Today my son said something that really made me think, and reminded me that now would be a good time to write about the subject of curses.

Today, my son told me: Mami (he calls me Mami because he's Spanish). So he said, Mami, I'm going to have bad luck from now on.

Casting a Curse

I asked him why.

He said, because my little brother just said something mean to me and cursed me.

I pointed out to him that just because someone says something mean to you or wishes you ill, that does not make you ill-fated or bring bad luck inevitably into your life. I told him that if he didn't believe what his brother told him, if he didn't let his brother's words upset him, if he just KNEW deep inside that what his brother said was wrong and untrue, then nothing could happen to him.

But he replied, but Mami, I can't help but believe in what my brother says, or feel hurt by it.

So that got me to thinking.

Well, let's start from the beginning: facts about curses.

Facts About Curses

A curse is when someone wishes you ill.

It can be cast deliberately, for example if someone sends ill wishes towards you in the form of a spell or a magical ritual.

It can also be sent unwittingly. This can happen, for example, when someone says to you, I wish you'd burn in hell, I wish you'd get hit by a car, I wish you'd get cancer.

A curse can even be sent towards you totally without your knowledge and even, sometimes, almost as an afterthought on the part of the sender.

An example of this form of cursing can be, for example, if a person is crossing the street and you jump the red light and almost hit the person, the person might think, oh I wish that driver would get his, or, I hope that driver has a horrible accident.

But two minutes later, something more interesting and entertaining engages the attention of the pedestrian whom you almost hit, and he forgets about you completely.

Even so, the unfortunate desire has already been cast, the negative energy has already been sent towards you.

So, does that mean you must be the helpless victim of this negative thinker?

Is Anyone Ever a Helpless Victim?

Of course not!

Or do I ever maintain anywhere on this website that anyone is or must be the helpless victim of anything or anyone, at any time?

As I mention over and over again, as for example in this article on spiritual protection, we are never helpless victims, and there are no helpless victims.

And just because someone wishes that you would have bad luck, that does not make you the automatic and defenceless recipient of bad luck, without the ability or the capacity to do something about it.

No, the power is ALWAYS in your hands.

Or it should be, at any rate, unless you renounce it, give it up or refuse to accept it.

The Power Is In YOUR Hands

You ALWAYS have the right and the ability to say to anyone who wishes you ill: NO! I refuse to let you bully me around, intimidate me, frighten me or do anything bad to me! I reject your spell. I reject your curse.

A curse cannot take root in you or affect you in any way if you DO NOT let it.

You have the power within you to reject the curse and if you do so, it is as if you raised a barrier, an energetic wall, that protects you and repels the curse, sending it back in the direction that it came from and from there, towards the universe, where it will be dissolved and neutralized by natural and celestial forces.

These ill wishes can only take root in you if, for whatever reason, you accept it.

How We Allow Negativity Into Our Lives

You might accept it by believing in what the ill-wisher says to you.

For example, have you ever received one of those chain letters? Those blasted things that say to you something along the lines of: If you don't send this letter along to one thousand friends in the next ten minutes you will suffer from seventy years of bad luck?

Well, how many of you have just ignored it, deleted it and forgotten about it?

And I am sure you are not now afflicted with wave upon wave of interminable bad luck as a result. You are probably just living life as usual.

Well, that is the way of most curses. We do not accept them, we do not believe in them and we know deep inside that we do not deserve this kind of treatment. As a result, the hex slips off of us like water. We have unknowingly and in a most natural way, erected a barrier, an invisible energetic casing, that protected us and kept the curse at bay.

Another situation, nonetheless, in which a someone else’s ill wishes against us may take root within us, is when we feel guilty. When we actually believe that we DESERVE the curse.

Ah, Guilt, That Conniving Saboteur

Take, for example, the situation I described above, where you, as the driver, jump a red light and almost hit a pedestrian.

Now, Spanish drivers are crazy and lawless and habitually jump red lights, and they don't generally think anything about it. It's a part of their normal, everyday life.

However, let's say you are not a Spanish driver, or you are a Spanish driver but you are not a typical Spaniard behind the wheel, and you actually do happen to care about other people whom you might possibly hurt or harm with your negligent behaviour or your irresponsible driving style.

So you are generally scrupulous and careful when you drive. You take pains not to hurt anyone. You don't usually jump the red lights and certainly not when there are people crossing the street!

But let's say something happens. One day you are in a hurry. You're late for work, and your boss is a real terror. So you jump that red light. And you almost hit a mother with a tiny baby in her arms.

Well, she might look like a kind and friendly, gentle young woman. But she's got the temper of an entire nest of wasps.

So what does she do? She waves her fist at you and hollers: I curse you! I wish you would suffer a big, bad accident with all my heart and all my soul, and break your legs in that accident!

Well, if you were the typical callous kind, you would probably just make an obscene gesture at her and disappear from her life.

The ScreaImage "The Scream" by Edvard Munch

But it just so happens that you are not callous and unscrupulous. You actually have a heart.

You realize that you almost hurt that poor woman and her helpless baby (although as I said before, no one is helpless, not even a baby. Even babies choose their situations and destinies, or rather, their souls do, but that is getting into a totally different topic.......).

As I was saying, you almost hit this kind and gentle mother. YOU! You, who have always considered yourself a normal, nice, generally good person. You, who wouldn't willingly hurt even a fly. So how could you do something so inconsiderate, thoughtless and harmful?

You can see what is happening to you. You feel GUILTY. And feeling guilty is the perfect breeding ground for a curse to take hold.

Curses THRIVE in the energy of guilt just as flowers thrive with the sunshine and rain.

Curses LOVE guilt.

So, in this particular case, the young lady's thoughts of ill will would be able to take up a most happy and comfortable residence within you and your energy.

Before long you will find that somehow you just can't control your steering wheel anymore. Your eyes get blurry as you drive and before you know it, you are heading straight towards those gigantic headlights in the front of a two-tonne cargo truck. You suffer that big, bad accident and lo and behold! You break your legs in that accident.

An accident? Chance?

Nope. You accepted that misfortune into your life, and it flourished and came to pass.

The good news is that, quite clearly, you can push that ill design away from you by REFUSING to feel guilty.

Don't Feel Guilty, FORGIVE Yourself Instead

You can think instead: All right, yes, you did jump a red light and you almost hit a lady. You did something wrong. But. You are also sorry. Fortunately, nothing happened this time, the Fates (ie. the lady's angels, celestial forces) were protecting that young woman.

You can take this opportunity to consider that you have learnt a lesson. You will not do this ever again. You will never jump a red light again, not even if you are late for work. You would prefer a hundred times to be scolded by your boss, rather than to have to attend the funeral of someone who died because it was your fault!

So, lesson learnt. Now you are older and wiser, and a better person. No one got hurt, and you came out of this situation stronger, more responsible, and also more savvy on the best ways to cast off a curse.

Now, this, at least, was the way I had always thought about this topic. And I didn't give the subject a second thought.

Until my son said to me: Well I can't help it that what my brother said to me, hurts me!

So then I did think about it again. I realized, yes, we can learn to shake off that sensation of guilt. Guilt is really a very low-vibration energy and emotion, that attracts negative beings like magnets, keeps you stuck in the mire, paralyzed and incapable of taking charge of your life, prevents you from doing what you want or need to do and makes it hard for you to find solutions or to remedy or make up for anything that you might have done wrong.

Although once again I am getting off the subject. Well now you know, folks, a future article on the topic of guilt probably awaits us all on this site. But for now, back to curses.

Pain and Curses

But what about the feeling of pain? What about when something that someone says, hurts us?

We can try and reason that the person is wrong. If the person called us a moron, and tells us that we deserve bad luck for being so stupid, we can try and pretend that that doesn't affect us, that we know that in reality we are smart, not moronic.

If the person said that we are not good enough, or not as good as they are, we can try to find reasons to refute that person. We can say, for example, well I got better grades than you in math. Or, well but I got picked for the school play.

But the truth is, deep down inside, we DO still feel hurt. Even when we know that the person was wrong about us, it hurts us just to know that someone thinks or feels something negative about us. That someone doesn't love us, or care about us.

I suppose that that is just the human condition in life. The angst of not feeling loved or wanted.

The Angst of Not Feeling Loved or Wanted

There is, I imagine, not very much that we can do about that. As human beings we need to be loved, and to feel that someone loves us.

That is why we should try and demonstrate to other people that we love them. Or at least that we do not hate them, despise them or disdain them. Because we KNOW how much it hurts when someone treats us with hatred or contempt.

However, does this mean, then, that we have found the proverbial situation where we are, indeed, the helpless victim? The one circumstance in life where we really are defenceless, and can do nothing?

Well, don't despair. Even in this case we can do something about it.

Even when we feel like nobody loves us, when we feel unwanted and rejected, there is something that we can still do.

There Is Something That We Can Do About It


And we can remember that there are other beings that love us too, even if we can't see them.

We can remember that, probably, at some point in our life, someone loved us. Perhaps that person is no longer in your life anymore. Perhaps they have passed away and now live in the spirit world. Or perhaps you simply lost touch with that person.

Be that as it may, you can still remember that once, a person loved you, and considered you worthy of his love.

You are also loved by your angels, by your spirit guides and by souls who are not at this moment incarnate on earth, and therefore do not and cannot actually form a part of your present life. But just because they are invisible and not solid, that does not mean that they cannot or do not love you.

Love transcends all barriers and endures forever. So you can rest assured knowing that those beings who love you, even if they are not on earth right now, continue to send you love and loving energy from other places in the universe.

And in the meantime, you can practise thoughts, attitudes and techniques of self-love as described in this article on love and respect.

You can learn how to stand up for yourself and resist those who would wish you ill, attempt to curse you or otherwise try to harm you by reading up on spiritual protection and how to ward off psychic vampires.

If, at any rate, in spite of all your precaution, you still end up on the receiving end of someone’s negativity, do not despair! All is not lost! A curse is actually very easy to remove. In a future article I will get more into that subject in detail but for the moment, suffice it to say that, you do NOT need to pay ANYONE (not even me! although I don’t offer, or charge for, curse-removing services anyways) not even one dime to remove a curse from you.

Sometimes in the course of carrying out Soul Realignment sessions I do occasionally come across a curse from past lives, but it is very easy to remove the curse, and forms just another, matter-of-fact part of a normal Soul Realignment healing session anyways, nothing to write home about.

In the meantime, as you wait for that much-expected future article on removing curses, you can subscribe to this site or to its RSS feed. You can sign up in the box on the upper right-hand corner. And return here often for more articles that can help you to become stronger, more powerful, more responsible, and just generally lend you a hand so that you can become a more highly conscious person and evolve in your spiritual growth.

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