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Do Evil People Exist? [New Article]
August 28, 2014

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Do Evil People Really Exist?

What is Evil?

What is Good?

Rather than using the terms "evil" or "good", some people prefer to refer to these values as "negativity" and "positivity", or negative and positive energy.

And they call people who regularly choose negative thoughts, energy, feelings, attitudes and vibrations, well, obviously, "negative people"!

For me, I think of "evil" not in the "religious" or biblical context but rather, I think of evil as someone (and this someone could perfectly well be a discarnate entity) who regularly and consistently chooses to HURT people DELIBERATELY.

I don't think that people are evil if they often "feel bad", or are blue or depressed or ill or suffer from mental illness or, heaven forbid, are LEFT- HANDED (like me)!

Feeling bad, depressed, angry, furious, down and out, frustrated, etc., for me, that is just normal human emotion and part of life. That's not evil!

If you'd like to know what I think about reeeal EEEvil Peeeople, read on......

Oh, those bad, bad, bad evil people!

I believe in Evil People.

That is, I believe that there are people who have truly CHOSEN to be evil. People who really are not good people at all and have no goodness in them, because they deliberately CHOOSE to do all that they know is bad, and wrong, and hurtful to other people.

Can People Be Born Evil?

No one is BORN evil (unlike what some popular religions might want us to believe).

But ANYONE can CHOOSE to be "evil".

Now, I also believe that the great majority of us, and of the people that we meet in our daily lives, are just normal, basically good people.

But occasionally, we might bump into (or read about in sensational news articles) people who are really, really evil.

Why are some people evil? You might ask. Are some people naturally evil?

No one is a "naturally evil person". As I said, people aren't "born evil".

Becoming good or becoming evil, doing good things that make the world a better place or doing bad thing that cause suffering, are all CHOICES.

All human souls are created by G-d, so all human beings have the "G-d spark" or divine spark within them.

However, G-d also created all of us with F-REE WILL. And, obviously, we can use this f-ree will to choose to work against G-d and deliberately cause pain and suffering in the world.

Of course, we can't ever, in all of eternity, ever actually EXTINGUISH the G-d spark within us (and why would anyone ever want to do this anyways?) since it is our core, it is what makes us, US. But we DO become what we CHOOSE to become.

And some people DO choose to become evil people.

What Do People Do to Become Evil People?

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