How to Develop Your Intuition

Now that you have come to terms with the idea that you naturally possess an intuitive sense and that this intuition is good for you, and now that you have learned how to tune in to that sixth sense, we can move along and discover more fun ways to develop your intuition and use it in practical situations in your everyday life.

Sand Castles

There really is nothing woo-woo or unnatural about tuning in to your inner wisdom. Basically, it implies:

  • listening to yourself
  • paying attention to your feelings
  • respecting yourself, and
  • trusting yourself

Your feelings will never lie to you. They indicate to you what is happening deep within you. There are no “good” feelings or “bad” feelings, acceptable ones and unacceptable ones (except in the eyes of society, of course).

For example, there is nothing wrong with crying, or feeling rage. The problem only arises when you are laughed at for crying in public, or when your anger spins out of control, causing you to hurt or harm other people.

Shutting out your feelings or denying them will not make them go away. (It will only cause cancer, high blood pressure, heart ailments and other icky nasties, but that is outside of the scope of this article.)

In addition, if you ignore your feelings, you are also closing the door to your intuition, since intuitive messages make themselves known to you primarily through sensations.

The Need to Become More Sensitive in Life

Becoming aware of these sensations, and thus being more attentive to subtle messages from your intuition, means really honing your sensitivity down to a tee. And furthermore, it might also imply not needing to apologize to anyone for your “overactive hypersensitivity”, something which you might feel pressured to do in our composure-oriented world, especially if you are a male!

Sometimes, an intuitive alert is very, very, very tiny and hard to notice, just a twinge. Oftentimes it feels like an afterthought or a "just in case" sort of sensation.

That is, let’s say you're about to walk out of your house and you suddenly feel a twinge sort of like, oh maybe it would be a good idea to throw in the umbrella today.

The problem with this sort of sensation is that it's all too easy to shrug it off or justify not paying any attention to it. You might take a glance out the window, see the sun beaming down in all its majesty, not a cloud in the sky, and you shake your head and laugh at yourself a little: oh what a silly idea, umbrella indeed!

So you breeze out the door and the umbrella sits in its canister by your front entrance, laughing at you. You only realize what a mistake you made, by shrugging off your wispy little feelings, when that sudden freak storm surprises you in the middle of the afternoon.

Hence, these intuitive alerts often take the form of just a tiny little sensation, easy to overlook or not notice, very easy to justify not paying any attention to it, or to laugh off.

But if you ignore that little tweet, you are not using your intuition and thus you are not developing it or making the most of all of the advantages and benefits that using this excellent sense can offer in your life.

When I Ignored a Little Tweet

The situations in my life where I quite stupidly ignored these little “niggling feelings” are too numerous for me to remember them all, but anyways, as they say, live and learn. Ignoring these sensations, and then suffering the consequences, is how we develop the sharpness to pay more attention to these little nudgings in the end.

Yellow Umbrella

I really can’t recall too many concrete incidents, because these are the sorts of things that you beat yourself on the head for, and then move on and forget about.

Perhaps one such example could be something similar to the case I described above, where I was taking the kids to school, and I felt like I just “ought to” throw in an umbrella for everyone.

But you know, the minutes were flying by so quickly, I didn’t want to be late for school and besides which, there weren’t a lot of clouds in the sky anyways. Or at least not enough to produce rain. So off we went – without our proverbial umbrella, of course.

And of course, half-way to school, it did rain. Which did not please the kids one iota.

As I said, live and learn.

When Something Doesn’t Feel Quite Right

Another way that intuitive alerts might show up is in the sensation that something just doesn't feel right. When that happens to you, I'd advise you to sit up and take notice! If something doesn't feel quite right, probably something isn't quite right. So pay attention and don't shrug it off.

Intuition may also speak in your life when, let's say you are setting up a project, or doing something artistic, and something just "bothers" you. Maybe you are writing the script for a play or the plotline for a story, and you feel like "this just doesn't make sense".

Or something strikes you as being too tacky, or contrived, or you just can't believe it. You find it doesn't come across as being credible or believable. Well that is in essence another way that intuition is giving you a knock on the door.

If you feel like the plotline is a little contrived, others watching your play or reading your story are NOT going to like it at all! They won't feel like it's a little contrived, they will feel like you are grasping a hold of their heartstrings and manipulating their feelings callously, and they will definitely NOT take kindly to that!

Natural Lie Detector

Intuition is helping you along when you are talking to someone and you get the distinct sensation that something that they are saying to you is just off. It just doesn't sound right or make sense to you, no matter how earnestly the person is trying to convince you otherwise.

Well sit up and pay attention: this person could indeed very well be lying to you, or trying to manipulate you or at the very least, perhaps they are not quite right in the head.

Developing your intuition also implies becoming more aware: more aware of everything, more in touch with your thoughts, emotions and sensations as you go about your everyday life.

In other words, we’ve got to shake off that automatic pilot!

For example as you talk to people you get sensations about them. As you walk down the street you may suddenly feel a certain way.

Maybe you feel a sudden desire to turn left at a certain intersection when your usual custom is to turn right, and then your gut feeling turns out to have been correct all along when you ignore that sage sensation – of course you do, as you are still in the process of learning how to develop your trust in your intuition – and you turn right anyways, only to find yourself caught in a traffic jam a mile long.

Using Your Intuition in Your Life

You can also choose to use your intuition in a more deliberate fashion. For example, let's say you have to choose between two or more options for something.

As in the example I gave in this article about listening to your intuition, you might have to approach a person on the street, and you don't know which person to choose. In this case you can resort to your intuition deliberately in order to select the right person. Perhaps it's the one that inspires confidence and trust in you, or the one that you find most attractive, or that makes you feel comfortable.

Some sort of sensation or feeling that indicates to you just exactly who is the right person for you to approach.

Oftentimes job interviewers and personnel recruiters draw upon just precisely this intuitive quality, either deliberately, knowing perfectly well what they are doing and demonstrating a supreme confidence in the accuracy of their intuitive messages, or else unconsciously.

That is, they just "know" who is the perfect candidate to hire even though they can't define or explain why they chose one person over another.

Purple Umbrella

So basically, you can see that, more than developing your intuition, in the sense that, as an intelligent human being with survival instincts built right in, you already possess a fully functioning set of intuitive instincts.

It's really more a matter of learning to use these instincts and pay attention to them, rather than actually having to build them up at all.

It means no longer feeling like you have to apologize to people for paying attention to yourself and respecting your feelings.

It means sitting up and taking notice of little sensations even when they seem illogical or trivial.

The more you do this, the easier it becomes. More than developing your intuition, what you really need to work on is learning to realize when you have these little tweaks, and then overcoming what might be your natural, conditioned reaction to shrug them off or laugh at them.

As you do this more often and become accustomed to the sensation that arises in you when your intuition is speaking to you, you will find that it gets easier, because you will learn to recognize that feeling, and become capable of identifying it, and what it means, when it surges up inside of you.

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