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Protect Your Home + Update About F.ree Ebook
February 22, 2015

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How to Protect Your Home From Heebie-Jeebies

Most of us worry about our homes.

Really, we do. Don’t you?

We want to know that the energy in our living spaces is warm and fuzzy and supports us. That we are living amongst benevolent beings that only have our highest good in their minds.

We don’t want to have to worry about thieves, intruders, unwanted houseguests or, even worse, ghosts and poltergeists!

Ghosts and spirits and poltergeists oh my, hehe!

If you’ve ever spent some time thinking, or even worrying and fretting, about this subject, then read on to today’s featured article.

Also, as I mentioned in some newsletter some while back, I will soon be promoting my new ebook, “I Love Him, He Loves Me Not: How I Left a Codependent Relationship”.

Now, by promoting, I don’t mean that I’m going to start bombarding you with newsletters every day touting all the wonders of this ebook and urging you to purchase it haha!

On the contrary, what I am talking about is that I will soon be offering my ebook for F.R.E.E !

Yes, you read it right there.

For a limited time I will be GIVING AWAY copies of my ebook, “I Love Him, He Loves Me Not: How I Left a Codependent Relationship”.

Dates of this promotion to be announced in a (very near) future newsletter. So stay tuned and don’t miss out! Keep your eyes glued to your inbox for my next newsletter!

If you miss it, though, you will still be able to acquire your copy of the book from Amazon at its usual price of $3.99.

Yes, “I Love Him, He Loves Me Not: How I Left a Codependent Relationship”, always available on Amazon here.

Today's Featured Article:

I often receive queries from readers who would like to know how they can properly protect their homes. They have “unwanted visitors of an unseen nature” in their homes.

Sometimes these undesired house guests are merely playful, or an annoyance. Sometimes it’s just a sensation of a presence, a feeling that somebody is watching – even though there is nobody there.

Other times there are actual, real poltergeist phenomena going on. (You can read more about poltergeists here in this article: Poltergeists.)

Sometimes, people haven’t actually noticed anything, but they would simply like to learn something about their home and how to protect it, and prevent this sort of thing from happening to them.

People are also afraid of “real world”, solid, tangible threats, such as intruders and thieves. They ask me, Is there some way you can protect your property and home, energetically and invisibly, from “real world” threats, in a way that is effective but can’t be detected by would-be intruders?

Are charms and amulets effective against real, live, human intruders? Or is there some other way you can safely protect your home from tangible threats, other than getting an alarm or home insurance? they wonder.

Continue reading “How to Protect Your Home” in its full splendour on the website......

And as always, remember –

Life is short, so......
Live your dreams today!

And remember, always, that LOVE is the strongest force in the universe.

LOVE is stronger than bombs, or guns, or swords.

And those who are moved by LOVE will ALWAYS win, in the long run, over those who are motivated by hatred, bigotry, scorn or disdain or intolerance.

With all my love,
Serena Amadis

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