Guided Tour of the Afterlife, Part II:
Daily Life in our Guided Tour of the Afterlife

Now, after reading the first part of your own personal guided tour of the afterlife, I suppose you might be wondering: how do people actually live, in their daily routines, once they have gotten over the novelty of being “dead”? What do they wear? Is there food in the spirit world?

Guided Tour of the Afterlife

Eating and Living in the Spiritual World

Well, apparently, in your guided tour of the afterlife you can find all types of dwelling places. We are spirits, and spirits don't "need" houses. However, people living in the spirit world that surrounds earth are used to living in houses, because that is what we do on earth.

So up there in "heaven", we can design our own homes. We can carve them out to our heart's contentment and unlike here on earth, it won't be necessary to dig up stones from quarries, slather on mortar or lug bricks around. Up in the spiritual world we build things with thought.

That does not mean, of course, that you simply draw a house like a little child and voilà! There it exists already. You must still plan out all the details, because everything that you conceive, will be! So if your conceptual house has "holes", the house that you create will have holes too. So better be a perfectionist and look after every detail!

In the spirit world, of course, since we are spirits, we also don't need clothes or food. And in our guided tour of the afterlife we will probably indeed meet a few eccentric souls who do very much like to wander around like balls of light.

(Now don’t get the wrong idea! That doesn’t mean that you will habitually go around bumping into naked people in your personal guided tour of the afterlife! However, since in the spirit world, people are divested of the obligation of feeling shame for that which is natural, even if you did meet a few Adams and Eves, I don’t think anyone will be scandalized. It’s just simply that most of us don’t feel too comfortable adorned with only a couple of fig leaves......)

However, most of us are used to being people. So we will continue to be people in the afterlife, and dress the way we most prefer. Since most people don't feel a predilection for white robes, most of us will not don white robes. Most people will wander around in whatever felt most comfortable on earth in the time period in which they last lived.

So don't be surprised if somewhere along the way in your guided tour of the afterlife you encounter some character dressed like Robin Hood: he probably lived his last lifetime around the same historical period as that of our notorious villain-hero.

Eating is also not necessary. But most people like to eat. (I know I do!) So if we like, we can continue to eat in the spirit world. This is definitely one excursion, this guided tour of the afterlife, where you know you won’t go hungry!

And from what I have read of other people's descriptions of their guided tour of the afterlife, parties are a big hit in this afterworld, and what would a party be without food?

Pets, Animals, Babies

Now, you might be wondering, will you meet your beloved pets in your guided tour of the afterlife?

No need to suffer, of course you will. In fact, some people even discover that their pets follow them around from lifetime to lifetime, offering them the comfort and love that they so sorely need in every incarnation and reminding them that they are never alone, and that there is a continuity to it all.

Now I would like to talk about two special cases: children and people who committed suicide.

Children, even little babies, like everyone else, also go to the spirit world when they leave earth. However, unlike most of us, they will not find their loving parents there, since these poor souls will probably remain behind on earth for a while longer.

But that does not mean that they are orphans and will stay all alone and unattended. There will always be someone to look after them. Grandparents usually come in handy for this, and most children have at least one or two in the spirit world.

And if by chance no grandparents are available, other long-lost relatives are usually more than eager to take on the joyous task of raising these little ones. Aunts, uncles, godparents, there will always be someone there for a newly arrived child.

There are also "nurses" and people who specialize in looking after children. They are like your teachers and guardians in the spirit world, and they will put in their two cents' worth in taking care of children until their parents arrive someday.

And, since as we all know, here on earth there are only two things that you can count on coming for all of us someday and those are death and the tax man, well, we all know that the parents will arrive one day, rushing over for that blissful reunion.

No parent is immortal, and all will be reunited in the spirit world.


Unlike popular belief, suicide is not sternly penalized in the spirit world. As we can see in our lovingly guided tour of the afterlife, suicide is just another way that we can enter the spiritual realm.

Now, that does not mean that committing this act remains without consequence. Of course this act will have its consequences, all our acts have consequences.


People who commit suicide are usually plagued by feelings of remorse and the nagging, aching sensation that they could have done more, but they simply opted out and that there is no one to blame except for themselves for that lamentable situation.

However, fortunately, everything has a solution in the world of the afterlife, and suicide is no exception.

These people will have the opportunity to make amends, to remedy whatever it was that lead them to such a desperate extreme. If they ended their lives in response to a broken heart, they will set up situations in new incarnations that will teach them to strengthen that heart and bounce back from such a sad situation in the future.

If, on the other hand, they decided to end it all because they felt that their problems had no relief, they will learn to resolve these problems in the future, instead of avoiding them.

In the guided tour of the afterlife offered by experts, apparently there are two situations, however, in which suicide really was not the person's fault and that is in the case of a person who kills himself because he could no longer bear the pain of living after the death of a loved one, and the case of people who took their own lives due to mental illness.

Now, having said this, you can be sure that I am obviously in no way nor by any means advocating that people kill themselves when a loved one dies. Not at all!

You Are Here on Earth For a Reason

You must think that, if you are still here on this harsh earth while your loved one already soars in the peaceful and loving land of the spirits, there is a very good reason for that.

There is still something that you are meant to accomplish. You are still here to make a difference. Someone on earth still depends on you. In the future you will still touch someone or make a difference in some person’s or people’s lives.

In other words, your business here on this planet, in this incarnation, isn’t done yet. You haven’t as yet fulfilled your purpose for coming here.

Someone here in the world still needs you because, if that were not the case, you wouldn’t be here anymore. You would have happily and merrily followed your loved one into the land of dead people (but very much alive spirits).

You may not be able to see this today. Perhaps at this moment you may find yourself all alone in the world. Maybe you feel like no one needs you right now. You might have no family, no close friends.

But that does not mean that your business is done. Today you may be alone, but tomorrow, you may meet someone and come to mean a great deal to that person. You may even save someone’s life one day.

In summary, if you are still here, it is because the world still needs you. Even if you just can’t at this moment figure out at all why in the world does it need you, but think that from your limited point of view, there is still a lot that you can't see. You can't see the future, or what you will do in that future, right here and now at this particular moment in time.

Professions in the Spirit World

Of course, in this fascinating dimension, in our guided tour of the afterlife, we can only marvel at the tremendous, enormous and inconceivably grand variety of things to do and ways to better ourselves that will be available to us. Every profession under the sun is represented here, as well as jobs that don't even exist on earth.

I have talked about one of these jobs here in this article on dreamweavers, and in future articles I hope to detail some more of these professions and tasks that we can undertake and engage in when we are living in our lives between lives.

For the moment, I can only say to you, thank you for accompanying me on this most gratifying guided tour of the afterlife, and that I hope to see you around here again on this site, accompanying me in other articles and related topics. So, as I said, thank you for flying with Seas Of Mintaka and be sure to subscribe to this site using the "Subscribe" box in the right-hand column.

Seas Of Mintaka

Dedicated to David Q. Conibear

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