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Q: I believe I have several psychic abilities but I'm not sure how to proceed with this new found ability. So here is what has happened to me. I see ghosts, can hear them, feel them touching me behind my ear mostly and I believe I have heard my spirit guide...... One night when I turned over to see who was talking I saw a very tall white spicky thing with a black square face and it scared me very much and I also felt something crawl on my bed with me after I heard footsteps of it, it sounded like a small child running past my bed. So I believe that I have more than one ability.

A: Sometimes your psychic channels can open up, either spontaneously or because you have been working and practising to try to get them to open up. Yes, there are lots and lots of spirits and beings all around you out there. You will probably get used to them. At first they might unnerve you, because you are not used to them. Also, you might have opened your psychic channels (especially your third eye) too much and too fast, sometimes that happens, even if you have not been doing anything to try to open them up.

Some of these beings are not particularly pleasing to look at, or they look kind of "odd". Sometimes they'll just look like normal people, but something is a bit "off" about them. However, if you are starting to be able to communicate with your spirit guide, that's wonderful!

In time you will probably get used to it. You will soon find that most of the time they will just go about "living their lives" and leave you to live yours. Yes, sometimes you might even feel them. Sometimes I feel like they "push" me, as if I were occupying THEIR space! Or they just touch me, as if trying to get my attention. But that might be because they realize that you are aware of them, and if you don't pay any mind to them, they will leave you alone.

Once again, thanks for sharing with me!

Q: I've done quite a bit of research and I figured out that I am a clairsentient. But after reading your advice about clairvoyants ("how do you know if you're a clairvoyant") I'm not sure because most of the examples describe me.

A: Most of us receive "psychic" information in more than one way and through more than one sense, so it would be perfectly normal for you to be both clairsentient and clairvoyant. In the end, we actually engage all of our senses in order to receive intuitive information from the world, we just simply receive this information more easily using certain senses. Just as physically, we find certain senses easier to use.

For example, I'm both an empath and very clairaudient. I'm not very good at "visualizing" things or imagining things by seeing them, and in the physical world, I tend to pay a lot of attention to the things I hear. But I can also "see" spirits (although it's more like sensing them rather than seeing them, but I see them in the "mind's eye", and I am not especially clairvoyant, nor do I pay too much attention to the things that I see physically).

We receive information about the physical world using all our senses, and the same applies to how we receive information psychically, or from the "invisible" world.

Q: I am so glad I found your blog. I just recently found out that I am an empathy psychic. I have animal empathy, emotional, and a little bit of phsysical empathy. No one understands why I'm so sensitive. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me. I have the same exact experiences you had. I would not be able to live without it. I love it. It's challenging. But usefu . I analyze people evrytime I see them. I can't help it. I also can feel spirits' energies and I can see spirits as well. I don't feel so alone anymore. Only thing is I don't like being able to sense spirits it scares me. How can I overcome this fear?

A: Yes it's wonderful (and useful) to be able to know what other people are feeling. I find it especially useful at job interviews, but it's also nice to know if someone is lying to you or pulling your leg or pretending to be one thing when what they really want from you is something different, etc.

I used to think that I was wrong, especially when other people would tell me that "So-and-so just seems like such a nice person who only wants to help". But those other people are not empaths and they are easily deceived. You can see that from the ENORMOUS numbers of people who each year claim to have been deceived and conned by someone, whom they will tell you "just seemed like such a nice person who would never do anything bad".

I've since learnt to trust what I feel and know, and I've also started to call other people's BS when they try to push it onto me. Since then I rarely ever get approached by people who just want to con me or get something from me. People can sense other people's energy, and I guess people who want to con someone, know better than to come to me.

There isn't really anything scary with feeling or sensing spirits. Annoying sometimes, maybe. Most spirits simply are just "there". They don't want anything from you, and they're not there with the intention of hurting you or scaring you, they just simply are there. But of course, that can get annoying. Some spirits are really really really big negative nasties, then you want to avoid going to where they are. But they are usually not going to be places that you would normally want to go to anyways. Unless you happen to have to go to work in a place inhabited by such yucky spirits, as happened to me once and I described in this article: Haunted Hotel. But if that ever happens to you, I would recommend that you renounce that job, since a business that is taking place in such a locale is not going to do well anyways. I left the job, and the person who took my place, a friend of mine, later told me that the hotel was doing so badly that they were unable to pay her salary!

For the most part, this gift is so useful, in steering you always in the right direction in life, pointing out to you what people and places to avoid because they wouldn't be good for you, etc. Other people might scorn you sometimes and call you "too sensitive" or "prickly" or a cry-baby, but then these same people will get themselves over and over again into hot water that you would never go near to, due to their lack of sensitivity...... and then they will wonder why these awful things happen to them all the time!

The world would be a much more compassionate place if everyone could feel what other people feel. But anyways, we have to take the world the way it is, right?

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