Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Poltergeists

Well, it has been a while since I promised an article detailing the differences between earthbound spirits, ghosts and poltergeists.

So I guess this moment has arrived. Today I'm going to be talking a little bit about these three different types of beings.

Poltergeists They're Here

First of all, all three are HUMAN SOULS. In this case, we are not dealing with "demons", lower astral beings, negative entities, etc. Earthbound spirits, ghosts and poltergeists are all human souls, however they are distinct from one another on the basis of:

  • how long they have been "dead", that is, since they left their last lifetime on earth behind
  • where they get their energy and life force from, and
  • what they do

So, now, let's talk a little bit about each of these points.

1. How long they have been dead.

Earthbound spirits:

Deep dark shadow of earthbound spirit

Earthbound souls haven't been around for a long time. You are probably familiar with these beings if you watch "Ghost Whisperer" sometimes. I have gone into detail about the origins of these creatures, who they are and what they do in this article about earthbound spirits, so I will only give a summary about them here.

These usually unhappy people are souls that remain hanging around us after they have passed. They may have various reasons for doing this:

As in the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, they could be people with unfinished business, who are just hanging around hoping to seize an opportunity to bump into a gifted psychic medium like Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg) or Melinda Gordon, so that they can get their unfinished business done.

They could drift around for years, never finding a way to communicate with us. Or they might get lucky, bring their message across to us and then go, that is, return to the spirit world where they belong.

Or they might just give up, as genuine psychic mediums don't exactly pop up like mushrooms all over the globe at our beck and call, and decide to lumber on back to the spirit world without ever finishing their unfinished business here.

These people usually choose to hang around people that they knew well in life. They will not go off to "haunt" complete strangers or abandoned mansions.


Ghosts are people who usually lost their lives a long time, even centuries, ago. Unlike earthbound spirits, they usually prefer to haunt specific places rather than people. Perhaps one of the reasons for this may be because the people that they knew in life are probably all dead by now!

So, when does an earthbound soul longing for the presence of its loved ones on earth metamorphose into a phantom?

Well, usually, to become a ghost, you have probably lost all attachment to people on earth. Maybe you didn't like any of the people who were regulars in your life, and you're just as relieved to get rid of them, as they probably are to see you gone.

I mean, if you were the earthbound spirit of Uncle Arthur and you noticed that your dear nephew Adam is lying on his deathbed, you would probably high-tail it to the spirit world as fast as your wings (well legs, since discarnate people, like living people, don't have wings) could carry you, so you could be available to re-unite with dear nephew Adam over there.

But if, on the contrary, you didn't care about your dear nephew Adam at all and Adam couldn't stand your guts either, you probably feel no great desire to drift off into the spirit world and suffer a chance encounter with Adam there. You'd probably consider that you're better off floating about your old, familiar mansion, surrounded by comforting, familiar sights, sounds and breezes.

An earthbound soul could indeed run the risk of turning into a ghost if it isn't aware that it is dead, or that it has any alternatives to drifting aimlessly about its old home. It may hang around, at first it is happy to be in the presence of its family.

But one day, the family leaves. They move away, or they die and pass joyfully into the spirit world. And you are left all alone and adrift on the earth plane, neither a fully formed human being nor a spirit living where it belongs, in its rightful home in the spirit world.

In this case, it could be a long time before you become aware of the necessity of "going home", or even realize that you do have the power to return home at all. You may have forgotten that the spirit world exists. When your spirit guide comes to you to help you return, you may turn your back on him out of fear or mistrust.

Or, as often happens, maybe you just like being a phantasmagorical spirit. After all, as Michael Newton mentioned in his books, for some people, being a ghost for a while is actually quite fun!


Poltergeists have been living as formless spirits for so long that, like the Gollum, they have almost forgotten what they once used to be: ordinary men and women.

They have existed as invisible spirits on the earth plane for so long, usually centuries at the very least, that they have acquired a great deal of knowledge about how to survive and use their natural resources to their advantage. Natural resources such as, for example, an extensive and expert knowledge of and practice in the use of telekinesis, the ability to produce mysterious sounds and the capacity for materializing objects and substances out of nothing.

These are skills which they have usually acquired and honed by virtue of their long sojourn on the earth plane as spirits without solid hands to do their bidding for them, so they needed to develop other means to accomplish the things that they wanted to. And since any sort of work in spirit form is always faster and easier than trying to work through matter, it is also far simpler to develop your latent telekinetic functions when you are a spirit, rather than a solid and living man or woman.

2. Where they get their energy and life force from.

As I mentioned earlier, spirits here on the earth plane don't enjoy the privilege of having direct access to an endless and infinite source of power and energy, like we living humans do. So they have to develop manoeuvres and find sources of energy from living people.

Earthbound spirits:

Earthbound spirits usually get that energy from their loved ones. They don't suck the energy from their loved ones on purpose, or because they wish to harm their loved ones, but rather quite simply for pure survival. They NEED that energy to remain alive as souls.

Of course, they will not completely drain their family and friends. That would work totally against them, as they have no desire to kill their loved ones and at any rate, if their loved ones were dead, then where would they, the spirits, get their energy from?

They just take a little bit, just enough to maintain themselves, so to speak. "Let's you and me share our life force together, honey sweet!"


Ghosts Phantoms Ghouls

Ghosts like to suck energy from their surroundings and environment rather than from people. In this sense, I suppose you could consider that having a ghost around is not as "draining" for you as entertaining dearly departed Uncle Arthur.

However, just imagine the amount of energy necessary to sustain that phantom from 1758 around over so many centuries. It may not be taking the energy from you, but it has to receive it from somewhere, or someone.

And if you just happen to be sharing living quarters with this eighteenth century phantom, you can be sure that it is still borrowing snippets of energy from you as well, as it vacuums away from the air around you to its heart's content.

So no wonder you probably do not find yourself most at ease in the company of your local resident ghostly spirit. As well as all the jumps, starts and scares that it may occasion you as it goes about its usual, phantasmagorical business.

And how about that sensation of "someone watching you" all the time? Wouldn't you find that draining on your energy too?

I know I would!


Poltergeists absolutely LOVE to terrorize people! That is literally what gives them life.

And since it is something that they also do so consummately well, thanks in large part to their terrific telekinetic abilities, they are in no danger of running out of victims to supply them with life energy and vital force in the very near future.

Like negative non-human, lower astral entities (which I hope to write about in a future article), poltergeists thrive and prosper in an environment chock full of negativity, heaving, heavy human emotions, fear, terror, rage and frustration. That is why you will so often find them lurking about troubled individuals, who feed them a constant stream of power with their unremitting unhappiness.

3. What they do.

Earthbound spirits:

As I said before, earthbound spirits tend to just hang around. They don't do much else. They may be actively in search of a psychic medium or channeller to help them out. Or maybe they just like to be around their granddaughter and her young, fresh energy.


Ghosts haunt. That is what they do, that is what makes them ghosts. Outside of haunting, I believe that there are very few other activities that appeal especially to them.

Now, what ghosts do NOT do:

They usually do not...... Chase people around, ambush hapless, unsuspecting victims, cut off people's heads, throw them off cliffs and balconies or threaten to kill them.

However, they do on occasion scare the living daylights out of people with their mere, generally inoffensive presence.

They also tend to be distressed and sorrowful beings, and all that unhappiness, we do have to admit, does tend to rub off on us and make us also feel downright bad and stressed-out when we find ourselves around ghosts.

And since we usually tend to feel afraid when surrounded by ghosts, well, that very fear itself may play bad tricks on us, causing us to do things that may indeed hurt us, such as running mindlessly down hallways until we fall down and injure ourselves or jumping off balconies in order to avoid them.



What poltergeists do is more than obvious, and you can read a great deal about them in the paranormal literature that abounds out there in bookshops and libraries everywhere (not to mention the internet!).

Poltergeists like to haunt families and places. They move objects, often quite violently, since they are themselves usually of a violent, perverted and aberrant character, oftentimes with more than a healthy dose of feelings of hatred and spite towards other people and the human race in general.

Poltergeists like to play around with people, just simply because they can.

Fortunately, as I mention here in this article on poltergeists, techniques do exist out there that can help you to sweep them out of your homes and your lives and send them charging into the place where they really belong: That is, either the loving and blissful spirit world where normal human souls reside, in the case of the ghosts, or, well, let's just say, "where they belong", in the case of the "noisy spirits".

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Recent Comments:

Betsy Hudson said on January 22, 2014:

I am SO very glad to have found your site. The clear description of the various types of spirits was so helpful and seems genuine. After reading your information it is very apparent that my sister and her family are dealing with a poltergeist. We didn't know anything about this sort of thing before, so we have learned a lot. Here's what my sister has tried in the past to no avail: the house has been blessed, had a bible placed in the foundation when it was built, has scripture and crosses throughout, has had holy water throughout and was "exorcised" by a minister. The activity persists and has been a lot happening between Thanksgiving and now. There is a LOT of anger, dissatisfaction, blame and negative energy in this house from the father. This has been the case for many years. Additionally, the 14 year old girl is a very anxious child with very low self esteem. Is there any advice at all you can give to help us?  All three of children are terrified. They have been in this house since it was built around 5 years ago I think. I could ask my sister for more clarification on that. Thank you so much.

The Seas Of Mintaka said on March 22, 2014:

You would be absolutely stunned if you knew the sheer number of spirits that there are drifting around any place at any moment. Even though a house might be new, it can still have negative spirits living in it. (All houses have spirits in them, by the way, because we all have our own personal spirits, our spirit guides, angels, teachers, etc. who are with us always. But these are certainly not negative spirits.) A negative entity might be living in your house because there used to be another house there before, and the negative spirit was living in the old house. So even though the old house was knocked down and a new one was built, the negative nasty just hung around. It might have been a land where extremely negative emotional events had occurred (cemetery, battleground, etc.) and in that case the spirits persist even though a new house is built there.

Sometimes after your house is built negative nasties take up residence in it. They might have been brought in by visitors to your home. Or someone living in the house might have attracted them if they had a lot of negativity or negative emotions like feeling pessimistic, sad, angry, etc.

The usual Christian rites and symbols don't work in getting rid of them. These beings live outside of any religious symbolism or belief systems. Christian symbols DO have their power and significance, but think that Christianity is only one of many, many ways of thinking and sets of beliefs, and that millions of people (and spirits!) around the world do not follow Christianity. If a member of a non-Christian religion were, say, stalking you, it would have absolutely no effect on him if a minister were to go up to him, wave a cross in his face and threaten to excommunicate him. The same thing happens with negative entities.

These beings can be permanently removed from a property by property clearing techniques. I do carry out property clearings, although I haven't started offering them on this website yet. I'm sure many other techniques must also exist although I'm not familiar with them. 

In the property clearing technique that I use, I first do a reading to see what entities are residing in your residence. Then I ask very highly evolved beings (which could include Jesus Christ but of course also includes many other very spiritual beings, angels and helpers as well) to come and contain these negative nasties and force them to leave your home and go to the astral plane that they have rightfully earned in their past lifetime. They are then required to remain in that plane until their next incarnation, and they can't "come out" and wander around on the face of the earth or bother people or reside in properties anymore.

Positive beings, for example earthbound spirits, say, the spirit of a recently deceased and beloved loved one, would be gently escorted to the spirit world where most of us reside between incarnations.


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