Dreamweavers – The Dream Masters of the Universe

What is a Dreamweaver?

Well I know it's software for web designing. Software that I need the "for dummies" learner's manual for.

However, outside of that, Dreamweavers are Dream Masters. A Dream Master is a "profession" that we can practice when we are in spirit, living in the spirit world.


When we're not living a life here on earth, we're not floating around somewhere out in the ether, on a cloud, like I once believed. When we're not on earth we're still somewhere. We're in the spirit world, living as spirits.

Some people like to refer to this spiritual world as "heaven". It certainly does seem like heaven up there. It's a really lovely place filled with light and love, where most basically nice, good people go to when they're not hanging around earth, either as people or as earthbound spirits.

And don't worry, even if you've lied a lot, cheated on your spouse (five times!), used a lot of swear words, drunk and smoked and used illegal substances, even if you've stolen occasionally, you're still good enough to get into the spirit world.

Only the really horrible nasties (we'll get into that in another article one day) have to pay up in an ickier, nasty lower astral world. And even that's not for all eternity. God (the Universe, the Divine, the Creator, Allah, Jesus Christ, the mighty Gitchi-Manitou, etc.) is always forgiving and will never stop granting them another chance to get it right.

However, back to our topic of the day, dreamweavers!

Dreamweavers: A Profession

When we're living in spirit, just as when we're on earth, we like to improve ourselves, develop our talents and our potential, become better people, get really good at doing certain things. And some people like to accomplish this by working as Dream Masters.

Apparently it's quite a popular profession over there in the spiritual land, that of dreamweaver. And this is certainly understandable, considering that over 6 billion people around the world are dreaming around 5 or 6 times every single night. That's a lot of dreams.

Let's face it, dreams fascinate us. We have dream movies like "The Nightmare on Elm Street" series. We have spiritual dream interpretation and dream symbols, which are topics that I might decide to touch upon one day, in the future.

However, today I wanted to talk about dreamweavers.

What dreamweavers do is just that: they weave dreams.

However, they don't weave just any sort of nocturnal reverie for everyone. Nor do we need to have a dreamweaver around in order to have a dream!

Most dreams, in fact, are actually not taken care of by Dream Masters. So it's not like a dreamweaver is just floating about in space observing everyone's dreams and going, "Hahaha! What a dork! That guy's dreaming about swans in tutus!"

We Learn From Our Dreams

Most of us, however, want to become better people. We want to learn our lessons in life or at least, we'd like to have a better life. We'd like our life to get easier, and flow more smoothly. But sometimes (ie. a lot of times), we stumble into problems that are quite tricky. Problems we just can't find the solution to no matter how hard we rack our brains.

Or it might occur that something has happened to us and we don't understand it. It really bugs us, we turn it around and around in our minds and live it over and over again. But that brilliant insight still eludes us. It seems that whatever happened to us just simply makes no sense at all. It's like there was no good reason for something like that to happen to us.

So in the end, barring a better solution to come falling onto us from out of the sky, we might resort to asking for some help in our dreams.

So, before going to sleep at night, we might sit down and close our eyes for a moment (taking care not to snooze away as we do this, of course). We can meditate upon the problem we would like to resolve, or the understanding and insight that elude us.

And then we might ask, "I'd like to receive a solution to this, please."

This is a request that dreamweavers love to respond to. So we can snuggle away comfortably, confident that the perfect answer or the longed-for understanding will come to us in a dream tonight.

Dreamweavers at Work

As we are sleeping, this is when dreamweavers spring into action. They observe the sleeper who has made a request, and then they rack their heads for a story. A story which will help the sleeper to understand. An intricate plotline that the dreamer will never forget, and will provide the solution he so desperately needs.

And then they set to work weaving a dream for him.

So many people have received the answers to their prayers in the form of a dream, that I don't think it's necessary for me to talk about it here. We have probably all heard about the man who invented the sewing machine after dreaming about cannibals who attacked him with spears with holes in their heads.

So instead, I'm going to talk about the dreamweavers themselves today, the Dream Masters.

Strange Dreams

Have you ever had a strange dream where nothing made sense? Where people you have never met before strolled right through as if you were old buddies? Maybe your night-time personal movie had a complicated plotline, and a lot of things happened, making it feel like several days had passed rather than just 8 hours.

An example could be a dream I had once, which was quite lively, about the Second World War. Now I can assure you that I was born quite a good handful of years, decades in fact, after the Second World War ended. So as far as I can tell I have no personal connection to said historic event, nor is it something I have a tendency to ponder upon, neither by day nor by night.

However one night I dreamed about a troop of Allied soldiers travelling through France. They were, as I said, a lively lot. Many interesting things happened to them as they toured about. They picked up a country girl and gave her a ride. Many things.

However eventually it turned into a sort of soap opera, with betrayals, jealousy, sneakings-out in the middle of the night. Like I said, a real soap opera.

Of course, in the morning, you can be sure that this improvised soap opera made no sense to me whatsoever. I didn't know any of those soldiers. I didn't know that girl. And as for interpreting something this chaotic?!

Why Dreamweavers Shouldn’t Interpret Their Dreams

However, in my case, I probably didn't need to interpret anything anyways. That dream was probably not meant for me to begin with. It probably came into existence for the benefit of the young man playing the role of one of the soldiers, the one who fell in love with the country girl, in fact.

Why would I think something like this? Well, turns out that that young man – who in real life is probably just an ordinary bank teller or accountant or waiter or something similar – was probably sleeping at the same time I was. And he probably happened to be going through some sort of difficulties with his girl at that moment in his life.

So chances are he made a request, either knowingly or unknowingly (unknowingly would be something like sighing and thinking, oh I wish I could receive some sort of answer from somewhere) for insight and understanding into his personal situation to be revealed to him.

And I guess that night I was on duty, so to speak. So I wove a dream for him.

A dream about soldiers during the War, where nonetheless the important story wasn't the worldly conflict but rather his relationship with the girl and his inner conflict. A tale which revealed his situation to him from a new angle, and brought him the understanding that he sought.

I suppose from this you can infer that dreamweavers do not necessarily have to be up there in the spirit world in order to be "working". They work here on earth too.

And I suppose it's also clear to you that if you are a professional dreamweaver (what a paradox, and then it turns out that I can't even use Dreamweaver the web designing software......), you will habitually have dreams that make no sense to you, that drive you crazy when you try to interpret them.

So I'd advise you that, if that's your case and you are a dreamweaver too, you can be a bit gentler on yourself and let up a bit, and not worry about trying to interpret your every night-time tale. Chances are that tale wasn't meant for you anyways.

Oh Dreamweaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Oh Dreamweaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Gary Wright

And how will you know if you are a Dream Master? Well, I found out from receiving a Soul Realignment psychic reading from a practitioner. And you can do that too. I'll write about that in a future article, so please feel free to bookmark this site, and return often!

I thought this was a fascinating subject, and I've been trying to garner more information about dreamweavers and this mysterious profession but apparently I already know all that the world knows, and can teach me, about this topic. So I imagine that the only way to delve more deeply into this subject, is to live it for myself.

And get lots of sleep. So I'm going to wish you all a good night, and pleasant dreams with the angels.

And if you'd like, you can ask your personal Dreamweaver to send you sweet dreams tonight.

Red Roses for Sweet Dreams

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