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Fulfil Your Dreams Using Time Management [new article]
August 24, 2013

Time Management and Dream Fulfilment

The other day I was chatting with a friend, an expert in time, keeping to a schedule and its proper management. We were discussing why time management is so important when it comes to achieving goals and manifesting what we want in life.

Now, getting along well with time isn't exactly my forte. But my friend had a lot of helpful advice on how you can use it to accomplish your dreams and goals.

I think that refining your time management skills is important because managing, distributing and properly planning out your time allows you to have more time to do more things.

If you learn time management you will have more time available, and if you have more time available to you I believe you will be able to fulfil more dreams.

Of course, you might consider that doing other things is more important than fulfilling your dreams but...... won't you admit it? I'm SURE that you must harbour a few unfulfilled dreams in there, somewhere. I mean, EVERYONE does.

Everyone dreams of doing some things that they have never done before, and learning proper time management will help bring you closer to these accomplishments. Perhaps you would like to star in a play, or go parachuting. Maybe you would like to dine at a 5-star restaurant for once in your life.

Whatever your dream, I'm sure it is worth achieving – and you are probably thinking that you would be able to do it too...... if only you had more time!

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FAQ's: Will Our Deceased Loved Ones Wait For Us in the Spirit World?

Q: My main concern is that my deceased loved one passed two years ago and I'm afraid he will reincarnate before I get there. He would not do so willingly, but my impression is that many are coerced into reincarnation, just as they are forced to come back if it is "not their time" as stated in so many near death experiences.

A: I'm so sorry about your loved one, I understand exactly how you feel.

It's true, however, what you have read and heard about the soul. From many sources I've heard also that we, as souls, are so much huuuger and more enorrrmous than we could fathom. Each complete soul is so gigantic, and made up of many parts.

One of these parts, the Higher Self, remains up in the spirit world and guides us. The Higher Selves of all people who are on earth can be in touch with each other in the spirit world if they want to be. Your Higher Self continues to be in touch with your loved one and his Higher Self while you are living your life on earth, the result is that occasionally you might feel some sort of contact from him, receive some sort of information from him that can help you out, etc. You would get this communication usually either in the form of some thought or knowing or idea that just seems to "pop" into your head at some time, or you might actually feel like your loved one is "talking" or whispering to you on occasion.

But anyways, to answer your question about your loved one. Don't worry. First of all, chances are, he won't reincarnate or want to reincarnate for a pretty long period of time, especially if he lived a full, long life. People usually need to stay in the spirit world for a fairly long time in order to think over and reflect on the life that they just lived and assimilate the lessons they learned in it. And the fuller and longer that lifetime, the more time they need in the spirit world.

Usually people who have lived a long, full life won't want to reincarnate for a long time, unless some unusual and special circumstance should be about to occur on earth and they want to take advantage of it. For example, a lot of souls wanted to incarnate on earth so that they could use the special energy of the change in millennium to help them with their evolution. In that case, a soul that had just ended a life in, say, 1970, might want to reincarnate again in 1980 so that they could be an adult during the change in millennium.

But as I was saying, chances are, your loved one, especially if he lived a long, full life, will probably want to stay for a long time up in the spirit world now and rest and recharge as well as go over all his life lessons. No one is "forced" to return against their will. However, your spirit guides might "pressure" you into returning if they see a particularly appropriate set of circumstances coming up on earth for you. But it is always YOU who makes the final decision on ANYTHING concerning the lifetime that you will live. Including things such as whether or not you will be disabled, be unusually ugly or beautiful, be homosexual, etc.

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