How to Use a Pendulum

I was taught how to use a pendulum for dowsing when doing psychic readings. Unlike palmistry, which I had practised since I was little, I had never tried this particular divination technique before, but once I dominated it I found it simple, effective and reliable. Since learning to use it, I've carried out dozens of readings relying exclusively on this single, handy little tool.

Pendulum for Dowsing

My teacher Andrea Hess taught me how to use a pendulum for the special type of psychic reading which I studied with her, called Soul Realignment Psychic Reading and Healing, which I'll talk about someday in a future article. For the moment I use it exclusively for that purpose, but once you have learned the technique you can find a hundred and one ways to put it to good, practical use in your everyday life.

It isn’t necessary to possess any particularly outstanding psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience in order to learn this form of divination. Anyone can do it, and regular practice will help you to develop your intuition easily and naturally.

Not only is it simple, it's also practical because you can take it with you everywhere. So if you are travelling, or you have the good fortune to be called upon to carry out a reading for someone outside your home, you can just tuck it into your pocket or hang it around your neck. In addition to being a really neat way to transport it, it also helps you to look great and maybe even adds an aura of mysticism to your appearance.

And if there's one thing every self-respecting gal out there just loves, it's to look more attractive and compellingly my-ste-ri-ous!

But anyways, back to pendulums.

Acquiring Your Pendulum

Although there are tons of ways that you can make a pendulum for yourself, the simplest thing is to just buy one from an esoteric, New Age or crystal store.

People should pick out their own divination tool for themselves. (So no asking Jane to hop on over to your friendly neighbourhood occult shop while she is doing her groceries and pick up the most sparkly gem that's available!)

The best way to choose a pendulum for divination is to get acquainted with the different stones, crystals and gems hanging on a chain or string that the store may carry. People think that a simple pendulum should be long and pointy (like mine), but it can come in many different shapes and all are equally effective: you can have a conical pendulum, a round stone, an oval, even something with an odd form.

The important thing is that it should have some weight to it. It should hang well.

And most especially, you should hold it yourself in your hand and see how it feels to you.

If the store offers a chain, you can swing it freely on the chain and observe the (admittedly hypnotic) pendulum motion. Some dowsers may not swing for you or want to swing for you. You might feel like they are offering some sort of resistance. In that case, that is usually not the right tool for you. Put it back and try out a different one instead.

The ideal pendant should feel like it swings, and it wants to swing, for you. It may even decide not to stop moving no matter what you do! You can truly say that that particular object has gone quite crazy wanting to be with you!

Cleaning and Clearing

Once you take your new baby home, it's time to clear its energies. It has been sitting around yawning away in some dusty shop for months or maybe even years. It has seen temper tantrums, hysterical customers, irate buyers. So it's not exactly a virgin, pristine artefact that has been sheltered from the world.

Okay enough sermonizing about the poor bloke’s former, miserable, neurotic life before it got adopted by you! Now on to the clearing work.

A pendulum can be cleared by:

  • placing it in a dish of sea salt overnight (it must be sea salt not table salt)
  • burying it in the earth at the roots of a plant for a day or so
  • washing it in hot and then cold running water three times

Some people like to charge their new divining tool with different types of energies depending on the kind of work they plan on doing with it. If that's your case, by all means, go ahead!

Some people charge it with the fierce, dominant energy of the sun by leaving it for a day in sunlight. Others prefer the more subtle, emotional insinuations of a moon-filled gem.

Of course, it's not necessary to charge it with anything at all. Your tool will work fine just the way it is.

Programming Your Divination Tool

Once your pendulum is cleared of old energies, it's time to program it to work for you. In order to do that, you simply take it into your hands and command it – you can do it quietly, inside yourself, no need to pronounce your proclamations for all the neighbourhood to hear – with the words that you choose, to connect to you, to work with you and to obey only the indications of and receive only messages from your very own Higher Self, which is eternally connected to God (or Divine Creator, the Universe, Allah, Jesus Christ, etc., as some people lovingly like to refer to him). Ask that this be done in the name of God (or any other sacred being that you respect and believe in).

This is to ensure that your divination tool (and you) will never be deceived by lower vibrational beings who are just raring to grab at any opportunity that they possibly can in order to pass on false information to us.

Now that your pendant is programmed, the moment has arrived to get to know it better. Hold the chain gently in your hand. Now, I do thoroughly recommend a chain. I was using a string for a while because it was scarlet and I love scarlet. But it just didn't work. The pendulum swung everywhere! The slightest breeze took it away to kingdom come.

So, as I said, I thoroughly recommend hanging your new divination tool on a metallic chain.

With the chain dangling gently from your fingers – I think everyone develops their own preferred method for grasping on to it – ask it tenderly to demonstrate to you how it likes to indicate a "yes", and watch the resulting movement.

Do the same for "no" and "maybe" or "undecided". Once again, observe the replies.

It may seem like magic or sorcery, but the science behind why this works is that, quite simply, it's actually your own muscles that are directing the pendulum in its movements.

Dowsing with a Pendulum

You are receiving the answers to your queries through psychic, non-physical means, from the promptings of your Higher (or spiritual, as some people prefer to call it) Self, and your muscles relay these answers, which you have received unconsciously, by moving the pendulum in the desired direction.

Those of you who are familiar with kinesiology, or muscle testing, will probably understand and immediately note the similarities between these two disciplines.

There IS a learning curve to this and it does take practice. It's not something that you will pick up today and tomorrow you will be proficient. It takes time to get to know your tool. Time to discover how it feels to you and get used to it. Time to find out what is the best way for you to grasp it.

But don't worry. You'll get it.

And then you will be on your merry way to performing every kind of psychic work or reading that you would like to do.

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