FAQ's: Can Anyone Develop Psychic Abilities?

Q: You say (on the "About Me" page) that you developed psychic abilities. Does that mean that you weren’t born with any? And can anyone therefore develop psychic abilities too?

A: Well, as I’ve maintained on several pages, I do believe that everyone is born with their natural, human intuition. Intuition is what has guided mankind throughout its history and has helped people to survive. Intuition warned our cave ancestors about dangerous predators, so they could avoid them. And intuition pointed out to them the best places for hunting.

So since intuition is natural and everyone has some, it’s only logical to assume that everyone can develop it, too.

Now having said that, even though it’s true that I (and everyone) had to develop some psychic skills, the truth is that, like everyone else, I was also born with some abilities stronger than others. I was born with psychic empathy and clairaudience. However, I’m not naturally clairvoyant, for example. I can’t see remote pictures or visions naturally and effortlessly.

So basically, I think this is all about, mostly, learning to make the most of what you do have and doing exercises or trying out different techniques to develop that which doesn’t come so naturally or easily to you.

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