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[New Article] The Gates of Heaven
November 09, 2014

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Have you ever wondered whether hell really exists?

Or whether there really IS a heaven and a hell?

Have you ever fumed about something awful someone did, or some horrid news you saw on TV about serial killers, dictators and war criminals?

Did you ever wonder if they would ever "get theirs"?

Or if, on the contrary, they would get admitted through The Gates of Heaven?

The Gates of Heaven

I was reading about some of the atrocities that people commit in wars, and I was pondering the incredible unconditional love and compassion that surrounds all people when they are in the Spirit World. And I was wondering, how could the two ever be reconciled?

I thought, if only all these war criminals were able to feel in their hearts, for even one instant, all the love and joy and endless compassion that is there for all people who live in the Spirit World, that surrounds them and fills them in every instant of their existence. Then they would all drop their guns, their bombs and their knives, and there would be peace and an end to all war on Earth.

But then I wondered: What happens when a serial killer or a soldier who has murdered and tortured dozens of people arrive at the “gates of heaven”? That is, the entrance to the Spirit World, where most of us spend our time between lives, or remain forever once we have “graduated” from the Earth school.

Does he get admitted? Has he earned entry through the “pearly gates”? Or does he, rather, get sent to burn in hell, as so many of us are taught to believe as children?

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Well, not much else to add today. Except, of course, to never ever ever forget –

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With all my love,
Serena Amadis

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