by Jennifer
(United States)

This story is second-hand. It wasn't my own story but it was told to me as if it were. My Dad (who doesn't believe in ghosts!) was in the attic of a neighbor's house working. He set his coffee down to talk to the neighbor and the neighbor watched the coffee cup move away from my dad.

He motioned my dad, but he didn't see it. It freaked the neighbor out. Then dad took a drink and set it down again... he talked to the neighbor for 15 minutes or so and they both forgot about the cup. He went to reach for it and it had slid across the workbench to the end of it WAY out of his reach. This time he was freaked out and they got out a level to make sure the bench was level and it was!

My Mom saw a hitchhiker once and passed him up. She couldn't stop thinking about him then saw him AGAIN a few miles down the road, same clothes, same hat, same eyes.


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Nov 03, 2011
Attics Can Sure Be Scary Places
by: Seas Of Mintaka

Oh yes attics can sure be creepy, scary places. Dusty, dark, shadowy attics with lots of shapeless humps...... Basements too. Thank you for your story, Jennifer!

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