Listening to and Following Your Intuition

I think a lot of people get scared away from listening to their intuition, or even acknowledging that it exists, in their very first years of life.

Having intuitive sense is just as natural as having a sense of smell. Everyone uses this natural ability in order to successfully navigate through life, but some people are unaware of what it is exactly that is guiding them, while others prefer to believe that intuition has nothing to do with it. They prefer to give it a different name: common sense, maybe, or instinct, insight or wisdom.

Intuitive Wisdom

However, right from the beginning of life, that good ole instinct (insight, common sense, wisdom, etc., in other words, intuition) is guiding us in the right direction. The path that is most beneficial for us.

A Natural Ability

Some examples of intuitive guidance could include, say, the instinct that babies have to stay away from high places.

If you've ever had a clear glass floor and you covered it with carpet, but you left a spot open so you could see the basement underneath, and then you let a crawling baby loose on that carpet, you can observe its reaction when it reaches the open glass. It's a baby, it doesn't know that there is a strong pane of glass there, ready to support its weight. You might notice that it takes fright when it suddenly stumbles over the open space.

This is a child who doesn't know how to walk yet. It has probably never taken a tumble in its life (or at least we certainly hope it hasn't!). Yet it just knows to stay away from high places.

No one taught this to him. It's just instinct. Natural intuition.

As you can see, we all need that natural sense in order to stay alive.

Intuition in Your Daily Life

Another example could be, say you're walking in the street and you need directions to get someplace. The sidewalk is full of people, so, who can you ask?

It's true, up to a certain extent you might base your judgement on trite stereotypes such as, for example, you would probably think it's safer to approach a young lady instead of a burly, unshaven man with a mean frown on his face.

But let's say there are several young ladies in the vicinity. So now, how do you choose?

You will most likely find yourself drawn to one of the ladies in particular.


Well, you can't define it, but something just told you that you could count on that otherwise ordinary-looking woman. That she would point you correctly in the right direction and not try to clean out your pockets in the process.

Inner Wisdom Running 24/7

We are continually collecting impressions about the world and the people around us all the time. Most of the time this process goes on fairly unconsciously, or at least we don't pay too much attention to it.

But when we need to access that information, it's there, ready for us to make full use of.

That is really all that you need to do to access your intuition. No mysterious auras floating about in the air. No need to pick other people's thoughts telepathically.

Just your good old sense of something being right or feeling good to you. Of finding yourself drawn towards the person who makes you feel good and doesn't strike you as particularly menacing, and following this natural inner indication.

How Intuition Gets Suppressed

Learning to actually notice and trust your intuition, however, may require quite a bit of effort. It would all depend on how strongly you had been programmed in your childhood into "not listening" to yourself and ignoring your own needs and desires.

As children, some of us might have been taught to "do as you're told", to obey without questioning. We might have been chided, scolded or even punished when we tried to avoid something that we knew wasn't good for us, or that made us feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps your parents used to force you to kiss Uncle Billy. You didn't like Uncle Billy, he had a creepy smile and he was always staring at you behind your back.

But since he was your uncle, you had to kiss him. Your parents didn't teach you to respect your natural feelings of aversion towards this man.

Maybe, a few years later, everyone discovered that Uncle Billy was actually a pedophile.

Then your parents might have become distressed and upset that they used to entertain such an individual in their own home. They might have felt horrified thinking how they actually forced you to kiss and hug him. Goodness knows what sorts of perverted thoughts might have been running through his head as he was touching you!

They could have avoided all of this trauma, however, if only they had respected your feelings towards this man.

Respect Yourself First

Handshake of Respect

So, an important part of using your intuition is learning to respect your own feelings and judgements.

Yes, it's true, many of us were trained from the start to always take into account other people's desires and needs. And that's perfectly fine.

However, we do have to respect our own feelings and needs first. If we don't do that, no one else will do it for us.

As you go along practising the art of listening to yourself, your sensations and feelings, and respecting them no matter what other people might think, or what they might desire to receive from you, you will probably find that following your intuition becomes easier and easier.

Perhaps, hopefully, it will even become second nature to you one day, and you will no longer feel the necessity of apologizing to others whenever you do something that is good for YOU, even if it might go against other people's expectations of you.

As you nurture your budding sixth but natural sense, you might like to read some suggestions on how to develop your intuition even further, and learning to trust in the veracity and true guidance of your feelings.

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