Guided Tour of the Afterlife

Well, although it stands to reason that the best person to offer you a guided tour of the afterlife ought to be someone who has actually BEEN THERE and knows it like the palm of his hand, well, for obvious reasons, people like that don't seem to abound in the world.

The Afterlife

So I guess I will offer you the next best thing: an overview of what life can be like in the afterlife, based on the works of such experts as Michael Newton, James Van Praagh and others who have "been there and done that".

A Guided Tour of the Afterlife By The Hands of Experts

From what I understand, for most of us, in this guided tour of the afterlife we will find that the afterlife will be a wonderful place, truly a heaven filled with so much love, forgiveness and peace that it's indescribable. In other words, basically what is most sorely lacking in this world.

I guess that is why we're here, though, so we can learn to create "heaven on earth" right here on earth, and do our best to try and make our earth home as close to heaven, with its boundless unconditional love and forgiveness, as we possibly can. And, I suppose, the reason why we're still here is quite simply due to our patently obvious failures (so far at any rate) in this endeavour.

All right, so maybe the term failures is a bit too strong. Shall we say, rather, setbacks. Because quite clearly, it is certainly costing us a great deal of effort.

But hopefully, even if it is only slowly and century by century, I certainly do hope that we are indeed at least very painstakingly striving our way towards our goal.

But for the moment, back to the subject at hand: a guided tour of the afterlife.

What Is The Afterlife Like?

From what I understand from the experts mentioned above, as well as the teachings of people like "Matthew" from The Matthew Books (whom I might possibly write about in a future article), the place that will be presented to us, in this guided tour of the afterlife, is a wonderful world where most of us go to in order to rest up from our long and pain-filled sojourns here on earth.

It isn't our ultimate goal and destiny, for when we are finished with life on earth forever, we will travel elsewhere, to new dimensions on exciting missions we cannot even conceive of at this moment, helping beings evolve on planets similar to earth.

Crossing Over

As mentioned by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, Raymond Moody and others that I'm sure you have certainly heard of before in each one’s most personal and intimate guided tour of the afterlife, most people do indeed see a "tunnel of light" upon their passing. Passing through this tunnel, however, is apparently not necessary in order to gain access to our new dimension. Some people can arrive there by "crossing a river", passing through some sort of barrier or simply "floating up", which I'm sure is what leads some mystics to assume that we "ascend" when we die.

Bridge to the Afterlife

Now, what happens when we cross over that barrier seems to depend on who we are and what we believe in. No one person's guided tour of the afterlife will ever match that of any other's, each person's personal experience is unique just as each person is also unique and one-of-a-kind in all the universe.

Some people, however, find that they are greeted by loved ones who have already passed over.

Others are met by different religious figures, depending on what they believed in. A catholic person may be welcomed into this new dimension and offered his guided tour of the afterlife by a saint or by Jesus Christ himself. A muslim may meet up with Mohammed and a Buddhist with the divine Buddha.

The reason why we may all be met by a myriad variety of religious figures and beings is that, I suppose, they are all so far more advanced in their spiritual development than we are, that they have all earned the privilege of being emissaries of the light and of the Creator, and therefore any one of them may come forth to greet us in representation of all that there is in this light-filled world.

And what if you don't believe in anyone? Well, that's no problem! We all have someone we wish to see again, our beloved grandmother, or perhaps Jim Morrison in the flesh. No matter who you are or what you believe in, there will be someone there waiting for you, eager to take you on your very own personalized guided tour of the afterlife. You will never be alone.

Recovering in the Afterlife

After the joyous reunion, which may last several days, we may be taken off to different destinations on this dizzying and marvellous guided tour of the afterlife, depending on our situation.

If you had a really tough time of it in life, or you suffered from a long and painful illness, you may be taken to a hospital, where you will be cared for and tended for as long as you need in order to be restored to full strength and health. Life on earth is very draining, and we usually end up depleted of vital force, which needs to be nourished and restored within us.

If you suffered mental illnesses, there will be people available to offer you "therapy" but, unlike conventional therapies on earth, therapy in the spirit world actually works! All right, therapy on earth usually works too, but often it is not perfect since after all, we don't live in a perfect world.

But receiving therapy in the spirit world is perfect, and it will eventually give its fruits in the form of your total and complete recovery.

Interestingly enough, many of your spiritual therapists will be people who actually did perfect their art working as therapists, healers or psychologists in their real lives here on earth, which is where they would have gained much of their knowledge and expertise.

The Rubicon

Be that as it may, once you find yourself invigorated and in full possession of all your faculties again, you will be taken for your life review as part of your guided tour of the afterlife. This is where the idea that we will all "stand in judgement" comes from.

Compassion and Forgiveness

However, the judge will not be some stern and discompassionate being with a beard and a halo. The judge of your own life will be – you!

But it will be a you unencumbered by the weight of your ego and unclouded by the illusions of "maya". It will be you looking at yourself with compassion and understanding. You will evaluate the lessons learned and determine what still remains for you to accomplish in future lives.

There is no harsh judgement, no condemnation. You will simply review over your mistakes and vow to do it better the next time around.

And then you will set out to design for yourself the ideal circumstances that you will require to learn your lessons and remedy your mistakes in future lives.

This is one of the reasons why so many of us are born into suffering and hardship: there was some lesson we needed to learn, something that we needed to accomplish and only a difficult childhood would have endowed us with whatever qualities we needed to accomplish these tasks.

Going through pain develops compassion and empathy. Hardships build character and make us strong and determined.

It’s Time to Party!

Now, however, this doesn't mean that all of our guided tour of the afterlife will be filled with ponderous meditation and coming to terms with the folly of our ways. In the spiritual world, there is a lot of fun and merriment as well!

We can meet up with all our old buddies, chit-chat with them until the wee hours of the "night". We can indulge in our favourite hobbies and develop our talents to a level that here on earth, with our cumbersome need to earn a living and the necessity of sleeping and eating, is usually difficult to attain.

We will attend classes where we can be taught the skills and qualities that we were lacking here on earth. If we were shy, we can take "self-expression" courses. If we lacked patience, we will set up scenarios for ourselves in order to learn to cultivate this saintly virtue.

And now, I’m sure, you must be bursting with even more questions that occur to you about the spirit world such as:

  • what is everyday life like “up there” for spirits? what do spirits do?
  • do spirits eat? do they get dressed?
  • what happens to babies and children who, unfortunately, pass away so prematurely (not to worry, they are happy, and glad to be back “home” again so soon)?
  • will we see our pets again?
  • what about people who commit suicide? are they really doomed to eternal damnation and hellfire (and no they are not, but that does not mean that they are sitting on a cloud eating cakes and pies......)?

All this and much more coming up in my next article on your personal guided tour of the afterlife. So please, do take the time to subscribe to this site using "Subscribe" box in the right-hand column. I’ll be very glad to see you around here again!

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