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Q: I am hearing voices alllllllll day long. I won't say I believe them to actually be people I know however it is more difficult to think they aren't then to believe they are. I have had conversations in my head with voices that sounds like people I know only to hear similar conversations later in person. Let me say that I really really dislike this situation. I want nothing else but to be free of it. It's been close to four years now and I have been in a mental hospital before, medicated and seen a shrink. I am a believer of Christ and have trouble staying dedicated with church due to the normal worldly distractions alone. It is 10x's as difficult when you have these voices I have continually badgering me day and night. I am desperate to make it stop. I feel as though I may really hurt someone if it continues. I haven't ever felt like I could actually kill someone until this. I need some kind of answers to be free of this. Pastors say fast and pray and it isn't real, but then I hear their voices as well. I am beyond pissed off at times and it is causing me all kinds of grief.

I'm not sure if it's religious people that have used some kind of intervention method or what but I don't like being told that I have to do this or that. I could go on for days about the things they talk about. I am so annoyed that I contemplate all kinds of things that I don't have the courage to do but what if that courage pops out of somewhere?

A: I'm sorry that you're living with such an awful situation.

Here are some common reasons for hearing voices all the time, that is, to the extent that they bother you a lot.

I think most people hear voices occasionally. I do, and it usually doesn't bother me a lot and they usually don't last very long. This usually happens especially when you start to doze off, so you're relaxed and in the alpha state. That is a state where you are naturally more open to psychic communication.

When you are in that state, you might tune in, without meaning to, into sounds in astral planes. It's like a radio dial, and you just happened to tune into the radio channels of astral planes, because your mind is relaxed. These voices that you hear don't mean anything, they're just there. They're not meant specifically for you. Just as radio stations are always broadcasting shows, but they are not meant specifically for you, but if you tune your radio into these stations, then you can hear them.

Sometimes, it might happen that the beings that are making these noises become aware of the fact that you can hear them. In that case, they might decide to take advantage of this fact to taunt you and bug you and make life difficult for you, because these are really nasty beings. They are bullies, and they like nothing better than to make people feel bad.

You could tell them to bug off, and then deliberately make the effort to ignore them. Just as you would a pesky bully. Some bullies will leave you alone if you ignore them, but there are others that are more persistent, and will keep trying to get your attention.

You are in charge of your own head, and if you tell an entity to bug off and leave you alone and stop talking to you, then it must do as you say, because you are in charge of what enters into your head.

Another reason for hearing voices, especially when we are dozing off, has nothing to do with psychic phenomena. It's just simply your mind sorting through all the things that have happened during the day and all the conversations it has heard throughout the day. During this time the mind does "housecleaning" and throws away any information that it feels that you don't need to remember.

If you still continue to hear unwanted voices anyways, that talk to you constantly and bother you all the time, especially if they tell you to do things that you don't want to do...... Well, first of all, you are the one who has the final decision as to what things you will or will not do. Just because a voice floating around inside your head tells you to do something, that doesn't mean that you are required or obligated to do it.

If your neighbour told you to go and kill his wife or jump off of a cliff, would you do it, just because your neighbour keeps bugging you to do it?

Secondly, unfortunately, hearing nasty voices all the time that tell you to do bad things, unfortunately if that is happening to you, you probably do need to see a mental health professional and take some meds. Seeing a doctor and taking medication doesn't mean that it is your fault. After all, if you had the flu and you went to see a doctor and he told you to take some meds, would you feel like there is something wrong with you? No, you just have an illness. Which can be treated.

A lot of times these things happen purely because you have a biochemical imbalance, and taking meds will help to balance and restore these biochemicals to their proper levels.

I hope that helps.

Q: My girlfriend has heard voices off and on for several years now. But a few months ago she quit smoking and the voices started telling her to harm herself. Well doctors keep saying she is mentally ill she has this or that. But I'm not so certain. I say this because I have a few abilities and at the present moment I am just starting out to use/control them. I went about a process and my girlfriend turned into a different person, her demeanor, her tone, her look, her pupils even changed shape from circle to a diamond. Well he told me his name, and all kinds of information, that my girlfriend just doesn't have the imagination to make up off a whim. I was actually wondering if you might be able to shed some light on this for me, I was thinking either she is either inhabited by a lost soul or souls, or do you think she really has split personalities?

A: Hi. I'm sorry that this is happening to your girlfriend. All of the possibilities that you mention are possible.

I'm no expert on the subject, of course, and personally I think your girlfriend's mental health professional is muuuch more prepared to help your girlfriend than I am!

My teacher, Andrea Hess, has told me that the majority of people who hear voices in their heads, especially if these voices tell them to harm themselves or other people, are quite simply suffering from a mental disorder which CAN be treated!

Occasionally people can be "possessed" by entities, that is, an entity may take over another person temporarily, but it usually doesn't produce all those spectacular phenomena that you see in movies like "The Exorcist"! Most "possessions" are barely even noticeable, the person might act a bit strangely, or they might do things they would normally never do, as if they were drugged or under the influence of alcohol.

There are many ways out there to free these people. Receiving a Soul Realignment session is certainly very effective for this. I have also heard of people becoming freed from "possessing entities" (and seen it for myself!) by receiving a Reiki initiation (initiation into the First Level of Reiki).

However, in most cases, as you say, the person is usually suffering from a mental disorder. Multiple personalities is a mental disorder too, and like any other illness, it CAN be treated.

Q: I have been going through something since I was little. I will give you some examples. When my daughter was little I took her to my mother's house so that she could spend time with her. When I got home I sat on my bed and I daydreamed about my mother breaking the zipper on the diaper bag. When I picked up my daughter, my mother told me she broke the zipper on the baby's bag. 2nd example... I live with a close friend and one day she was in the room and I was in the kitchen cooking and I heard/felt her say nobody wants me. So I went in the room and repeat what I heard her say in her mind and she asked me how did I know she said that. I have experienced hearing what people think many times but I can't listen when I want, it just randomly happens. Another time I went to get my car fixed and me and my son sat in the waiting room so I started daydreaming. I daydreamed that the mechanic put my car on a machine and he was using some type of pressure machine and a piece popped off with full force and hit my son in the head and killed him... now when I snapped out of it, three minutes had gone by and it happened but instead of it hitting my son's head, it flew over his head. I can read people as far as how they are as a person and sometimes feel their pain and sadness or if they are good. I can feel when someone has a beautiful spirit. Please help. I don't know what this is or how to control any of it. I hate to dream or daydream cuz I can't tell if it's a vision or just a dream. What's going on with me?

A: I think it's wonderful to be able to sometimes anticipate things before they happen. It's also (probably) more common than you think. Occasionally I will "daydream" about something and it will later happen but with me it's usually just silly things of no importance. For example, sometimes I will even daydream of something, and then later on I will see it on a TV show!

I personally don't think that you really need to worry about this.

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