that may be, you are still not a helpless victim.

Self-Defence and Protection

Of course, if people are attacking you violently and physically, you may or may not be able to defend yourself. Perhaps you've had some martial arts training. Or perhaps you've never stepped foot in a gym.

If you already know martial arts or something similar, you won't need to worry about protecting yourself physically.

And if you don't know any form of self-defence, well, quite clearly, one of the first steps you can take, if it's at all possible, is to acquire some training. Learning how to defend yourself will make you feel stronger, more empowered, less afraid. Maybe even proud of yourself.

However, this is quite logical, and knowing some basic self-defence does not necessarily lead you to being strong psychologically. So I preferred to concentrate more here on the subject of spiritual protection.

Being Strong Psychologically

Spiritual protection deals with how you react emotionally and psychologically to stress, difficulties and difficult people. It doesn't really matter if these people are larger than you or more muscular than you, unless they are constantly hitting you, of course.

However, unless you happen to belong to some sort of street gang, chances are, your main problems won't be with people hitting you.

Your main problems will probably be more like with people beating you up psychologically. People just knowing how to lay raw that emotional nerve in you. And you sure would like to be able to learn some form of spiritual protection in order to fend these people off.

Well, not to worry. I do have a few suggestions for things that you can do to arm yourself with some psychic spiritual protection, which I will talk about shortly.

But first I would like to comment that, in my opinion, the absolute best spiritual protection is to be strong psychologically. To uphold a healthy level of self-esteem and believe in yourself.

This means having firm boundaries, and maintaining these boundaries and not feeling guilty or the need for apologizing for defending these boundaries.

A strong set of boundaries, and feeling good about yourself, will do more to hold off attackers than any kung-fu or karate stance. When people see a person who is proud of themselves, who knows what they are worth and is aware that no one is above them, this evokes a looot of respect!

How to Build Up Self-Respect

Your attitude and your awareness of the truth about yourself, that you are an equal to all other people, is your best spiritual protection. If you have difficulty developing this attitude, you can try a few of the following:

  • you can try thinking that all people are just human beings and that underneath whatever badge or symbol of power that your antagonist is hiding behind, they are also just human. Even the biggest, mightiest police officer, general, bully or martial arts master also wore diapers once
  • think that God (the Universe, the One, the Divine Creator, etc.) made us all equal, with equal possibilities for achieving our full potential in life and fulfilling our dreams, and that we all have the same rights
  • no one is born evil, inferior, lacking, etc. God wouldn't create some people to be better than others. We are whatever we make of ourselves, the product of our own choices, and we can all become what we choose to be
  • remember that death does not distinguish and is the great "equalizer". Death comes one day to all, rich and poor, famous and anonymous, powerful and downtrodden. The only thing you can control is what you make of yourself, what you accomplish and what you contribute to the world before death comes for you
  • on a spiritual level, what matters in the end is not how many possessions you were able to acquire in your lifetime, or how much your property is worth, how prestigious your job is or how many followers you have in life. As far as your soul and soul development are concerned, the only thing that is important is how much you developed yourself, whether you made a good person of yourself, whether your acts were ruled by compassion and a desire for others (and for yourself of course) to be well off, or whether on the contrary you were fuelled by hatred, lack of empathy, cruelty and greed

A practice of spiritual journaling, getting to know yourself intimately, and regular repetition of realistic, constructive spiritual affirmations may also help to raise your level of self-respect and boost your spiritual protection.

Uncontrollable Emotions

Some of us have difficulty activating our spiritual protection because we feel exceedingly guilty for everything. We feel guilty if it rains and spoils someone's birthday party.

We think we are to blame because our best friend argued with her boyfriend. If our neighbour gets ill, we think it is because we are evil and have the "putrefying touch". Just trying to "rethink" or reprogram our attitudes and beliefs, by itself, doesn't seem to work.

Or it may happen that we have uncontrollable passions, rage that overcomes us, resentment that just won't go away, no matter what we do.

In this case, there are, of course, many good professionals out there enthusiastic about lending us a hand.

You might wish, in this case, to seek out the services of a good psychologist, therapist or counsellor.

Alternative Therapy

There are also some alternative modalities that may help you out. For psychological and emotional blocks, I find that the most effective methods include:

  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • gestalt and humanistic therapy
  • Soul Realignment psychic healing
  • cord-cutting (a technique which I myself don't practise, but Rose Rosetree is an expert on this subject who you might wish to read more about)
  • past life regressive therapy, and
  • family constellations

I have used all of these methods and find that the above are the ones that helped me the most. I have also tried other techniques, but found that for me, personally, they didn't do a great deal to help me endow myself with strong spiritual protection or develop healthy boundaries.

However, since you might be interested and every person is different, I can certainly mention other techniques which I've tried. They weren't very effective for me, but you might find them useful and who knows, maybe they will provide you with just what you need.

So here is a partial list of other techniques that are available out there, that may help you to strengthen your own self-worth and therefore your spiritual protection, since strong spiritual protection is closely related to a good, healthy dose of self-esteem:

  • aromatherapy
  • reiki
  • colour therapy
  • polarity therapy
  • art therapy (or dance or play therapy)

And lastly, I would like to re-iterate the white circle of light exercise which I mentioned in my article on psychic vampires. This is an exercise which you can carry out every day and it will provide you with some degree of spiritual protection from psychic negativity as well as from physical danger.

Circle of White Light

An Exercise for Strengthening Your Boundaries

Basically, it consists of imagining yourself (or your loved one) within a glowing circle of white light. Visualize the light being strong and pure, pulsating outwards. This circle surrounds you wherever you go and no matter how much you may stretch or leap, it expands to cover your back, so to speak.

If you have weak and faltering boundaries, you find that people tend to walk all over you, practise saying "no!" to them loud and clear. Have a vision of yourself standing before one of these people and just shout out to them, clearly and firmly: "No!"

Stand up and push your hands firmly (not hysterically) away from you, as if warding off an unwanted person (which you are effectively doing), and command them in no uncertain terms: "No!"

If you wish you might add, for greater effect, something along the lines of: "No. You will not walk all over me or push me around anymore. You will respect me. I am not afraid of you. I am just as good as you are. I am just as strong as you are. You will treat me right, because I deserve it."

And once again, as I said before, if you feel the need for someone to support you as you go through this process, I can always recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a good, qualified professional, such as a therapist or a counsellor.

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