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It's been a while since I've made any changes to this website and, quite frankly, I'm tired of it! Of course, this site continues to be devoted to everything psychic, paranormal and supernatural.

However, we all evolve (or at least I think we all hope we do!). We change. So I've changed, and I feel that the way this website used to look no longer reflected the way I've become, and the things I want to stand for now.


As the title explains, today I am much more interested in EMPOWERING people by helping you develop your psychic and spiritual abilities.

By helping you to develop your intuition. To learn to trust completely in your hunches. In that inner, psychic voice that guides you and that whispers to you in your heart.

That, at least, is the path I am trying to follow now.

Once upon a time, it's true, I was quite fascinated with the psychic and supernatural world. With the idea of developing psychic abilities and giving readings and “being clairvoyant” and all that.

Today, however, I've come to realize that having psychic abilities is as normal and as natural as being able to see with your eyes or hear with your ears. Psychic abilities are an integral part of any human being.

And as such, I don't really feel the fascination with exploring the psychic world anymore the way I used to. To me, it seems a little bit like, well, trying to delve into what it's like to see with your eyes or listen with your ears, or how to develop and sharpen your eyesight and hearing acuity.

They're interesting subjects, but it's not what I'm really into anymore.

No. Today what I want to do, hope to do, through this website, is to help people learn to HELP THEMSELVES.

I'd like to help you GIVE UP your VICTIM role, and start TAKING CHARGE of your life and your experiences.

I want to EMPOWER you. I want to teach you how to EMPOWER YOURSELF. 

So let's get started! Yeah!

Here in these pages you can read up about:

My Experience With a Psychic Medium

During these holiday times, it seems that most people are trying to do their utmost to have a great time. It feels like almost a sacrilege to feel sad or bad during this time of the year. But the fact is, some people DO feel sad during the holiday season.

Christmas Holidays

Sometimes we feel sad during the holidays because we miss someone whom we love very much and who isn’t present anymore. So today I thought I’d share my own experiences with a psychic medium.

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Stop Fearing Psychic Abilities!

I often receive letters from readers who have experiences with their psychic abilities or unusual spiritual experiences, and find them scary. Sometimes, they are simply frightened of the idea of having psychic abilities, or they are afraid that “bad spirits” are trying to communicate with them.

Psychic Abilities Forbidden Sign

I personally think that the worst thing we can do is to give too much drama to these occurrences......

Continue reading "Stop Fearing Psychic Abilities!" >>

Psychic Families & Other Questions

Q: I have felt and at times seen ghosts throughout my life. I also feel people, their emotions mostly...... My granddaughter has been telling me for a few years she hears a lady call her name, and sometimes say “come here”. She is very sensitive to people and their emotions also...... I am wondering is this stuff normal for us both.

A: I think it’s wonderful when several people in a family share psychic gifts and can help each other to understand and develop them!

Children are especially sensitive to the presence of “invisible” beings around us......

Continue reading "FAQ's: Psychic Families & Other Questions" >>

How to Properly Protect Your Home

I often receive queries from readers who would like to know how you can properly protect your home. They have “unwanted visitors of an unseen nature” in their homes. Sometimes these undesired house guests are merely playful, or an annoyance. Sometimes it’s just a sensation of a presence, a feeling that somebody is watching – even though there is nobody there.

Protect Your Home

Other times there are actual, real poltergeist phenomena going on.

Sometimes, people haven’t actually noticed anything, but they would simply like to learn something about their home and how to protect it, and prevent this sort of thing from happening to them.

People are also afraid of “real world”, solid, tangible threats, such as intruders and thieves. They ask me, Is there some way you can protect your property and home, energetically and invisibly, from “real world” threats, in a way that is effective but can’t be detected by would-be intruders?

Continue reading "How to Protect Your Home" >>

Fragmented Souls

You have probably heard that souls are immortal. That souls can't die.

So how, you might wonder, can a soul become fragmented?

Fragmented Souls

Fragmented souls are not souls that have ceased to exist. The soul continues to be who it has always been – an eternal being that, in effect, CANNOT die.

However, a soul CAN become fragmented. Or lose parts of itself.

How can you find out if you have lost any pieces of your soul? There are many ways. One of them is by getting a reading by an Akashic Records reader or psychic reader......

Continue reading "Fragmented Souls" >>

The Gates of Heaven

I was reading about some of the atrocities that people commit in wars, and I was pondering the incredible unconditional love and compassion that surrounds all people when they are in the Spirit World. And I was wondering, how could the two ever be reconciled?

I thought, if only all these war criminals were able to feel in their hearts, for even one instant, all the love and joy and endless compassion that is there for all people who live in the Spirit World, that surrounds them and fills them in every instant of their existence. Then they would all drop their guns, their bombs and their knives, and there would be peace and an end to all war on Earth.

The Gates of Heaven

But then I wondered: What happens when a serial killer or a soldier who has murdered and tortured dozens of people arrive at the “gates of heaven”. That is, the entrance to the Spirit World, where most of us spend our time between lives, or remain forever once we have “graduated” from the Earth school.

Does he get admitted? Has he earned entry through the “pearly gates”? Or does he, rather, get sent to burn in hell, as so many of us are taught to believe as children?

Continue reading "The Gates of Heaven" >>

A Litter of Kitties

Have you ever observed a litter of newborn kitties?

If you have, well, of course you'd notice that they're all so cute! They're all soft, warm, adorable little balls of fur! They're all so cuddly.

You might have also noticed, maybe there is a tiny wee little babe who never seems to get anything. Maybe he was born just a little later than the rest, and he doesn't have the strength to fight against his brothers and sisters. Maybe he doesn't even have his eyes open yet.

Elephant Family

He's teentsy tiny while all the rest are starting to get hale and put on weight. And the bigger the others get, the harder it is for this little tyke to survive.

Well, that's the way it is in the wild. Survival of the fittest and all that, you know......

Continue reading "A Litter of Kitties" >>

Evil People

Oh, those bad, bad, bad evil people!

I believe in Evil People.

That is, I believe that there are people who have truly CHOSEN to be evil. People who really are not good people at all and have no goodness in them, because they deliberately CHOOSE to do all that they know is bad, and wrong, and hurtful to other people.

Optical Illusion face vase

No one is BORN evil (unlike what some popular religions might want us to believe).

But ANYONE can CHOOSE to be "evil".

Now, I also believe that the great majority of us, and of the people that we meet in our daily lives, are just normal, basically good people.

But occasionally, we might bump into (or read about in sensational news articles) people who are really, really evil......

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Thank You From the Depths of My Heart for Reading My Words

Live your life now!
Tomorrow will be too late.

You might be wondering (or you might not), what's with the new logo?

Why do I say we should live our dreams now, because tomorrow will be too late?

Live Your Dreams

You don't have to wait until you're dying from cancer (or some other deadly disease) to start to fulfil your dreams.

You've only got NOW!

You're alive NOW!

You're well enough NOW to start working towards your dreams.

You don't know what will happen tomorrow......

Continue reading "Thank You From The Depths of My Heart for Reading My Words" >>

New eBook:
"The Power of Loving Yourself:
10 Effective Tips to Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth"

In our world, loving yourself is not easy.

We've been told since earliest childhood that it's “selfish” and “narcissistic” to love ourselves.

That we are not worthy of love.

The Power of Loving Yourself

That other people are more important than we are and therefore deserve love more than we do.

We are told that we're too dumb, or too poor, or belong to the wrong race, or not smart enough, or not talented enough, not pretty enough or “born bad” or “born to the wrong sort of family” to deserve love.

Love is the most natural emotion, instinct even, in the world. And I don't believe that it is EVER wrong to love ANYONE......

Continue reading "The Power of Loving Yourself" >>

Live Your Life Purpose: We Are All Amazing

Did you ever wonder what it might feel like to be amazing? Or fantastic? Or super, like Superman? But the truth is, WE ARE ALL AMAZING!!! The proof of this lies in the simple fact that...... you are here at all!

Life Purpose Amazing

Every one of us came into this world to do something and to live your life purpose. If you didn't have anything to do here, you wouldn't be here at all to begin with......

Continue reading "Live Your Life Purpose: We Are All Amazing" >>

Help! I'm Hearing Voices All The Time!

Q: I am hearing voices alllllllll day long. I could go on for days about the things they talk about. I am so annoyed that I contemplate all kinds of things that I don't have the courage to do but what if that courage pops out of somewhere?

Q: I have been going through something since I was little. I sit and daydream, and then the daydreams come true. I don't know what this is or how to control any of it. I hate to dream or daydream cuz I can't tell if it's a vision or just a dream. What's going on with me?

Continue reading "FAQ's: Help! I'm Hearing Voices All The Time!" >>

Our Visit to a Sect

Well, this is a slight departure from the usual themes that I like to touch upon in this website. But I thought it would be interesting to describe a first-hand experience that we had.

Tunnel out of the sect

As spiritual seekers, we often try out new spiritual fads, new currents of thinking, non-conventional religious models and, why not, alternative ways of living. So it might occasionally happen, that we get the opportunity to set foot inside a real, live sect, and catch a glimpse of what everyday life is like in these hermetically sealed environments......

Continue reading "Our Visit to a Sect" >>

Readers' Questions

The latest questions from readers:

Q: I believe I have several psychic abilities but I'm not sure how to proceed with this new found ability......

Q: I've done quite a bit of research about psychic abilities and I figured out that I am a clairsentient. But after reading your advice about clairvoyants I'm not sure because most of the examples describe me......

Q: I just recently found out that I am an empathy psychic. Only thing is I don't like being able to sense spirits it scares me. How can I overcome this fear?

Continue reading "Readers' Questions" >>

Time Management and Dream Fulfilment

The other day I was chatting with a friend. We were discussing why time management is so important when it comes to achieving goals and manifesting what we want in life.

Dream Fulfilment

Now, getting along well with time isn't exactly my forte. But my friend had a lot of helpful advice on how you can use it to accomplish your dreams and goals.

I think that refining your time management skills is important because managing, distributing and properly planning out your time allows you to have more time to do more things. And if you have more time available to you I believe you will be able to fulfil more dreams......

Continue reading "Time Management and Dream Fulfilment" >>

FAQ's: Will Our Deceased Loved Ones Wait For Us in the Spirit World?

Q: My main concern is that my deceased loved one passed two years ago and I'm afraid he will reincarnate before I get there. He would not do so willingly, but my impression is that many are coerced into reincarnation, just as they are forced to come back if it is "not their time" as stated in so many near death experiences.

A: It's true, however, what you have read and heard about the soul. From many sources I've heard also that we, as souls, are so much huuuger and more enorrrmous than we could fathom. Each complete soul is so gigantic, and made up of many parts.

You might have experienced periods of lucidity sometime, and during this short period of lucidity, you might suddenly realize that the part of you that is living a life on earth is only just a small fraction of you, which you identify as your "consciousness" and which only includes the part of you that is aware of the things that you think you are aware of. But that, in addition to this small part of you, you might suddenly realize that there is a HUGE, large part of you that you are NOT normally aware of as you go about your everyday life, and that this very large part that you don't usually notice or think about every day, is still nonetheless a part of you too......

Continue reading "FAQ's: Will Our Deceased Loved Ones Wait For Us in the Spirit World?" >>

Honour Thy Parents

Lately I have been reading on a lot of websites, even well-known ones, and friends' Facebook pages, where the author will say something like: "I have decided to renounce my parents. / My parents were abusive, so I've decided to cut off all contact with them."

I SO understand where they're coming from, but even so, I want to tell them: Don't do something you'll regret one day.

Mothers Day Bouquet

We're all here to be together on this earth for such a very short and limited amount of time. The time that you are allotted to be with your parents is limited, and when it's gone, it's gone......

Continue reading "Honour Thy Parents" >>

Codependency In Relationships

What really bugs me about codependency in relationships, is that these are relationships where people are giving up their own power, and refusing to assume the responsibility for their own acts and decisions. Or they are encouraging another person to do this, denying that person the opportunity to face the consequences of their own acts and decisions and therefore to learn from their mistakes and grow as people, as human beings.


So, what is codependency in relationships, and how do people end up in these situations? I can understand why people get trapped in codependency and codependent relationships. I can understand where they are coming from. However, I don't consider that a strong enough excuse to justify renouncing your power, and refusing to take care of yourself......

Continue reading "Codependency In Relationships" >>

Blocked Energy

It's been a while since I've posted here, but the theme of how to clear blocked energy flow and get rid of it was on my mind, and it seemed most fitting for this time of the year as well.

Blocked Energy

When we've been doing the same old thing for a while, thinking the same old thoughts, following the same old routine day after day after day, we tend to fall into a rut. That's when the energy starts stagnating and just sitting like a lodestone in your life. That's when it becomes a good time to shake things up, clear the energy and get that old ball rolling again......

Continue reading "Blocked Energy" >>


Lately, I've received a few comments by people who have mentioned that they felt like they were able to hear the thoughts of their loved ones. They wondered if they were freaking out, imagining things, or if something was wrong with them.


In fact, however, I would love to respond to them, and tell them: that is just the loveliest, most beautiful thing in the world! The psychic ability people call telepathy is actually the normal, natural form of communication between people. In reality, we are all psychic, telepathic beings......

Continue reading "Telepathy" >>


Today I was just sitting around and pondering about life. About my life, about life in general, about things in life.

Guilt Monster

I was wondering how come I hadn't "made it" yet, about why I wasn't successful" yet. After pondering for a while, I reached the conclusion that I had always taken pains to avoid success because of (ta-da!): GUILT......

Continue reading "Guilt" >>


Today my son said something that really made me think, and reminded me that now would be a good time to write about the subject of curses.


Today, my son told me: Mom, I'm going to have bad luck from now on.

I asked him why.

He said, because my little brother just said something mean to me and cursed me......

Continue reading "Curses" >>

True Colors

Have you ever heard the expression "true colors", as in "I can see your true colors"? I imagine we all know perfectly well what it means. But did you ever wonder where this expression, this idea, this concept, really came from?

True Colors

Most of us rarely show our real colours in our lives. We put on masks before our bosses, our co-workers, even our friends and relatives. We like to show off our best face to most of these people, and we try to avoid behaviours that could offend, or expressing opinions that could direct anger and opposition towards us......

Continue reading "True Colors" >>

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What Is Intuition?

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Earthbound Souls, Ghosts and Poltergeists

Everything you always wanted to know about these mysterious, psychic, invisible beings: what they are, what is the difference between them, how you can get rid of them.

Death and the Afterlife

Why Death can be your best friend. And what happens to our loved ones after they "cross over".

Psychic Readers

A section filled with lots of goodies and "inside info" about the fuzzy world of "psychic bizzes".

Different Types of Psychic Abilities

An overview of some of the more (or less) common abilities including clairaudience, psychic empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Different Kinds of Reading Methods

Some of the tools that psychic readers like to use in their work such as palmistry and the pendulum.

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