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[New Article] You are amazing. And you have a life purpose
June 08, 2014

Live Your Life Purpose: We Are All Amazing

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In this world full of criticism, pettiness and unkind words, we often feel like we aren't worth anything. Like we're not good enough. Not special enough, or as if there's just no place in the world for us.

Or we might wonder, what in the world are we doing here, in this life, on this planet?? We might think that we came here for nothing, and there's nothing for us to do here.

But do you know what? You ARE amazing! And you DID come here for a reason. For a purpose, to do something here.

And how do I know that this is true? Well, because I don't know you personally, but you are here in this world anyways. And if you are here, there is a reason for it. And you are special and you are the ONLY person in the whole wide world who can do what YOU came here to do.

If this weren't the case, you wouldn't be here at all.

So now, here is an article which explains all this in greater detail. Do enjoy! And of course, have a great day!

Live Your Life Purpose: We Are All Amazing

Did anyone go to see (or hear about) The Amazing Spiderman?

And how about The Amazing Superman? Or The Fantastic Four?

Didn't you ever wonder what it might feel like to be amazing? Or fantastic? Or super, like Superman?

But the truth is, WE ARE ALL AMAZING!!!

The proof of this lies in the simple fact that...... you are here at all!

Every one of us came into this world to do something and to live your life purpose. If you didn't have anything to do here, you wouldn't be here at all to begin with.

"Heaven" isn't going to "waste" its resources. It isn't going to go to all the bother and trouble of sending someone down to this tiresome world just for a laugh.

It actually takes a LOT of energy and resources to send a soul down to earth to incarnate as a human being.

So of course, if we're going to go to all that bother and trouble to make ALL those countless myriad arrangements at all to send someone down here, it'd better be for a good cause!

Here is just a sample of some of the things that have to be worked out before a soul can incarnate on earth:

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