Different Kinds of Psychic Reading Methods

Well you might think that a psychic reading is a psychic reading, right? And that you’ve just got your plain old generic readings out there to resort to and that’s about it. Not much of a selection.

In reality, there are just so many ways people can try to divine your fate, fortune and future. For that matter, there are also just about as many aspects of your life that can be read for.

Psychic Readings

You can have everything from the usual prophesizing, to finding out whether you will find your soulmate, win the lottery or get to go on that dream vacation.

You might also be one of those more reflexive types (like me) who express less common desires such as, for example, finding out your purpose in life, scrying for what it is exactly that you came into the world to learn and accomplish, or uncovering the talents that you chose to develop in your previous incarnations and therefore hold now at your fingertips, ready to be put to use at any moment for your benefit and well-being.

Well, whatever it is that has spurred you to seek out the assistance of a psychic reader, I’m sure that there must be just the right professional out there, eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to lend you a hand with his well-thought-out psychic advice.

Real Psychics versus Fake Psychics

In a future article I hope I can try and explain how you can tell the difference between the “real McCoy”, those spiritual teachers who have genuine talent and a real desire to help YOU and make a (positive) difference in your life, and those fortune tellers who are just in it for the money.

But today’s article is for informative purposes only. I felt like expounding a bit on all the many different kinds of psychic readings and divination methods that exist out there.

Well maybe not all of them, because there must be an infinite number, but I hope I can offer at least a good overview of the most popular types.

As this is not a directory, I don’t offer any recommendations or referrals, or provide links or contact information for anyone. However, I hope that with my descriptions, I can help you to decide which kind of professional would best suit your needs in any given situation.

Divination Methods

Divination Tools

This pendulum is the one I actually use, I use it exclusively for “Soul Realignment” psychic readings (more about that specialty in a future article). This isn’t the only Tarot that I have, it isn’t even my preferred deck but it was the one I happened to have most at hand for this spur-of-the-moment, most unprofessional photography session. And as for the crystals, well, at this moment I’m not using them since I’m not “into” crystals now. I did use them in the past, however. But, you know, we all change in our tastes and interests.

Well, we let’s start off with the usual “run-of-the-mill” psychic, so to speak. Now I don’t plan on going into the subject of your ordinary, everyday TV pseudo-diviners, or the astrologers who predict the future of famous celebs and politicians.

No, I intend to talk here about “real” psychics. The kind you can count on. The ones who have genuine talent and are ready to offer you their services because they really have the capacity to do so, and nothing makes them happier than to be able to help you out doing something that they know how to do, and are good at.

Your Usual Go-To Professional Psychic Reader

Anyways, as I was saying, your usual go-to professional is probably the one who has been living in the neighbourhood ever since you can remember. Who goes shopping at the same supermarket you do and washes dishes every day.

The only difference between you and he/she (usually she, although I have heard of some well-known and reliable male readers out there, for some reason most people who feel attracted to this field and have great interest for it tend to be women, maybe something to do with that old female intuition?), really, is that maybe you earn your living by staring into a computer while she receives troubled people in her home or chats with them over the telephone.

So, this psychic might use a combination of traditional tools for divination such as Tarot or playing cards, tea leaves or a pendulum.

Then there are those who prefer crystal balls, although personally I’ve never met anyone who was capable of using one. I even have a crystal ball myself, and I can’t use it either.

But they sure do make great mystique-creating props sitting pompously in the centre of the tenebrous, smoke-filled lair of the village witch!

Some people can divine the course of your life by gazing into the heart of your palm. Some individuals may be consummate professionals in the art of clairvoyant readings.

Others are more schematic and prefer to rely on external tools such as an astrological chart or numerological calculations.

And then, there are those who are capable of interpreting your dreams to help you prepare for your destiny.

Readings and Psychic Healing

Afterwards, we can move into a sort of vague and nebulous field, kind of like a cross between pure divination and physical and psychic healing, which are disciplines which also require a great deal of intuition and extrasensory prowess.

In that area, we can find people who can perceive your aura and interpret the signs that it reveals about your physical and spiritual health, as well as help you heal in these aspects.

We can also include other intuitives in these fields, such as Bach Flower therapists, aromatherapists, Theta Healers, “Soul Realignment” practitioners and others. I won’t be talking about them in this article however, as they not only provide psychic readings to guide you towards your future, but are also capable of helping you to heal.

I hope to be able to put together a guide into these fascinating professions one day soon, so stay tuned, bookmark this site and feel free to subscribe to this site using the "Subscribe" box on the right-hand column, and check in often to my site!

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