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What the psychic profession has spawned in the modern era are sons and daughters with brilliant minds and an extraordinary understanding of their gifts in service of mankind. There are boatloads of these great individuals that consistently made headlines in the world of psychic ability, that it would be a sacrilege not to notice their social contributions. With the general public accustomed with the social-media generation, you can find your online psychic medium so convenient now, but you can only have a few of them as great innovators when it comes to the psychic medium profession.

Listing the 10 best psychic mediums of the whole wide world is no easy task. More so that each one of the authorities in putting up a list follows certain and unique guidelines in determining the best of them all that will always augur differences. Just like in any other lists and once you factor in all the perceptible interpretations that builds a credible compilation, ours will be based on the criteria we have formulated as we objectively see them fit. We will honor the great Psychic Mediums that made it into the list in no particular order the Top 10 Psychic Mediums from all corners of the world.

John Edward—is arguably the most popular psychic medium in the world who has transcended across the mainstream. He brought psychic mediums in the consciousness of the general public. He is the recognizable face of the psychic medium world appearing on multi-media platforms in print, films and most notably, on television. His professional work as a medium was best depicted on his TV show Crossing Over with John Edward.

Psychic MediumsAbout the Other Side from the Long Island medium. She has a million followers in Facebook.

John HollandJohn hosted the Psychic History on the History Channel and provides psychic development training. Perhaps the most interesting thing about John was, according to him, after he had an accident decades ago where he realized that his psychic gifts were amplified.

Linda and Terry Jamison—the wonderful psychic twins are best known for monumental predictions such as the attack on the World Trade Center and the aborted Al-Qaeda attack in Europe. They are also known to have predictions on the entertainment industry such as the separation of former couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Hayal Alekperov—he represents the Eastern Europe/Western Asia region as its best and finest when it comes to the psychic medium profession. Hayal is widely thought to be as someone who will put a challenge to every psychic medium just to prove that he deserves being considered as one of the world’s best in the profession. Hayal was born and raised in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Maureen Hancock—the up and coming Maureen Hancock is a former stand-up comedian that became a psychic medium and found a unique way to synthesize her comedy to her calling as a medium. People are often amused by how she can integrate these two without losing or minimizing the effect of one another.

Charmaine Wilson—is one of the more popular psychic mediums from Down Under. She began professionally in 2002 and never looked back ever since. As a well-respected psychic medium starting from 2005 where she was awarded Australia’s Psychic of the Year. Charmaine is fond of touring and doing speaking engagements to be able to reach a lot people. She uses the stage name Spirit Whisperer whenever she’s on tour.

These are the gifted ones that are game changers in their own way and making full use of their talents to be able to provide answers to questions beyond logical reasoning. Did you have your own top 10 as well? Feel free to comment your own set of 10.

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