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A Litter Of Kitties [New Blog Post]
September 19, 2014

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A Litter of Kitties

Have you ever observed a litter of newborn kitties?

Or okay, maybe you're not much into cats (isn't it curious how most people seem to be either doggie people or kitty people?). Then in that case, have you ever had the chance to play with a litter of baby puppies?

If you have, well, of course you'd notice that they're all so cute! They're all soft, warm, adorable little balls of fur! They're all so cuddly.

(Okay I know these don't look very much like kitties (or even puppies). But I just didn't happen to have a photo of any cute kitties or puppies. And this family of loving, caring elephants is still adorable too......)

(And yes, they really are a family. In fact, we were told, this lovely family has one new baby every year or two. This baby that we see here is actually not the youngest. It was born perhaps 2 or 3 years ago......)

But you might also have observed that, at least in most litters, there will probably be one baby (usually a macho) who's a little bit larger than the rest.

He'll probably be heftier, and stronger. If you watch these cute little tykes while they're feeding, this very large, macho type will probably try to push or crowd his litter-mates off the teets, so he can get all the food to himself.

Of course most of his litter-mates aren't stupid. They're not going to let this mean little bully boss them around, and take their food away from them! Even if he is their bro!

So they're going to fight and claw or, if they're more of the astute kind, they'll wait until the line-up is gone, and then tactfully push a pathway in to their teet of choice and get their treats too.

But you might notice, maybe there is a tiny wee little babe who never seems to get anything. Maybe he was born just a little later than the rest, and he doesn't have the strength to fight against his brothers and sisters. Maybe he doesn't even have his eyes open yet.

He gets crowded out all the time. He never receives even one drop of milk. He just gets weaker and more sickly.

His mummy sure doesn't help. She might be the doting kind and all, but she's still an animal! Probably she doesn't notice that one of her little babes is starving to death. After all, imagine being an animal and all of a sudden you have to take care of ten tiny beings all at the same time!

That would probably be beyond the capabilities of many human mothers! And even the most loving woman would have trouble taking care of ten babies all at once.

So it's not like it's the mummy cat's (or doggie's) fault.

But the point is, there is still one baby who gets pushed aside all the time.

He's teentsy tiny while all the rest are starting to get hale and put on weight. And the bigger the others get, the harder it is for this little tyke to survive.

Well, that's the way it is in the wild. Survival of the fittest and all that, you know.

Theoretically, the idea is that the smallest and weakest should die out naturally. Their genes don't make them suitable for survival in a hostile environment, so they have to die and their “weak” genes won't get passed on. While their more robust siblings grow big and get to pass their “strong” genes on to future generations.

This is what would happen in the wild.

But here we're not talking about a litter of babies in the wild.

These are cute, irresistible little weenies that got born into someone's house.

What would you do if you happened to have a litter like this, and you noticed that one of these cute little weenies was always getting pushed aside, and he was half-starved and always getting pushed around and kicked out?

Well, we're human. And human beings are capable of feeling LOVE, and COMPASSION.

That's what makes us HUMAN.

So, chances are, you're going to feel compassion for this sad little being that's always pushed aside. The one that nobody in his family wants.

You're going to feel sad for him.

You probably know what it feels like to get pushed around, or left out, or rejected.

We've all had that happen to us sometime.

And when it happened to us, we've all wished that somebody would be there for us, to give us a hug and tell us that it's okay, that we are still loved, no matter what.

So, naturally, we want to do the same for this poor little baby thing that no one – not even his own mother – wants.

So we take this teentsy weentsy thing that nobody wants, and we cuddle him up on a warm blanket and feed him fresh milk from a dropper. We curl up next to him, and we hold him and stroke him and play with him.

Before you know it, he has turned into our new pet.

His litter-mates all eventually get sold, usually to people we don't even know and we have no idea whether they'll be treated well or not in their new homes.

Or if we're really mean, we might just cart them all down to the local pound, right, haha?

But this little weenie? He's stolen our heart. Now there's no way we'd EVER let him go! He's won a place in our hearts and in our lives for the rest of his life.

This tiny one who was once rejected, kicked out, failing and starving, is now the one who gets the best treatment. Who gets the tastiest, most nourishing food. Who lives safe inside our warm home all year round. Who follows us on our holidays.

And this has happened to him because of the POWER OF LOVE.

Because we LOVED him.

It was LOVE that made the difference to this little tyke between starving to death, or getting the best home.

Our LOVE is what makes us different from wild animals, living in the jungle.

LOVE is what makes all the difference in our fate. In our destinies.

Whether or not we have love in our lives.

Your fate, like that of the littlest baby, might have been to die. But thanks to LOVE, you live. And you not only live, but you end up living the best life.

Love has the power to transform your life 180 degrees.

To turn your life, and your fate, from death to life.

From poverty to riches.

From failure to success.

From illness to vitality and health.

So think about that, the next time you're tempted to wonder, ”So what difference does love make in my, or anyone's, life? What's love but a second-hand emotion?” (Thank you, Tina Turner, for the quote.)

Love is everything.

And remember to –

Live the dreams that you love today.
Tomorrow will be too late.

With all my love,
Serena Amadis

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