Lately, I've received a few comments by people who have mentioned that they felt like they were able to hear the thoughts of their loved ones. They wondered if they were freaking out, imagining things, or if something was wrong with them.


In fact, however, I would love to respond to them, and tell them: that is just the loveliest, most beautiful thing in the world!

Quite clearly, the connection that they share with these beloved beings, is so strong and healthy, that it allows them to naturally be in tune with their loved ones. No matter where they are. No matter what they happen to be doing.

Pure, natural, love-fuelled telepathy.

Because, in reality, we are all telepathic beings.

The Most Natural Form of Communication

Telepathic communication is actually the normal, natural form of communication between people, and when we are in the spirit world (ie. when we are "dead" and not living a life on earth), telepathy is the only way that we have of communicating with each other.

Telepathy is actually the natural means that we were originally meant to use to communicate with each other.

However, as negativity invaded our planet and our hearts, telepathy became more and more difficult to carry out.

As you can imagine, in order to share a deep, mind-bonding experience with another being, we must naturally and inherently feel trust towards that being, be willing to share our deepest emotions and thoughts with that being, and the other person must be just as willing to share with us.

If there are secrets, or fears, or some form of deception getting in the way, telepathic communication is all but impossible.

Trust is Inherent in Telepathic Communication

In primitive tribes, telepathy was a natural and normal means for members to get in touch with each other. Scouts could send each other information about the best hunting grounds, warn their loved ones at home of danger lurking close by.

After all, when you come right down to it, trying to use a mobile phone in those necks of the woods, in the midst of a savage jungle with the nearest electricity pole a few thousand kilometres away, can most certainly prove to be quite cumbersome. Telepathy is so much neater, efficient and more convenient.

It's like telling your mom: "Hey look, Mom, I can talk with sis – with no hands!"

Yep, in order to communicate with your mind, you don't need to use your hands, or handle complicated electronic devices. You won't be cut off if there is a power outage. And your family and friends can convey even complex or long-winded ideas to you in a flash.

Well, so, perhaps now you are wondering, how can you develop this really handy, as well as absolutely marvellous, ability called telepathy for yourself?

The Usual Way to Develop Telepathy

We have all probably heard of or read about the usual techniques for developing telepathy. For example, you can get together with your psychic development chum and decide upon one of you being the Sender, and the other the Receiver.

Sender sits all alone in a quiet room with either a stack of Zener cards, or words, images or objects of his own devising, in front of him, and concentrates upon said stimulus, that is, one word, image or object in particular. Receiver, on the other hand, does his best to receive these impressions, using only his mind, from Sender.

However, I would like to suggest an alternate method. Now, that does not mean that the "traditional" way does not work or is no good. On the contrary, the usual method appears to be most direct and efficient for helping people develop their telepathic skills quickly and accurately.

However, for those of us who don't have the patience to mess around with long sessions in closed bedrooms (or living-rooms, or study rooms), and we don't have any particular reason or desire for "listening in" on the thoughts of casual acquaintances and strangers and just about everyone who enters into the room with us, but rather, we only want to deepen our connection with our loved ones, I would like to suggest this alternate method.

If you are a mother, you probably already practise this method, and maybe you are not even aware of it.

Quite simply, it consists basically of being very much in touch with and aware of your loved one. Of feeling what your loved one feels. Of noticing if something is off with them. Of just simply getting a "sense" and a "feel" for what your loved one feels like.

Telepathic Communication

You can tell when your family member is feeling down, or if there is something wrong with them.

If you are a mother, you have probably already developed the "eyes in the back of your head" syndrome that all naughty children have discovered that their mothers possess. You didn't do this by making your child stare at Zener cards, or locking the two of you up in separate rooms and trying to pass images from one to the other.

You probably just "know" what your child is up to. You can just "tell" when they are going to do something that they know they shouldn't. There will be something about them, some look in their eyes, maybe, or a gesture. Or maybe, just simply, you "read their thoughts".

Yes, pure, natural telepathy.

Talking With Loved Ones Mind to Mind

So, I think that developing a telepathic bond with someone that you care about very much, is mainly a matter of paying attention to that person, taking note of even slight changes in the person. Becoming sensitive, noticing things that perhaps someone else would not notice.

My sons are always saying to me, how did you know that we were going to do so-and-so naughty, forbidden thing that we know we're not supposed to do? They even wonder how I can predict their futures ("Mami, how did you know I was going to lose my pencil today??").

I usually give them the spiel about the proverbial eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head syndrome that mothers habitually "suffer" from.

However, the point of the matter is, that chances are good that you do already share a certain degree of telepathic co-penetration with the people that you love. And this form of telepathy is not anything to become the least bit alarmed about. You are not freaking out, imagining things or going crazy.

You are just a normal human being who shares a strong bond of love with someone. And your telepathic experience can only help to deepen the bond and the trust that you share between you.

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