Scary Ghost Stories – The Haunted Hotel

We all love a creepy, horrifying phantom tale. So, have I got any scary ghost stories to tell? You can be sure I do.

Okay so maybe my history is not that spectacular. I didn't suffer visions of slimy ectoplasm oozing around, no shadowy figures going bump in the night.

Haunted Hotel

But it has the virtue of being a true story. And this place was definitely "haunted".

I used to work in a hotel a while back. It was a really creepy, scary place. Reminded me very much, in fact, of the hotel in "The Shining". No kidding. It was that creepy, and sleazy too.

When I first walked into that place, I did have to admit, okay, it was quite quaint. No modern furnishings, no automated doors. Lots of dark, oily portraits of agonizing saints and avenging angels glaring down at us from the walls. And the worst thing, no air conditioning! Truly a sin if ever there was one here on the searing Costa del Sol.

But after all, that's still okay. I mean, in these days of dire recession, a job is a job, right?

However, in the end, this was one job I had to relinquish, with an enormous sigh of relief.

And the reason for this, precisely, was because of all those wispy spirits and creepy crawlies flittering about against the walls.

Wispy Spirits and Creepy Crawlies

You couldn't see them. (Well unless you were a clairvoyant or a psychic medium. But I am not.) But you felt them all around you. Whispering cold breezes. Oppressive sensations. Feelings of despair and hopelessness, for no reason at all, that just simply besieged you.

And permeating it all all the time, relentlessly, without respite, the endless, ominous, palpable aura of gloom and doom. The asphixiating, disconsolate sensation that you have when you are about to lose someone that you love forever and never, ever see them again.

Not the sort of emotions you would expect in an establishment dedicated, supposedly, to the enjoyment of tourists passing their relaxing summer holidays.

Big Deep Dark Shadow

I suppose what really freaked me out in the end, however, so that the moment I was finally able to renounce on that creepy, crawly employment (no offence meant to my boss or co-workers, by the way, they were wonderful people, marvellous beings just doing their job, and it wasn't their fault that their workplace was so dreary), I swore that I would never go back there again (and I haven't), was the Big. Deep. Dark. Shadow.

The Big. Deep. Dark. Shadow.

I've occasionally seen big, deep, dark shadows. And wherever they reside, happiness always eludes the inhabitants. There is always unrest and discord in a home with Big. Deep. Dark. Shadows. I don't know exactly what they are made of, what is inside them or what sort of beings they once were. They just simply, are.

Another Big Deep Dark Shadow

The first time I saw a big, deep, dark shadow was at home growing up. It lurked around near the entrance to the living-room. One thing about these creepy shades, they seem to be fond of hanging about the same place all the time. They don't tend to move about anywhere.

You can tell that there is one in a specific area because the shadows there will seem deeper. Blacker. More profound.

And they will just simply feel creepy.

Sleazy Hotel

Well, back to the sleazy hotel. The big, deep, dark shadow there resided in the personnel corridor ("no unauthorized personnel", it proclaims, on the entrance to this particular hallway). I had to pass by it all the time as I worked.

When I studied Soul Realignment psychic readings, one of the modalities that we learned was how to read, and CLEAR, properties, like homes, buildings, offices and businesses. So, out of curiosity, one of the first places I decided to do a reading about was this scary hotel. Here you can see some of the results:

Negative entities: 114
Earthbound spirits: 63
Ghosts: 17
Poltergeists: 0

Negative entities are simply dark, oozy, negative beings of diverse origins, usually not human. I believe big, deep, dark shadows would fit perfectly in this category.

In this article I explain the difference between earthbound spirits, actual ghosts and poltergeists. For the moment, I will just relate that they are all dead people. Usually quite unhappy dead people.

Although only fiction, J.K. Rowling was quite correct when explaining that people become ghosts only if they are unhappy people.

Ghosts in My Own Home?

If you think that perhaps I am making this up or exaggerating, well here are the results of the reading I did for my own home (my current home, not the one I grew up in with that unpleasant thug of a big, deep dark shadow presiding over the living-room door):

Negative entities: 1
Earthbound spirits: 0
Ghosts: 0
Poltergeists: 0

Of course, I did not just leave it there. I CLEARED my own home too. Because I could. And because, well. Who wants to live with a negative nasty in their own residence anyways?

Haunted Hotels

As I did some reading and research I discovered that your stereotypical "haunted" hotel is really fairly ordinary and commonplace. Apparently, it is quite normal for ghosts and negative entities to take up residence in these surroundings, and more than one such establishment enjoys worldwide (or at least local) fame for being just such an enclave.

Big Deep Dark Pink Shadow

Well, it might smack of the Amityville horror or corny, pastiche, B-rated horror films, and it isn't quite so dramatic as declaring that this "refuge for the weary" just happens to be built upon an ancient cemetery or anything like that.

However, once upon a time this hotel used to be a hospice. A senior citizens' residence where ailing elderly people went to die.

A centre where young people lost their parents. Where children saw their grandparents for the very last time in their lives.

No wonder ghosts continue to weep along its narrow corridors, and the aura of grief, 50 years after its conversion into a hotel, still permeates the air.

I have no idea whose brilliant idea it was to transform these hallways pulsating with sadness into a hotel. It is not, however, one does have to admit, a very successful hotel.

So, I thought I'd end on a "negative" note. With a negative review, that is. Which demonstrates that these creepy nasties do indeed affect all people, and not just a few hyper reactive, oversensitive psychic empaths out there, even when these people don't know at all what it is that is getting them down.

This is a review of the hotel published on the internet. In English, basically, it proclaims:

"The children still have nightmares."

Hotel Review

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