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I'm sure you've heard of the Akashic Records and you probably know what they are.

They are a sort of enormous, universal library with the records of all the lives lived by every single soul in the galaxy and universe.

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Everything you have ever experienced, thought, felt or done, in all the incarnations you have ever lived on any planet, is recorded there. And they are accessible to anyone who has received permission to access them.

What are the Akashic Records?

In ancient times, all people could go into the Akashic Records and do their own Akashic Records Readings for themselves. But people started abusing this privilege and the information they were able to get from it. So the great teachers and masters decided to move the Akashic Records away from earth, making them accessible only to a few privileged initiates.

Today, with the density of the earth plane rising so quickly and humankind evolving so rapidly, the Akashic Records have once again been brought close to the earth plane.

This incredible library in the Akasha is a really wonderful, amazing place to visit. I'm always awed every time I go there. The wealth of information that is available there to help people is immense and infinite.

Now, anyone can learn how to access this marvellous library in the Akasha. All you have to do is to find someone who can teach you how to do it.

I learnt how to do it from Andrea Hess, who teaches a famous course on how to carry out Akashic Records Readings called Soul Realignment.

Now I'd like to make the information and skills I learnt in her course available to you so I can help YOU.

So for a limited time, I will be offering Akashic Records Readings.

What you can learn about yourself from Akashic Records Readings

In your reading I tell you about:

  • the origin of your soul, that is, what soul group you belong to and what characteristics this soul group confers upon you
  • how you can use these unique characteristics in your everyday life
  • what you "study" when you are in the spirit world. Everyone "studies" certain "careers" or sets of skills and abilities while they are living in the spirit world between lives
  • how what you study when you are in the spirit world greatly influences what you are naturally going to be good at, and where your skills and talents lie, when you are here on earth
  • what sorts of careers, or even hobbies, these skills and abilities that you acquire in the spirit world can be used for here
  • your destiny and life purpose
  • if there are any periods of earth's history that are affecting you in particular
  • which currents of spiritual thought that you have followed in past lives are influencing you the most right now
  • how many spirit guides you have
  • if your guides have any special messages for you right now

What I need from you for an Akashic Records Reading

The information that I need from you to carry out a reading is:

  • your full name right now
  • your full name at birth
  • date and place of birth
  • your email, of course, so I can get in touch with you
  • it helps if I know what time zone you are in so we can schedule a time for our session that is convenient for both of us. I live in western Europe

Kind words from some AMAZING clients (aka Testimonials):

"I have to say I LOVED my reading from Serena!!! I found your reading SO fascinating... and helpful. I got a lot out of our conversation about my blockages. My whole life I've had a heavy feeling like I've done something bad... maybe I'm a bad person... although nothing in my current life warrants such a fear. When I heard what was my BIG BAD block... I was very relieved and was like... is that all?? I know it's right on... because I mirrored this same scenario with my significant other... who I broke up with!

"I don't know what exact date you did the reading... only when we 'met' on Skype, but I've felt some churning going on inside, and feel lighter and more solid at the same time. I've had some revelations about things that have bugged me forever.

"You also picked up on some unique, quirky things going on with me... that wouldn't normally be said if one was giving a 'false' reading... you know, the psychics who start talking vague things that go for everybody... so I know you were really tuning in on me."

Nancy, Chicago
Ayurvedic Balance Chicago Illinois - Nancy Phillips Ayurveda Balance

"Después de la sesión he encontrado un curro maravilloso. No te lo vas a creer. Me va de maravilla. Puedo dedicarle el tiempo que quiera, así que sólo trabajo media jornada y tengo toda la tarde para mi niño y la casa. Me siento feliz y realizada. Está muy bien pagado.

"Cuando me lo propusiste [hacer una sesión de sanación a través de los Registros Akáshicos] no tenía ni idea de lo que era eso, y al decir sanación piensas en algo físico principalmente. Lo único que tenía peor es la circulación de las piernas. Lo paso fatal en verano. Pues no quería creerlo, y creo que no te dije nada pero noté una mejoría impresionante. Aún estoy sorprendida. Después de hacerme la sanación he notado una mejoría espectacular. No me he vuelto a poner las medias de compresión ni a tomar nada. Puedo estar rato sentada y no me duelen (te aseguro que es muy raro). Me sorprendo cada día. ¡¡MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS!! No te dije nada porque no me lo terminaba de creer... pero lo crea o no, la mejoría ha sido espectacular."

(After the session I found a marvellous job. You won't believe it. It's amazing. I can devote as much or as little time as I want to it, so I only work half days and I get to spend the whole afternoon with my son at home. I feel so happy and fulfilled. And it's very well paid too.

When you suggested it to me [an Akashic Records Reading and healing session] I had no idea what that was. When someone speaks of healing, you think mostly of something physical. The only physical problem I had was the blood circulation in my legs. It gives me a hard time especially in the summer. Well, I couldn't believe it and I didn't tell you anything but I noticed a spectacular improvement in my condition. I'm still so amazed. After the session with you I noticed such a spectacular improvement. I haven't needed to use compression socks anymore nor take any more medicine. I can sit still for a long time and they don't hurt anymore (and I can assure you, that used to be a very rare thing for me). I'm still so surprised every single day. MANY, MANY THANKS!! I didn't tell you anything before because I just couldn't believe it myself. But even though I find it hard to believe, the improvement has been just spectacular.)

Emma, Malaga (Spain)

When you are placing your order for your Akashic Records Reading, please send me the information that I need for your reading in the section "Special Instructions" on the PayPal order form.

Once again, the information that I require from you is:

  • your full name right now
  • your full name at birth
  • date of birth (day, month, year)
  • place of birth (including state/province and country)
  • your email, of course, so I can get in touch with you
  • it helps if I know what time zone you are in so we can schedule a time for our session that is convenient for both of us. I live in western Europe

I will contact you via email within 3 business days to confirm your order and to set a date for our session. At the moment the waiting period for a session is about one week.

Sessions generally last between half an hour to an hour, depending on the amount of information I have to give you (it varies from person to person). I usually carry them out via Skype. The sessions are recorded, and I can send you the recording afterwards if you like.

If you prefer, you can also call me via landline telephone (you will be responsible for long distance telephone charges). However, I live in Spain, and a phone session cannot be recorded. But if you prefer, that is also an option.

Yes I would like an Akashic Records Reading now


También disponible en español.

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