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Throughout my life I've had the opportunity to get to know dozens of psychic readers, either because I knew them personally, through receiving a reading from them, or because I studied with them.

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These experiences have helped me enormously to learn how to distinguish between psychic scams and the "real deals": true, ethical spiritual psychics with genuine talent and the honest desire to help people using this talent.

I've also learned something about discerning good quality psychics from the fakes, the ones who know nothing even though they may consider themselves pretty hot.

So here on the following pages I would like to share with you the lessons that I've learned about these people and their businesses. Giving psychic readings is a business like any other. Psychics – well most psychics anyways – are professionals just like carpenters, plumbers, financial consultants and dentists.

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Personal Experiences With Psychic Readers

Here I’ll tell a little bit about psychic readings that I myself have personally received and what I think of them.

Common Psychic Scams

On this page, I’ll warn you about the most common psychic scams, how to spot them and how to avoid them. What signs can indicate that the person that you are thinking of asking a reading from is actually a fish?

The Coolest Psychic Readers

Here on this page, on the contrary, I’ll tell you all about my three favourite psychic readers that I know personally. These people definitely are NOT fish! These are psychics you can trust. Well at least they are professionals that I trust in and recommend.

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Susan said on May 30, 2014:

Great site, love it, and nice to find one that is knowledgeable and genuine. Another knowledgeable and genuine site is here

The Seas Of Mintaka said on May 30, 2014:

Thank you, Susan! Also, I have checked out the site that you recommend and I do find it quite nice. I haven't ordered any readings from it, so I can't recommend (or not recommend) the site to anyone. However it looks quite interesting and well-done and it is certainly very informative!


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